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  1. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Some thoughts on DragonQuest

    I never played DragonQuest. I remember seeing the game at the toy store (Lord!). I remember a few articles in Dragon magazine. It looked… Exotic. Intriguing. Beheady. Lots of adventurers seemed to have magic and there seemed to be a lot of different kinds of magic. That seemed awesome...
  2. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Ability Loss instead of Hit Points

    This is a totally off-the-cuff idea that I had while reading the Open thread on Supers RED and how to do different ways of defending: What if there were no Hit Points and, when you were going to be damaged, you used one of your Abilities to avoid the damage? This is temporary Ability loss...
  3. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Anyone played 3d6 Superheroes?

    I just stumbled across this 2nd edition on Drivethru. Neither it nor the 1st edition have any reviews. The previews are sparse but intriguing. I lean more and more towards simplicity in my supers gaming, so I'm curious if anyone has played either version of this game?
  4. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Anyone played the new Supergame?

    This new 3rd edition? I haven't seen any chatter and I'm curious.
  5. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    How has Champions/HERO Changed over the Years

    The Fantasy Hero thread started me thinking about my history with this game. My friend John bought the 2nd edition of Champions (the boxed set expansion of the original hand-produced game) in 1983 (or maybe 1984) when we were in Middle School. I recall thinking how much uglier it was than...
  6. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Rewatching Hitchcock's The Birds (1963) After 25 Years AKA I Finally Get It

    In an earlier age, I was a big film buff and, as one should, went through a Hitchcock phase. At that time, I watched The Birds and was distinctly underwhelmed for what I think are the usual reasons: How the hell long is it going to take before some birds do something? But why are the birds...
  7. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Whither Sword & Sorcery journals?

    Since Black Gate (rest its Yob-Haggoth-damned soul) closed as a publication, is there any place that publishes S&S stories?
  8. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

    [Mods, I have no idea if this belongs in Open or the D20 sub-forum. I spent way too much time trying to decide and now give up, leaving it to you. :) ] Just got around to looking at the new game by Diogo Nogueira: Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells and thought that I'd share a few immediate...
  9. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Let's Burble About Golden Age Radio

    I have neither over-arching nor ulterior plan here; I just feel like talking about a subject that does not seem to have even a niche fanbase among niche fans. And yet, I have managed to make my 12-year old son into a fan of Lights Out (although he scoffs at the idea that it is scary, he still...
  10. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

     Spider-man 3 is great! Yes, I go there!

    For those who don't know me, let me say that, as Oprah loves bread, I love Spider-man. I don't like Spider-man. I don't really like Spider-man. I [insert preferred expletive] LOVE Spider-man. I grew up on Spider-man. With all apologies to Jean Shepherd, some people grow up Baptist; others...
  11. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    The Diamond-Brilliance of 1Pot

    I obsess over ways to rewrite Ye Auld Game like other people obsess over pornography or guns. So, unsurprisingly, I look at and dissect a lot of them. And there is no such beast as the "best" IMO, but there are lots of neat ideas out there. Even the cool ideas that disagree with the other...
  12. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Is the "roll an extra die" Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic the most influential idea of the decade?

    I don't keep as abreast of things as I used to, so please correct me if I'm mistaken here, but I feel like the idea of A) collapsing all situational modifiers into the binary Advantage/Disadvantage situation and B) enacting that by rolling an extra die to take highest/lowest has become virtually...
  13. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Powering magic with Hit Points

    A thought that came to me: 1. We all know that HP's are not "wound points" or "health points"; they are supposed to include actual vitality, but also skill, dodging, and luck. Back in the day, the nature of hits were so misunderstood that there were huge arguments about how HP inflation...
  14. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Recommend some 4th Doctor audio adventures

    Big Finish is having a Tom Baker-era celebration and offering stories from their first 3 seasons at a discount. Recommend some to me! I have Destination: Nerva and Destroy the Infinite; I will probably have to get Justice of Jalxar because, well, it has Henry Gordon Jaego! But which ones have...
  15. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Recommend some TBP's for my 9-year old

    Like the title says. He's 9, he's a boy who has read a lot of superhero comics, particularly Marvel masterworks, but is looking for something he hasn't read. Fire when ready.
  16. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    The Paradox of the Current OSR

    IIRC, one of the things that grumpy grognards like me complained about during the D20 boom was the idea that D&D was the best system for everything. I recall discussions about what D&D was designed to do and what it wasn't designed to do and those upstart punks born after the 1970's just didn't...
  17. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Manhattan (1979) as Film Noir

    Random thought that popped into my head as I was walking the dog: I think that it is widely acknowledged that Steve Martin's L.A. Story (1991) is a sunny homage to Woody Allen's Manhattan (1979). The basic story is the same. Martin's movie is literally sunnier in that it takes place in...
  18. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Really Reaching: The Robot Theme from...well, "Robot" (Dr Who Series 17)

    You know, that slow, lumbering piece that I assume Dudley Simpson wrote to play as the Robot tramps through fences and whatnot. I love that dang piece of music. It's become a thing over the years with my kids as I slowly chase them and hum the music and say, "You are an enemy of the human...
  19. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    A Theory of the Fruitful Void for Serial Pulp Characters

    'm working on this idea. I guess it would be called a literary theory, although many of my examples are from TV. Still, "televisual theory" sounds wrong. I'm also unsure about a name, because, well, you can't be a proper theory without a name. I've got "A Theory of the Fruitful Void for...
  20. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    The Dungeon-crawl without the HP Bloat and Specific Damage Reduction

    One of the common complaints I have heard about Ye Auld Game is hit point bloat; possibly because I make the complaint frequently myself. Those of us of a certain age will remember the raging literary-wars about falling damage that ran through Dragon magazine for what seemed like eons and the...
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