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    Freelance indesign layout designer looking for work

    I'm a layout designer looking for some new projects to work on. Pricing depends on the complexity of the project, but I'm happy to work within people's budgets to find the best price for the job. Please feel free to send me a PM or contact me at mtbedwards@gmail.com for more information or to...
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    Looking for a puzzle

    There's a type of puzzle where you're given a set of clues and you're supposed to use those clues to figure out in what order a set of things need to be placed in. Green can only be placed next to blue, but can't be placed next to red, etc. Does this kind of puzzle have a name? Does anyone know...
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    Other forums like this?

    Other than here of course, are there other forums, web sites, google groups, etc that people use to both advertise themselves and find others who can help with given projects? Like, if I wanted to advertise myself as a layout designer, or if I wanted to look for artists and illustrators to help...
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    Freelance layout designer looking for work

    I'm a layout designer looking for some new projects to work on. You can find my website, which includes links to my self-published setting books for Savage Worlds, and my portfolio containing some samples of my layout work, here: https://chimerapress.ca/ My rates start at $2.50 per page for...
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    need help with a kidnapping investigation adventure

    I'm making an adventure where the characters need to investigate a series of kidnappings. The characters need to find the kids before it's too late. I'm a little stuck on how I want the adventure to begin. Does anyone happen to know of some adventures (doesn't matter what system) that I can use...
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    Vampire: the Requiem 2e on roll20 looking for player

    I'm starting up a Vampire: Requiem 2e chronicle using roll20. There's still room for one more player and i was wondering if anyone here would be interested. The chronicle will be set in modern day New Orleans, based in part on the City of the Damned city book. Characters will be neonates who...
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    New to online gaming, looking for advice on finding players

    I moved to a new city a while back which doesn't have much of a local gaming scene. I'm interested in getting back into running some games and thought I'd try doing them online. Sadly, my old gaming friends either don't play any more or don't like gaming online, so I thought I'd put up some...
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    portrait of landscape layout for rpg pdfs

    What style of layout do you prefer for your rpg pdf books: portrait or landscape? Since most computer screens are landscape or widescreen, it seems odd that most pdfs are still using portrait. Is it that, even on landscape computer screens, people still prefer their pdfs to be portrait? Or do...
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    Need help with an adventure idea

    I have an idea for an adventure for a campaign I'm running (for Vampire: the Requiem). A small-time crime boss is trying to extort money from one of the characters who owns a club/cafe that happens to be in the crime boss' turf. The character will refuse to pay (I'm fairly certain) so the thugs...
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    Wanted Malifaux 2E Lucius crew and metal Guild Guard

    I'm currently looking for a 2E Lucius box with or without the two Guild Guard (preferably without). I'm also looking for the three metal Guild Guard (the two sold separately and the one sold with the metal Lucius crew box). I'd prefer either bare plastic/metal or primed. Either assembled or...
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    Wanted Malifaux miniatures

    There are a few Malifaux miniatures I'm looking for. I'd prefer either bare plastic/metal or primed. Either assembled or still on the sprue is fine. I'm looking for: - Metal Hamelin, Avatar of Contagion (I'm only looking for the actual Hamelin miniature, I don't mind if it's missing the scenic...
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    Museums in New Orleans

    Kind of an odd question, but I'm currently writing an adventure where a travelling Egyptian exhibit arrives in New Orleans. It's a standard "mummy cult awakens the ancient mummy" kind of adventure. What I'm struggling with is trying to figure out which museum in New Orleans would host such an...
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    Trade/Sell H: Malifaux Miss Step W: Malifaux vintage/avatar Hamelin

    I have an extra Miss Step Malifaux LE I would like to trade for either a plastic vintage Hamelin, or a metal avatar Hamelin. I'd also be willing to sell the Miss Step for $25 USD + shipping (I'm located in Canada). I would also be willing to trade for some of the Ressurectionist miniatures I'm...
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    DriveThruRPG Expanion book released for Mythic Savage Worlds setting

    I would like to announce that the first expansion book for the Mythic Savage Worlds campaign setting is now available on DriveThruRPG at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/221391/Mythic-Ennam--Saduri The Mythic campaign book is available here...
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    Vampire Requiem intro adventure?

    I have two players interested in trying Vampire Requiem. I've run Masquerade before, but never requiem, and the players haven't played either version. I was thinking about running the demo game Danse de la Mort, but it seems very dependent on having all of the premade characters be involved. The...
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    *Kickstarter* Mythic expansion relaunch

    The kickstarter for the expansion to the Mythic Savage Worlds setting was modified and relaunched recently. If you'd like to help back the project, or even just spread the word, the link is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1008812345/mythic-ennam-and-saduri-for-savage-worlds-0 Mythic...
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    *Kickstarter* expansion for the Mythic setting for Savage Worlds

    Mythic: Ennam & Saduri is an expansion book for the Mythic campaign setting for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game, which takes several cultures and mythologies from real world Earth and places them all together in a new and unique world. The Mythic setting book includes three cultures and...
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    Writer, Layout Artist, and Graphic Designer looking for work [writing][layout][design]

    My name is Michael Edwards and I am a writer, layout artist, and graphic designer. I do fiction writing as well as writing for gaming material (setting books, adventures, etc). I'm proficient with both InDesign and Photoshop for layout design and graphic design purposes. I can be reached at...
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    Ancient Indian sites of interest?

    Does anyone happen to know of any locations from ancient India (Vedic period), either real or from mythology, that are unique, important, or just really interesting? Something like how Greece has the Oracle at Delphi, Mount Olympus, etc.
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