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    My Hero Academia Season 3 discussion

    Season 3 is supposed to run for 25 episodes so we are definitely seeing the aftermath of the current fight.
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    [40K Game Megathread] - With Cadia in our Hearts

    Over on facebook GW commented that they where looking in to releasing the arm sprues separately through the webstore in the near future.
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    [40K Game Megathread] - With Cadia in our Hearts

    If you want to try and field multiple Imperial Knights in your force it is one of the best options. You might also want to look at the Forgebane box as it costs about what the mechanicus components cost individually and you can also use more Skitari
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    [40K Game Megathread] - With Cadia in our Hearts

    There has been a confirmed drop in the points of the more standard Knights down to around 410ish each, meaning that you can squeeze 4 into a 1650 point list.
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    3d printed chainmail - future of LARP or unpractical?

    Cost wise it is definitely cheaper to 3d print, I'm not sure where you'd get the material for a full suit of metal chainmail for less than $20/kilogram, which is about the average price for the filament of a 3d printer. Time wise will depend on the type of printer and how good you are at...
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    [Battletech] Best way to start again with the boardgame?

    The Boardgame and the Miniatures game have always been one and the same. If you are looking to get back in you should try to track down the recent starter box which included something like 30 plastic mechs, the data sheets for them, and 2 high quality boards. If you are willing to wait a little...
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    [Sell Me On] Your favourite mech minis game!

    The plastic kits for Heavy Gear are fairly nice and include a lot of options for customization but are only available through the starter boxes for their faction or directly from Dream Pod 9. They where planning a kickstarter for more plastic molds for the factions without any but I haven't seen...
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    Did anyone back the Mythic Battles Pantheon or Conan boardgame kickstarter?

    A reprint of Mythic Battles is scheduled to go on kickstarter in June, with at least 1 additional expansion during the campaign. For Monolith's games I've found the best way to see what they are works on is to follow them on Facebook. For other companies your guess is as good as mine, I usually...
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    [Battletech] New Battletech box sets coming out!

    Alpha Strike uses a simplified statblock from regular battletech, the rules include how to convert stats but the Combat Manuals have the stats for units already converted. Rather then sorting the stats by year they are doing it by which faction uses the unit most.
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    [40K Game Megathread] - With Cadia in our Hearts

    An 8th edition version of Kill Team was just announced at GAMA, expect a warhammer community article with more details soon. Sounds like it will be taking elements from both the previous versions of kill team and Shadow War: Armagedon.
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    Did anyone back the Mythic Battles Pantheon or Conan boardgame kickstarter?

    I backed both Conan and Mythic Battles. Conan shipped a year late with some of the addons being months later than that, but it was their first kickstarter and the quality of the miniatures was amazing. There was an issue with the rulebooks not being the best written but they sent backs copies of...
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    Getting into Warhammer 40k... On a budget (v2!)

    The Battle primer has the core rules for the game but lacks army building and unit stats. While learning you can ignore most of the army building rules but you will need to find a source for unit stats. Most units you will have to buy the book to get the stats legally, but for some you can find...
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    You must take the second roll, even if lower--why?

    Another factor that hasn't been mentioned is that it means you don't have to keep track of the previous result after the roll, which can be really helpful in a group of new players who might not have enough dice to roll a completely different roll depending on the game and types of dice used.
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    [RWBY] General Discussion

    Ravn's last line of the episode indicates that she was already the maiden. Also they established back in volume 3 that the maiden powers will not transfer to someone who is to old. Raven probably gained the powers years ago around the time she left Ozpin's service.
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    [40K] 8E Launch - New Edition, New Thread

    My french isn't particullary good but based on what I could read there is no real source for the rumor, just a lot of "He tell me" going on. I'd love to see Custodes get their codex soon but I won't be surprised if this turns out to be false.
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    How many PC races in your space opera?

    If I have mechanically distinct races I tend to settle on 5-7. This gives you few enough that you can start to flesh them out fairly quickly while still giving your players plenty of options on what to choose to play as.
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    Designing a MtG Set: Revisited!

    Wizards found that the game is more enjoyable for players when all color combinations have at least a little support. Especially in draft where it is really easy for a player to be forced into two enemy colors by the other players choices. Cost reduction mechanics are not combined with...
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    Designing a MtG Set: Revisited!

    Cast off chains is an effect that would never be printed, mostly because Wizards R&D thinks mixing -1/-1 counters and +1/+1 coutners in the same set is a bad idea. It would definetly need to cost a lot more than just R, probably 2RR at the least. Fires of Guilt would probably work, here's the...
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    Designing a MtG Set: Revisited!

    Look at Monstrous and Renown, they are less keywords and more game states, but otherwise that is probably the best way to handle them. Effect wise this should be blue. Templating it should be: Tap target creature, if that creature is guilty it does not untap during its controller's next untap...
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    Designing a MtG Set: Revisited!

    This sounds like a fun setting to explore in card design. I'll give my thoughts on how to work with your initial ideas. You might want to have each allied color pair have a punishment they share, to make loyalist decks have a build around theme. This also lets you print more punishment effects...
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