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    🎨 Creative MCU: Avengers International seting riff (no infinity war spoilers)

    " My late friend Nicholas Fury had an idea.The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. Now after the events in Sokovia the nations of the world...
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    Pathfinder: rumors in the style of unknown armies.

    Golarion is such a strange,wonderful, terrible place. Let's put some little plot hooks and quirks and mind shattering revelations here, shall we? Drow Skin? That jet or blue or purple inky black? It's not natural. My crew and I were down deep, getting relics some dwarf priest thought might have...
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    Nintendo DS, Whats the difference/best one?

    I found a 100 Amazon card I'd forgot about! I've been thinking about getting a DS for a while now, and now I don't have to worry about the cost:). I love what I have seen of miitopia and was thinking about pokemon sun or moon and some other rpgs. What are you guys's opinions about the different...
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    🎨 Creative good aligned Mad Doctor ? Pathfinder

    Is the mad doctor archetype compatible with a good alignment? Discuss I'm trying this out in a game. The general concept for this character is 1/2 Mercy (overwatch)1/2 the medic (TF2) with a hint of Franken Fran. The obvious choice is an alchemist, but an oracle with the life mystery seems...
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    Crazy fan theories humor thread

    There are fan theories that are proven true. There are theories that perfectly fill in plot holes. And then there are these ones. To start MLP :FIM Pinkie Pie is Loki's granddaughter via Sleipnir.:p
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    Wizardy on Iphone?

    I've heard that wizardry labyrinth of lost souls is available on ios devices. I've tried looking on itunes and app store and cant find it. Is it just me, or is it gone? I'm not great with my phone, and i'm not logged into an apple acount, so that might be it. It's such a good game, and i have a...
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    Oh man, is that gonna bite you in the ass: bringing about your own downfall

    So I was watching the walking dead sunday and I actually laughed. This season has been really sad; we lost some good people and the group has gone under the rule of a fascist. However that episode ended with a mistake that brought out a very dark laugh. after Eugene told Neegan that he had a...
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    🎨 Creative [Pathfinder]"It belongs in a meowseum!" Catfolk oracle historian Hyperdimension neptunia

    I'm playing in my friends homebrew campaign based on hyperdimension neptunia . The world is based on the console wars, Nintendo vs Sega vs Microsoft vs Sony in the form of countries led by four goddesses. This adventure's premise is that years ago Lady purple heart (Sega) Has conquered the...
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    CAH : The anime deck

    I love cards against humanity. I want to surprise my friend with a custom anime pack using the blank card packs. However, I don't know as much about anime as i'd need to make this pack.:( Any suggestions for cards?
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    Animazement meetup

    Is anyone going to go to animazement this week? This is my first anime convention and I will be a bit flustered, so having the awesome people of rpg.net to hang out with would be great. Maybe we could even do a pick-up game there!
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    dungeon crawl from QC

    I followed the link given by j. jaques and downloaded dungeon crawl stone soup with the tileset. I'm having a lot of fun, but can't figure out how to cast spells. Is there a key function I've missed or what?
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    Bizarre ethical dilemmas

    Have you ever had a ethical/moral question come up while you're watching/reading something and wanted to discuss it? Was it the sort of thing that anyone who hadn't seen the media might think you're crazy? Discuss it here. First off, a query on reincarnation. Let's say when a character is...
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    Dwarf fortress artifacts

    The legendary items I've seen in let's plays (boatmurdered, headshoots, syrupleaf) are awesome. Just right for spicing up fantasy tabletop. Could some of you dwarfs show me/us these objects of legend?
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    Players for a beginner gm

    I'm in morgantown WV, and want to start game mastering. Is anyone interested in playing with a newbie who is trying hard? The most likely games are DnD(loose 3rd edition) and action-horror done with the Buffy rpg. I was thinking of doing a sort of anime influenced left 4 dead campaign. The PCs...
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    Iconic characters versus zombies

    A zombieland site posed this very interesting scenario. How would some of your favorite,iconic movie (and tv and comic and book) characters fare against the ravening hordes of the dead. No fair choosing Ashley J. Wiliams. Or Tallahassee either. The website did a format of : Name(movie) setup...
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    Acne and grooming?

    Would questions about zits, blackheads etc count as asking for medical advice? And what about stuff like hair care, skin cleansers and other hygiene related stuff?
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    Cutie honey in M&M

    I got mutants and masterminds for Christmas, and i took it and start looking at my manga/anime collection. Some characters are straightforward, but Cutie Honey is a mystery. Her quick-change between archetypes like guerrilla fighter and invulnerable heavy armor knight and always the warrior of...
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    [Marvel] What if your child was a mutant?

    Here at rpg.net, we have a lot of smart ,imaginative and open minded people. I hope to get your honest opinions. As you all know, the rate of superhuman mutations has risen from the the handful of the past to thousands, some even say more than a million. What i want to know is, what if was a...
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    Diablo warchest.

    This year, I asked for this for chrismas. I always heard that it was fun, and I enjoy looting. I have a vista laptop with touchpad mouse and a older XP computer. I'm not sure what to install it on. I would also appreciate any veterans tips for a beginer.
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    Let's talk the venture brothers.

    Just watched the latest episode. It appears that Brock Sampson's commander/partner has been going undercover as a woman for FORTY YEARS. EVERY MISSION. And Brock is surprised when he goes for sex reassignment surgery. Just thought that was funny.
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