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  1. Ceti

    [Sell me on] space opera with light-weight rules

    We finished our Night's Black Agents / Dracula Dossier campaign last night and my players requested that the next campaign be a space opera. I'm looking for recommendations on what system / RPG to go with. Here's some requirements they've come up with: 1. PCs are a crew a independent ship...
  2. Ceti

    Looking for 1:1 online game recommendation

    My friend and I want to start a new campaign that would most likely be 1:1 and played (primarily) asynchronously via email. We've previously played through good piece of the Tribe 8 metaplot (multi-year game) and a 2:1 Savage Worlds campaign. I'm looking for something rich with story...
  3. Ceti

    Fate vs. Fudge

    I'm looking for a quick overview of the differences between Fate and Fudge.
  4. Ceti

    [50 Fathoms] How fast to progress the main campaign

    I've recently started running the 50 Fathoms campaign and am a bit at a loss on how fast the main campaign should progress. We played the intro scenario which was good, but then the players quickly decided to find the wizard, which ended in pretty much TPK, so we rolled back and they chose a...
  5. Ceti

    [Star Wars] Playing with my 6/7 year old - help needed

    I'm introducing my oldest son to RPG. He's 6 going on 7. Reads above his grade level (but only in Polish). We played a number of boardgames including Mice & Mystics, which we're going through right now. We played Cloud Dungeon as his first RPG. On my end, I've GMed for most of my life. Never...
  6. Ceti

    PBEM alternatives

    Recently I ended my multi-year PBEM campaigns due to the players's personal conflicts. It was a very satisfying game. On the technical side we managed communication primarily by email, the campaign was logged in a wiki with some cross-referencing for NPC, places, etc. and illustrations, with the...
  7. Ceti

    Game to help teach English

    Goal: To get my son interested and help him learn English My son is 6 years old and attends 1st grade. He reads well in his native language and does well in school. He enjoys boardgames - with some of his favorites being Mice & Mystics, Cardline, Krosmaster Junior (the former two in Polish)...
  8. Ceti

    [Savage Worlds] Natural Healing

    In my long-term campaign, one of the characters was unfortunate enough to sustain two wounds in combat and fail miserably at getting healed right after the fact. All-in-all he ended up with three wounds. Over the next months down time, we went ahead using the natural healing rules, but with his...
  9. Ceti

    Comics n00b - Batman

    Let's say that I was interested in getting into Batman comics. If I were to start with some easily obtainable anthologies, what would be the place to start. I understand that Batman, like most popular comics, had dozens of reboots.
  10. Ceti

    [Savage Worlds] Editable Character Sheets

    What it says. The only one I found on peginc.com was in Polish, which will be useful, but not in day-to-day. Adam
  11. Ceti

    [Savage Worlds] Sci-Fi Sourcebooks?

    Like it says in the title - any resources dedicated to SF?
  12. Ceti

    [Savage Worlds] Recreating a "party" with only one player

    So following the advice from RPG.net and my instincts, I'd like to run a campaign for one player, but recreating part of that "party" feel (like in D&D). I'm trying to sort out how to do this reasonably and I've come up with: - 1 Wild Card - the player's "alter ego" - 1-2 "sidekicks" filling out...
  13. Ceti

    [Savage Worlds] Which edition?

    I see that there's currently two options for the core rules: 1. Savage Worlds Revised 2. Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition What's the difference (apart from the price tag) and what's recommended?
  14. Ceti

    Running D&D campaigns with one player using another system (Savage Worlds?)

    Lately I've got a hankering to run a published D&D campaign (I have several to chose from in fact), but since my regular group is already playing through a campaign I really like (and which will go on for at least 6-12 months), I was thinking of running another campaign. I don't have the time /...
  15. Ceti

    [Mansions of Madness] Players (investigators) keep getting screwed

    So we played a bunch of MoM games (at least 10) in various configurations, but mostly with the same crowd. The investigators managed one draw (although it would have been a win, if the last player made his skill check), but lost (usually severely) the other games. As Keeper I choose the scenario...
  16. Ceti

    [Char Builder] Issues with adding equipment

    I have character that won't let me add equipment from any category other than Misc, which is quite annoying, because the char just got a new magic staff. has anyone encountered this? Is there a workaround? EDIT: This only occurs for that character, others work fine. I tried both Firefox (3.x...
  17. Ceti

    [BSG] Exodus

    Haven't had a chance to play with this yet. The Cylon Fleet Board seems like a given (I used it on a solo game and it really raises the stakes). How does the Nebula end game play out? It seems like a lot of complication for strange payoff. How about the Final Five and the other Not A Cylon...
  18. Ceti

    [4E] The online char builder

    My subscription to DDI lapsed the same month that they replaced the char builder application with the online tool. Since it had issues, I decided not to renew for a while and just use the old version with the last provided update. Since some time has passed, I'm thinking of revisiting a...
  19. Ceti

    BSG / Small World expansions

    I'm thinking of doing some purchasing - Battlestar Galactica expansions - I hear the first one is good, the second bad - Small World expansion - which is the best one? the game is currently very popular at my house
  20. Ceti

    [Trail of Cthulhu] General Abilities question

    For GA other than Fighting, you can't use an ability without any points in it. Can you use GA (in which you have points) without spends? If so, it makes sense to put a lot of '1's into the skills to enable them?
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