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  1. Darkeus

    IC [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Godbreakers

    Last Hope is a small village of about 100 people located near the border of The Duchy of Tildus and Caecras. It is located off of an old trade route that has declined in importance since the train from Vanderburn to Georgetown was completed. Last Hope is definitely a rural village, with the town...
  2. Darkeus

    OOC [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Godbreakers

    Here is the OOC for our little Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. My players: Please re-post your characters here. When you re-post them, please post at least a little bit of info about your character from the questions in the SotDL core book (Pages 27 and 28 under the heading Roleplaying) and...
  3. Darkeus

    Semi-Closed[Recruiment/Interest] Shadow of the Demon Lord: Godbreakers

    Alright, going to try my hand again, after many years, on a Play by Post game again. This time I am wanting to run Shadow of the Demon Lord. Looking for 3 to 5 players, Need to be able to post several times a week (I mean even I get busy so I am not asking the world on that one). Game will...
  4. Darkeus

    Gauging Interest, also known as, "What Are People Running and Playing These Days Anyway?"

    So basically I have been thinking about running a PbP game. But man have I not been tabletop gaming in a long while. What are people playing? What are people running? Anybody want to play a game about Ninjas? Lol, but seriously, just looking on what people are interested in.
  5. Darkeus

    So No One is Talking About Dead Island?

    First-Person, Open World, Action-RPG in the vein of Borderlands but more playable solo. I am surprised people are not pumped up and ready to hit midnight releases! I know I am and I didn't even pre-order it! :)
  6. Darkeus

    Dragon Age Set 2

    So I see that Set two for Dragon Age is available for preorder, and I think the pdf is available as well. Hmm, wonder how it is? Anyway, link!! http://greenronin.com/2011/04/dragon_age_rpg_set_2_pre-order.php\ Sorry if this has been posted already!
  7. Darkeus

    [Probing for interest and ideas] - Shadowrun 4th edition

    I must think time is infinite or something.... Anyway, since my RL group is kind of not around at the moment and I have a nagging itch to try and run a little Shadowrun campaign, I figure I will try to get a SR4A game going. Here is what I am trying to shoot for here. The campaign will be...
  8. Darkeus

    So, Rift... What am I getting into?

    Well thanks to one of the most awesome friends ever, I am in the (slow) process of downloading Rift; heck of a birthday gift. Being relatively new to MMO games, I am going to be relying on her to help me since she is a WoW vet. But I ask RPG.net, what am I getting into and what should I...
  9. Darkeus

    Free to Play MMO's and Other Questions

    Okay, so I am bored and I will have to wait a day or two extra to get Dragon Age 2. I have tons of games I could play or haven't beat but I have been having a hankering for trying a MMO. I have never really played one however. I have been interested in trying Rift, though I am reluctant to...
  10. Darkeus

    IC Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade - Izou's Folly

    The road through the small forest on the way to Heigenchou in the Middle Province was always beautiful during this time in the spring. The sky was bright blue and the trees were green as ever. The wagon you were traveling creaked and squeaked as the horse drew the wagon across the trail. The...
  11. Darkeus

    OOC Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade - Izou's Folly

    Welcome to the OOC for my little Wu Xing PbP game. Please repost your characters here with any adjustments you feel you need to make. We will probably go back over characters after the first combat also to make any changes you want to make. The IC is coming up as well.
  12. Darkeus

    [Recruitment] Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

    Alright, trying to see if I can rustle up some support for a little campaign idea I have. I am thinking a group of ninja in the Lotus Coalition. That allows for all clans and ronin to be used. The first mission will be to sabotage a factory that is helping to make the new death dealing...
  13. Darkeus

    So, Anybody Dismembering Any Necromorphs? (Dead Space 2)

    I am a little shocked to not see a Dead Space 2 thread (unless I missed something). I am waiting for mine in the mail (Thank you Gamefly) so I am going to miss a day of playing. Anybody have it yet and what do you think so far? I loved Dead Space so I have been waiting for this little baby...
  14. Darkeus

    IC For The Spirit of Creation: Second Term (M&M3)

    It is a cold January day in the snow covered city of Moorshire Lake. It has been an unusually cold winter so far in South-East England and the weather has been horrible. If you happened to be looking at the lake that is in the middle of the city you would see the first rays of sun reflecting off...
  15. Darkeus

    OOC For The Spirit of Creation: Second Term

    This is the OOC for my little game. :) Heck, why not get this party started right! I have messed around making Mila and Bobby and I think I have a bit of a hang on this effect system. That said, it will be touch and go, so please be patient if I don't get a rule call right or tell you to...
  16. Darkeus

    [Probing for interest and ideas] - For the Spirit of Creation

    So some of you know that I used to run a campaign with BESM 3rd edition called For the Spirit of Creation. I haven't forgotten it at all, I just got crazy busy there for a while. Well, I have gotten more used to a college schedule now and better time management. So I have been thinking I...
  17. Darkeus

    So what is your GMing style?

    So all these threads about BadWrongFun and Railroading has got me thinking that the way I GM is quite old school. Here is what I mean: When I am preparing a campaign in a game I am running, I tend to plan out the premise of the campaign, what the overarching theme and background info of...
  18. Darkeus

    [Wrestlepack] Okay, so what do you guys think of the PG era in the WWE?

    I personally am really sick and tired of it. The storylines are mostly lame. When they finally do get a good surprise going (The NXT rookies coming out and going all NWO on everything and everybody) it turns lame when they fire Bryan Danielson for doing his job! The wrestling is very static...
  19. Darkeus

    [OOC] - (BESM 3rd) For the Spirit of Creation III

    This is the third OOC for "For The Spirit of Creation". Current Initiative goes like this (In Order): Hana at 21 Simon at 20 Group 2 of the Possessed Kids at 20 Sara at 19 Agent of Madness at 19 Agent of Hate/Mila at 17 Jenny at 16 (Have not heard from Rachel but posted here anyway) Group 4 of...
  20. Darkeus

    Gamers in Harrisonburg, VA and surrounding areas

    I am STILL looking for gamers in my area. Just looking for any gamers in the area. That includes Augusta county, Page county and Greene county... :) Anyway, if anybody is out there in RPG.net land, post here or PM me... Hopefully I hear from somebody this time... :o
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