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  1. Francis Helie

    [Pendragon] GPC Use the Fisher King?

    He is mentioned in the High Adventures in the wasteland adventure (p.161 in my copy) and he appears in the Adventurous castle adventure (p.349) which leads into the Grail castle adventure. Both adventure is basically the Grail quest in the GPC. I don’t believe he has statistics anywhere in the book.
  2. Francis Helie

    Degenesis - opinions?

    I am gming a campaign inspired a bit by Deadwood and into the badlands. Small growing boomtown used as a neutral ground by powerful warlords. I have a Judge, an Apocalyptic, a neo lybian merchant and his helvetic hired gun. They have been having a lot of fun. The system works well and is pretty...
  3. Francis Helie

    Which games have the best trading and economic simulation?

    The Capitalism serie is impressive for manufacturing and retailing. You have employee traing, advertisement, you can invest in other companies. Always loved them myself.
  4. Francis Helie

    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    And Sarah Douglas as the evil queen, what more do you need :)
  5. Francis Helie

    Villains who love what they do

    Loved the Batroc mini series where criminal hire him to run interference to Captain America and one of them mocks for not being able to take him down. Batroc pretty much says you ain’t offering enough money to hire someone who could take the Captain down, (if there is such a thing) What I can do...
  6. Francis Helie

    Articulated Miniatures?

    Which is the Fantasy version of Phoenix command, but older so rougher and less user friendly. .
  7. Francis Helie

    [Artesia AKW / FYI] Mark Smylie is answering lore questions on reddit

    A brp version would break my heart a bit as the most interesting design element was the experience system being based on the Major Arcana. It was the most fun xp system I ever played with and my players felt the same. We always did a review at the end of each game looking to see if anyone did...
  8. Francis Helie

    Articulated Miniatures?

    Hey Gussick, not seeing how anything would be simplified by this. Take the 4 through 6 sequence, how do we establish the second figure can block the strike in time, how do we establish that the first figure is exposed long enough for the hit to the head to happen? If every step of a move is...
  9. Francis Helie

    Is anyone interested in a commentary on all the Lupin TV episodes?

    Lupin is a favourite of mine, I would to get your take on it.
  10. Francis Helie

    [KS] Kingdom Death: Monster boardgame launched

    I definitely would be interested in seeing a AP of Kingdom Death. The
  11. Francis Helie

    (Star Trek Adventures) Advice for games with NPC Captains

    The way we’ve been doing it is the npc Captain briefs the players on the mission and might give some ideas (very general ones) then goes « any thoughts??? » at that point the players discuss options, make their plans as in any other games and unless they want to break the Prime directive or...
  12. Francis Helie

    Top Secret: New World Order - On its Own Merits Is It Servicable & Fun?

    Snarky answer would be no. The basic mechanic (the roll 13 engine) is ok, but everything else around is terrible. Without doubt one of my biggest disappointment in years. You would be better off playing Top Secret SI or the original. Without deep rewrites, tweaks and adjustments the NWO system...
  13. Francis Helie

    🎨 Creative ART books for Runequest, Conan or other Bronze Age/Sword and Sandal games

    Whatever one may think of the games themselves. (I enjoyed these two myself for what it’s worth) the Egyptian and Greek esthetic of Origins and Odyssey’s offers some gorgeous art for the bronze age (not early enough in both cases but close enough in inspiration). The periods are wrong but the...
  14. Francis Helie

    A French Vampire community

    Another thing. En dépit d'être un peu connu pour être un royaume de vampire The following sentence might be better En dépit d’être un peu publique pour un royaume de vampire. Hope this helps.
  15. Francis Helie

    A French Vampire community

    Famille Sportive or famille athlétique could work. Athlétique would be more generally physically active and powerful.
  16. Francis Helie

    Infinity vs Shadowrun 6e vs Cyberpunk Red[+]

    Infinity hands down. I love the system, the setting and it allows anything from posthuman stories to straight up cyberpunk stories, with military action somewhere in there. You can pick a faction like the Nomads and you can have a pretty direct cyberpunk experience, if thats what you want. I...
  17. Francis Helie

    A French Vampire community

    Hello, just had time for a quick read, good job, I will read more closely once my work day is done ;) That being said have thought of using « Seigneurs déchus » for Fallen lords? In the section concerning outsiders, I would talk about « Étrangers », you actually use a bit later on. Calling...
  18. Francis Helie

    Sell me on a co-op board game vs AI!

    Cannot believe I forgot A touch of evil. There is a 10th anniversary edition coming up. The original is fun with neat miniatures I enjoyed painting. Their Fortune of Glory game is fun also. It has a Indiana Jones feel and both games can be played Coop, semi coop or Competitively. Of the two I...
  19. Francis Helie

    Sell me on a co-op board game vs AI!

    I really enjoy Agents of Smersh a cool spy coop game. Very James Bond using skill rolls to overcome scenarios in a booklet (Tales of arabian nights style or if you’re not familiar with that think solo adventure books) we have a blast playing that one. Police Precinct is a game in which you play...
  20. Francis Helie

    Roleplaying established characters

    We’ve played often superheroes games with established characters. Daredevil, Captain America and a bunch of others have been played at our tables. As long as people are not nitpicky it works out well and can be fun. Some of my best super heroes rpg memories are of those type of games. I did the...
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