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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake(Trailer up, more to come in june)

    Actual trailer with some gameplay! I love it, been low-key wanting to grab a playstation for a while, this will tip me over when it comes out.
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    [Wolverine]"Logan" Trailer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Div0iP65aZo&feature=youtu.be X-23, D'aaaw. Some last of Us vibes from this one.
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    Midvinter, a small adventure game about swedish folklore.

    Made by a friend! She did it all by herself. Release date 5th of may. https://youtu.be/7UGKQOgZzR8
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    [5E]Encounter Building Guidelines and HotDQ.

    So, I found this practical tool on reddit, based on the encounter creation guidelines in the DM basic rules. Since I ran the first session of HotDQ this past weekend, and the characters just made it to the keep(We also did character creation). I noticed that the encounters seemed pretty hard...
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    World of Warplanes, Open Beta Just Started.

    Hello, As I've been playing another wargaming.net game called world of tanks for a while, I thought I would check out their new game, World Of Warplanes. And holy crap it is a lot of fun. The controls are very smooth, even with mouse+keyboard. The game runs great on my computer, no lag/fps...
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    Star Conflict: World of tanks/MWO meets freelancer.

    Star Conflict is a new free to play game up on steam, it's model is similar to World of Tanks/MechWarrior Online. Which means that you que up for matches, get some creds, and make your way deeper into the tech tree to more awesome stuff. So far, it looks like the pay stuff is just a shortcut...
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    Checking for interest, Learning how to play Dota 2?

    So, most people have heard that learning Dota is pretty hard and people yell at you for not knowing stuff in-game and whatnot. I've heard it as well, but I learned how to play long ago in the Dota 1 days. Now, Dota2 is going to have a tutorial eventually, but it's not done yet. And then I...
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    M&M3E-Wonder twin powers, activate!

    So, I'm starting a M&M game in a few weeks, and two of my players are interested in playing superheroes who can combine their powers. Essentially, what they want to do is to be able to combine into a single being, Boosting and being able to use both of their powers. Is there a good way in the...
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    [MUSIC]Fan-made megaman music album.

    Fans were a bit dissapointed capcom chose not to make a megaman game for the upcoming 25th anniversary. So they made their own(at least music + artwork). It is pretty good. Check it out:http://xavierdang.bandcamp.com/ Haven't listened enough to find a favorite yet. There are a lot of good songs...
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    Dishonored: a magical assassin climbing rooftops in a steampunk not-London.

    This looks pretty darn interesting, and it's from the guys(Arkane Studios) who made Dark messiah of Might and Magic! I loved that game. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyDvT7XpaBc&feature=g-u-u&context=G21b764bFUAAAAAAAAAA Dev interview/tiny bit of in-game footage...
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    Pathfinder:So many Spells! And the joy of having a player with programming skills.

    So, our group has been playing pathfinder, specifically the Kingmaker adventure path on and off for the last year(We're currently in book 4). And our party dynamic is a bit, special. See, we're all casters(At least we're not all full casters). We've got a Paladin, a Wizard(Me!), A druid, a...
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    This last year, me and my friends have gotten more and more interested in the E-sports scene, especially the Starcraft 2 tournaments(Though Street fighter is cool as well, especially since one of my friends is commentating SF4 at dreamhack). We watched the mlg Orlando tournament this weekend...
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    Gamex Sweden 2010:Dragon age 2 news.

    Hey guys, was at a Swedish game convention today and attended a preview of Dragon Age 2. Pictures were forbidden, but I can get you the highlights of the preview. Presentation: *Trailer, nothing new there* They said they wanted to make the world of dragon age more solid, give it a bit more...
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    Games Day 2010

    Link to bell of lost souls New Deldar! Warhammer forge:Chaos Dwarves! And much, much more. Discuss! Edit:Personally, I think the new Dark eldar models look stunning.
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    Damn you, ForgeWorld!

    Link Oooh, grot tanks! *Looks at price.* And then, I was sad.
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    Supreme Commander 2:Strategic Launch Detected!

    Anyone else got this? I find that the research/instant cost system is much better than the old balancing act of the first game. The increased number of experimentals are nice, pretty much every research tree has one, and the units themselves are imaginatively designed, although quite silly at...
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    [Dungeon Magazine][4e]Last Breaths of Ashenport

    An old-school adventure updated to 4e; "It stands a lonely vigil atop a remote northern shore, hunkered down against the terrible ocean storms. For most of the year, it sits alone, for trade in the region has decreased. If this were any other town, it would long since have been forgotten, or...
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    4e Dragon kobold article.

    Holy crap, my players are going to hate me! Lots of nasty tips for the little buggers. :D Gotta love the random table for dropping a PC. linky
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    [40k] New Ork Codex Leaked.

    A printer's version of the orc codex has been leaked, I am unsure if posting the links to said codex would be against the rules, and I'm not risking a ban. It's is a very orky codex, love the shokk attack gun and the new lootas. More Dakka ftw! :D
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    [SR4]Any tips for a new GM?

    Hi, I'm going to start my first Shadowrun game this Friday, so I was wondering if any of the more experienced SR players/gm had any tips for me. I've got a fairly good idea about the first couple of runs, so what i could use some help with are the rules, mostly. Any pitfalls I should worry...
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