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  1. agony

    Getting into FFG Star Wars (help?)

    I assume you could just remember what you rolled and re-roll a die or two? I played WFRP 3rd when it came out and regularly play X-Wing, Mansions of Madness, and other designs where this is required so didn't think it'd be much of a hindrance.
  2. agony

    Getting into FFG Star Wars (help?)

    Appreciate all the responses. Totally comfortable writing my own adventures. I think I'm going with Edge of the Empire as Age of Rebellion is between print runs. Ideally I'd have all three but don't want to invest that much at the moment. And a dice pack, not a fan of apps. I need the visceral...
  3. agony

    Getting into FFG Star Wars (help?)

    If I wanted to get into FFG Star Wars, what do I need to buy? Is it very bare bones if I just buy the hardcover for the setting I want (AOR or EOTE)? How many sourcebooks are recommended for a solid campaign? What's with all those damn card expansions?
  4. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    I love Vengeance. It does work well with three, which is probably the best player count. Four works fine as well, although it can take a bit longer.
  5. agony

    [Fall of Delta Green] Help Imprisoning a Yithian

    Some great replies. I was actually leaning towards "It's all part of the plan" before the thread but wasn't sure if I wanted to commit that way. The opium/drugged solution is also very good and one I'll consider. More details may not be desired, but the situation is basically that the Player...
  6. agony

    [Fall of Delta Green] Help Imprisoning a Yithian

    Gearing up for a Fall of Delta Green operation and struggling with a plot point. Here's the loose setup: A Delta Green operative working out of a Firebase near the DMZ discovered an artifact /piece of Yithian technology. A Yithian seized his body and assumed his post. The artifact was...
  7. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    I've had a hard time getting Flick 'Em Up off my table due to how damn fun and beautiful it is. Every fan of dexterity games should check this out. Forbidden Stars is just shy of amazing, but maybe it will grow on me. It's a worthy successor to StarCraft but there's a couple little things it...
  8. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    I've loved Eclipse ever since it came out several years ago and find it continually gets better and better with more plays (I'm around 25 or so plays now). Been playing more Spartacus with the new Shadow of Death expansion which is pretty good. Not quite as great as the Serpent and Wolf...
  9. agony

    (Belated Origins) Any cool new board/card games?

    Spyfall was great, we spent the whole weekend playing that. Dark Moon, the new rethemed BSG express, is pretty good too. Also really enjoyed a single preview play of Scoundrel Society which launched today on Kickstarter.
  10. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    We've been eating up the Merchants and Maruaders: Seas of Glory expansion as well as the new Camp Grizzly. CG reminds me of a Nate Hayden game with more professional polish and some streamlining of the weirder bits that give Nate his style. It's a damn good Ameritrash coop.
  11. agony

    Looking for a GM-less RPG/story boardgame

    Mice and Mystics or Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
  12. agony


    Yes they should be removed. The reason for the token instead of card is so that you can easily identify who played it in case you forget (the token has your color). My group is really enjoying this game.
  13. agony

    What's the game you'd choose to replace Warhammer Fantasy?

    Unconventional answer and he won't get to use all of his minis but I'd play Saga with Warhammer Fantasy minis. Count Bretonnians as Normans, Empire as Anglo-Saxons, Orcs as Vikings, Dwarfs as Danes. Or whatever you want really.
  14. agony

    Your "gateway" games

    I think people are kind of always looking for the next big Gateway game but all of the old classics still work exceedingly well. Carcassonne, Catan, and Ticket to Ride are all exceptional games that are best played, as opposed to remembered fondly.
  15. agony

    Help me find a historical miniatures game! Pike & Shotte vs FoG vs Bolt Action vs...

    Saga's peripherals are expensive but it's a great game.
  16. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    We playtested my microgame Shiv on Wednesday and then dove into Fief, which rocked. Very enjoyable diplomatic area control game with an emphasis on acquiring noble and religious titles. A bit different than other games in the genre and very interesting. We're looking forward to playing again.
  17. agony

    [Gw/40k] Assassin's Boardgame?!

    $125 for 22 minis is...rough.
  18. agony

    For Sale Riddle of Steel + Companion (long OOP)

    Reducing prices: Riddle of Steel - $45 + $4 shipping to the Continental U.S. Riddle of Steel Companion - $52 + $4 shipping to the Continental U.S. Bundle of both for $90 + $5 shipping.
  19. agony

    X-Wing Miniatures.

    N'Dru is awesome in general. Great flanker.
  20. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    Whoa. Played Fallen twice last night and totally blown away. It's like Descent if you took out all of the tactical minis play and replaced it with a stellar, story-focused Choose Your Own Adventure core framed up around dynamic skill tests. Very unique and fulfilling.
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