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  1. EvilSchemer

    Is there a Greyhawk equivalent to Residuum (Mana/Lacrima)?

    Is there an already established Greyhawk equivalent for concentrated magic given solid form ala Residuum, Mana, or Lacrima?
  2. EvilSchemer

    Dungeons and Dragons: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    Chapter 1 The Sinister Secret http://geekrampage.blogspot.com/2019/07/the-sinister-secret-ghosts-of-saltmarsh.html The adventure begins! The first chapter of my new D&D campaign - Ghosts of Saltmarsh! Four intrepid adventurers meet in the coastal town of Saltmarsh and are hired to explore a...
  3. EvilSchemer

    Pirate Party on Ninja Island (a game I made during a work meeting)

    During a long company workshop yesterday, we used hexagonal sticky-notes to group our ideas. Seeing these little hex-shaped groupings immediately made me start thinking of board games and RPGs. So during the break, I ran and got my office dice bag and a handful of figures I keep in a small toy...
  4. EvilSchemer

    Carrots and Suffering - a D&D podcast

    Friends of mine made a D&D live-play podcast, and it's great! Carrots and Suffering https://carrotsandsuffering.podiant.co/ This podcast is a gem! The episodes are nice and short (about an hour each) which is much better than most 3+ hour gaming podcasts out there! Nate Shehorn's voice is a...
  5. EvilSchemer

    Who are the most underrated action stars?

    I was watching the trailer for Matrix 4 John Wick 3 today and saw Mark Mother-effing Dacascos and pumped my fist in the air. I commented to a friend of mine that Marck Dacascos was Scott Adkins level of underappreciated. That got me thinking about all the underrated action stars - and that I...
  6. EvilSchemer

    On which D&D campaign should I spend my efforts?

    I've got three original D&D campaign ideas percolating in my head. I can't decide on which one I want to focus my efforts. I have polled my players to get a sense of their preference, but I thought I'd open it up to RPG.Net feedback. Here are my current thumbnails: I have three D&D campaign...
  7. EvilSchemer

    More Examples of shadowy Inter-Agency Law Enforcement Special Teams like Sicario or Section 9?

    We're starting a Coriolis campaign where we are a team of freelancers who serve as a kind of private personal army for a Judicator (a combination Judge and District Attorney in the setting). When picturing our team, I am inspired by sources like the inter-agency team in Sicario or Section 9 in...
  8. EvilSchemer

    My Nitpicky Feedback for the Makers of the Coriolis RPG (it's an excellent game otherwise)

    We just started a Coriolis campaign last Friday. I bought the book. I love the setting. I like the rules. It seems fun. I'm looking forward to this. But here's some feedback for the editors and production team that did the layout. This feedback is purely about design and utility and has nothing...
  9. EvilSchemer

    Jason Rising (Friday 13th fan-film)

    My friend and co-worker Karl Whinnery is working on a Friday 13th fan film called Jason Rising. They recently released the trailer and I was excited to see it mentioned in a recent article on Bloody-Disgusting.com! Big time! [Trailer] ‘Jason Rising’ Looks Like One ‘Friday the 13th’ Fan Film...
  10. EvilSchemer

    Inspiration for devil face in tomb of horrors (and tomb of annihilation)?

    I've seen photos of a sculpture in Italy that was the inspiration for the devil face trap in Tomb of Horrors. But my google-fu is failing me! Can anyone point me to photos of or information about the original sculpture?
  11. EvilSchemer

    Seeking Knowledge About Saints

    I have only a passing knowledge of the Catholic saints. I know the popular ones well enough. But I'm wondering if there's a saint that fits a specific profile. Is there any saint that suffers the injuries and maladies on behalf of the faithful? For example, praying to this saint to cure your...
  12. EvilSchemer

    [5E] New Downtime Activity - Picking Pockets

    In my last session, a first level player character needed some extra coin so the player decided that the character would spend a few hours walking the city looking to separate a few fat purses from some wealthy merchants. I thought I saw a downtime activity for this but when I looked through...
  13. EvilSchemer

    [D&D] Tomb of Annihilation

    Last week i started my newest D&D campaign - Tomb of Annihilation! Characters have been made and backstories have been fleshed out. The adventure began last week with everyone on a boat headed to Port Nyanzaru. The setting is a homebrew world of my creation - Antara! Antara is a parallel...
  14. EvilSchemer

    Made in Abyss is SO GOOD!

    My wife and I just finished season 1 of "Made in Abyss" currently streaming on Amazon Prime. It. Is. SO GOOD! It's visually stunning. The background work is gorgeous. The creature designs are visually interesting and believable. The cuteness of the character designs serves to make realistic...
  15. EvilSchemer

    [5e] Any backgrounds for John Carter-style "transported to a fantasy world" characters?

    I'm thinking of allowing PCs in an upcoming campaign to be transplants from our world who, for various reasons, have been transported to a magical fantasy world. Examples include John Carter, the D&D Cartoon, Thomas Covenant, Castle Falkenstein, Outlaws of Gor, At the Earth's Core, Planet of...
  16. EvilSchemer

    5E Vampire Charm is too nebulously defined - any suggestions?

    Our level 7-to-level 10 PCs just barely survived two encounters with a halfling vampire lord. The biggest hitch was his charm ability. Emphasis mine on the most troublesome part. The DM had a difficult time utilizing this and we, as players, had a hard time roleplaying this. It was...
  17. EvilSchemer

    OS/OSR best one-shot intro adventure?

    Every year I run a 3-5 hour one shot Basic D&D game for some friends- a mix of non D&D players and old hacks. In the past I've run Keep on the Borderlands (like three years in a row) and In Search of the Unknown, but neither can be completed in 3-5 hours. What's your recommendation for an old...
  18. EvilSchemer

    Thread title change request [done]

    I titled my thread TEMPLE of Annihilation when I meant Tomb of Annihilation. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?815685-Temple-of-Annihilation Is it possible to get that changed?
  19. EvilSchemer

    Tomb of Annihilation

    I picked up Temple of Annihilation last Saturday and have so far read the first few chapters and skimmed the rest. My VERY brief non-spoiler review so far: I really like it. It's set on the tropical jungle land of Chult. So no traditional European fantasy tropes - no elves or halflings or...
  20. EvilSchemer

    Elektra "Nachos" or "Not-kee-yose"?

    I forget the context now but the other day my wife and I were watching DEFENDERS and I said Elektra's full name : Elektra Natchios. She, not being a comics history nerd, said, "Nachos? Really? That's dumb!" I replied, "Now that you mention it, she's Greek, right? Shouldn't it be...
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