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    Alternatives to DriveThruRPG

    As does Lightning Prints/Ingrams.
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    Cthulhu Invictus for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu -- What Changed?

    I was checking this the other day for something. I noticed that.... The Tactics skill is no more. The Blemmyes monster is no more. The Argonauts group is no more. I'm sure there were other changes, but the book is sort of similar.
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    Whats the word on LexOccultum?

    I found the game's background to be too Swedish-centric, which on reflection is not a surprise as it was originally a Swedish game. But somehow I had assumed they would adjust the background for a more international audience, but they didn't. Magnificent production values though.
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    [Kickstarter] Trilemma Adventures

    Completely missed this. I love isometric maps. Backed.
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    Raiders of R'yleh

    Its a good solid comprehensive toolbox of a thing. And covers areas not covered by other similar orietated rulesets. Given the size of the end project, I doubt it. Plus there's not a lot left to explore, unless you mean adventures.
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    Need a skill name ...

    There's two types of social attacks, the truth and falsehoods that could be true. Plausible deniability or verisimilar seem good fits, but I'm stuck on how to "...ing" them.
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    Illustrators for NPC thumbnail sketches sought

    I have an outstanding requirement for 25 NPC thumbnail sketches to finish two modern-day horror scenarios which will appear in a semi-pro magazine. They are as follows: Assignment One Requirements: Fourteen NPC head-and-shoulders thumbnails consisting of various models, model agency types...
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    Best system for grimoires?

    As someone with only the core rule book, can you suggest other Ars Magica supplements the interested reader could investigate on this topic?
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    Stars Without Number revised and Star Wars

    My google-fu failed to find these... thanks.
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    Stars Without Number revised and Star Wars

    Are there any fan resources out there converting the Star Wars setting to work with SWN? I realize that SWN is a DIY toolbox but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. On a related note, are there any active SWN or Silent Legions communities?
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    OSR Games at Lulu

    TODAY ONLY: TAKE 35% OFF YOUR ORDER Offer Expires 26 November at 11:59 PM EST Your Coupon Code: CM35
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    OSR Games at Lulu

    Just in case you haven't seen it but Lulu's festive coupon is out: Offer Expires 23 November at 11:59 PM EST Your Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY25
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    [Gaming Terrain] Options for 28mm Fantasy Village?

    I stand corrected, they do. I only aspire to owning some in the future...
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    [Gaming Terrain] Options for 28mm Fantasy Village?

    MDF is your friend but you will have to put some work into them to them to make them look like miniature buildings rather than cereal boxes. 4Ground: https://www.4ground.co.uk/index.php?route=product/fabledrealmsterrain TT Combat: https://ttcombat.com/collections/fantasy-realms?page=1 Blotz...
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    Black powder firearms and game balance?

    Without gunpowder a musket is just a hollow stick or at best a glorified spear... You should consider the following: Does the gunpowder come from local sources? Do you have easy and regular access to gunpowder's ingredients of saltpeter, charcoal and sulphur? Do you have the services of a...
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    Call of Cthulhu: 'Insight'?

    It's used as a Psychology skill replacement in Cthulhu Dark Ages and Dreamlands, and settings earlier than the 1920s or Gaslight.
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    What's the best solution for Winter phase/Downtime experience

    I need to move characters forward a couple of decades in the plot, but I don't want it boring. Pendragon has its Winter phase which is my main point of reference. Traveller and Twilight 2000 have life path character generation which could be tweaked. Are there any other sources/inspirations I...
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    Bringing Back Ring Binders

    Yes, and we use proper paper like A4 as well. Just saying.
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    Top Secret New World Order RPG - Any status on the release of this game?

    Skimmed the PDF last night. Everything espionagey seems present and correct rules-wise. But the artwork is mostly hideous, and looks like it comes from the mid-1980s. This may be a deliberate design choice. Either way it lets the book down.
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