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    Dice pool sci-fi games?

    Does anyone know of a sci-fi RPG that uses dice pools (prefferably something like attribute + skill), is relatively traditional, and medium crunch? I want to run a sandbox traveller-esque game with the campaign tools from Stars Without Number. I'm looking for something that will support pulpy...
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    Modifying the D6 System Game Mechanic

    I was looking at using the generic D6 system for some lightish gaming with some friends. Basic system is your attributes have a die rating, 1d to about 7d. Skills likewise have a die rating. To, do a thing, add together your attribute + skill + mods, roll, add everything together. One die...
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    Steam Access From New Computers

    Man, for the past couple months it seems like every month I get someone trying to access my Steam account from a new computer. I've changed my main e-mail password for the second time in three months today (and still haven't managed to recover my Steam account, because when I go to change the...
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    [Sine Nomine] Tools/Tags Index?

    So Kevin Crawford at Sine Nomine Publishing is awesome, makes awesome OGL-ish stuff with a bunch of sandbox GM tools. Go buy all their stuff, and I say that as someone who normally isn't all that into D&D/OGL/class-based games. Seriously, it's fantastic. All of it...
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    Delta Green Con Game Suggestions

    I'm gonna run a game of the new Delta Green RPG at a con this weekend. I'm a full backer, so I have access to everything. I don't want to do Last Things Last. Just a bit short, and in the past I've just had players do the ruthless thing and shrug, which is mrph. Plus fair number of people...
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    Fallout 4 33% off on Steam till May 23rd - Should I take the leap?

    Okay, so when FO4 came out, I said "eh, I like Fallout, but I mostly like heavily modded Fallout with all the DLC. I'll wait for the winter sale." But now it's on steam for about $40. And I am staring lustfully at it. People of VGO, you're my only hope. Should I stay strong and hold out...
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    [Post-Apoc] Best mechanics for rebuilding a base/community in the post-apocalypse?

    I am looking to run a game set on a post-apocalyptic North America. Moderately gonzo (robots and mutants at a minimum), but with some emphasis on scrounging, travel, survival, etc. I want the PCs to go out on adventures, but have a home base that they usually return to between adventures. And...
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    [Spoilers Galore] My Dracula Dossier/Zalozhniy Quartet Campaign

    Okay, first off I am going to have gigantic, explicit spoilers everywhere in this thread. If you ever plan on PLAYING in a Dracula Dossier or Zalozhniy Quartet campaign, I highly suggest you don't even open it. Now space for mouse over... Okay, so I am going to run Dracula Dossier as...
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    Missing thread ban in infraction forum?

    Is this thread ban going to be entered in the infraction forum? Hasn't seem to hit yet, just curious. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?753426-How-can-we-improve-rpg-net&p=18895055#post18895055
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    Recommend me a D&D Replacement.

    So. I have never played through all the "famous" modules. Keep on the Borderlands, Dark Tower, Slavers, etc. I want to get together with my friends and run through those modules. But I don't want to use D&D. I want something with a unified resolution mechanic, with some level of tactical...
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    New to EABA, what resources should I know about?

    I picked up the EABA v2.01 PDF. What other resources should I know about? What newbie traps do I need to watch out for? Tips, tricks, suggestions?
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    [Sell Me] Eldritch Horror?

    I was looking at this in the game shop. I like the minis and would love to own them. Mansions of Madness is one of my favorite games. Arkham Horror is cool but too fiddly and has too many moving parts. Would I like Eldritch Horror? What about the Mountains of Madness expansion? How is it...
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    GoFundMe Link to Causes?

    I know we're not supposed to solicit funds for personal use. Someone shot a dog in my girlfriend's neighborhood. Would it be acceptable to make a post in TO linking to the dog owner's gofundme page for medical expenses for surgery for the dog?
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    *#@$ing Video Card

    So, I cave and buy CoD:AW Friday due to steam sale. Out of town most of the weekend, set it to install while I'm away. Start up shiny new game that can give my graphics card a workout. Manage to play about three hours, and all of a sudden any weather effects are showing strongly pixelated...
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    Game Developers and PR

    So there is a thread in TRO about which edition of Shadowrun a poster should try, and Cain got some red text for saying that a post by the Shadowrun Line Developer should be viewed as PR, and with a grain of salt. The mod said this is accussing a poster of lying and an attack. I guess I don't...
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    [NBA] Pre-Campaign Movie Night Suggestions

    I want to try to convince my group to try some action vampire spy thriller tabletop goodness. I want to run a game that is action-y, without being too 007, and playing up the "not knowing who you can trust or who is working who" part of the Smiley series, without going that gritty as far as the...
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    What's in your WoD?

    So over in the Demon: the Descent Actual Play thread that documented the game Technocrat, Random Nerd, Wyzard, and BethE were playing, they decided on some WoD stuff that was "true" for their world. In their case, Demons, Hunters, Vampires, and Faerie. In your games, what has been "in"...
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    Demon the Descent as material for a Hunter game?

    So, Demon: the Descent. Seems to support cold war spy type campaigns, and more sympathetic demons. How much material does it provide for antagonists in a Hunter game? Both of the plotting meticulous types, and of the "I am a red skinned scaly eevvviilll" type. What about angels? I mean, I...
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    Changeling - Elevator Pitch

    Okay, so I hear a lot of good things about the NWOD version of Changeling. Could someone give me the elevator pitch on this? What is a typical game about? What do the PCs do? Who are the antoganists? What are the themes? How do they manifest storywise and mechanically? What are the...
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    [Scooped?] Unforgiven: Samurai Style

    So, you know how westerns have a history of ripping of Japanese samurai movies for plots? Well, in what looks like a wonderful inversion of tradition I give you Unforgiven, starring Ken Watanabe, directed by Lee Sang-il': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj3gwo01Pf4
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