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  1. agony

    Getting into FFG Star Wars (help?)

    If I wanted to get into FFG Star Wars, what do I need to buy? Is it very bare bones if I just buy the hardcover for the setting I want (AOR or EOTE)? How many sourcebooks are recommended for a solid campaign? What's with all those damn card expansions?
  2. agony

    [Fall of Delta Green] Help Imprisoning a Yithian

    Gearing up for a Fall of Delta Green operation and struggling with a plot point. Here's the loose setup: A Delta Green operative working out of a Firebase near the DMZ discovered an artifact /piece of Yithian technology. A Yithian seized his body and assumed his post. The artifact was...
  3. agony

    For Sale Riddle of Steel + Companion (long OOP)

    I'm looking to sell the Riddle of Steel core RPG plus the Companion. Both are long out of print and very difficult to find, I haven't even seen the companion on the secondary market in a very long time. I'm looking for: Riddle of Steel - $50 + $4 shipping to the Continental U.S. Riddle of...
  4. agony

    [Kickstarter] A Fistful Of Dinero

    My design, A Fistful Of Dinero, launched on Kickstarter today. The year is 1886 in a small forgettable hovel of a town on the border of nowhere. Several unscrupulous individuals come together for a hand of poker over a pile of cash. A whispered accusation of chicanery crosses the table and...
  5. agony

    Geekway to the West 2014 This Week

    Anyone here heading to Geekway this week (15-18). I will be there all four days gaming till I drop. Sunday morning at 10AM I will be running Two Rooms and a Boom for somewhere around 20-30 people. Should be crazy fun. I will also be demoing my game, A Fistful of Dinero, along with the...
  6. agony

    Conquest of Speros (Grey Fox Games Kickstarter)

    Conquest of Speros is launching on Kickstarter on Monday and is being published by Grey Fox Games (Coolstuffinc's publishing wing). I played the prototype a couple of weeks ago and wanted to mention this on the forums. I am friends with the designer and the designer owns Magic House Games, the...
  7. agony

    Fan of Flash Point: Fire Rescue? Need playtesters for possible future expansion.

    I created a Print 'n Play campaign expansion for Flash Point back in 2012 called Ladder 11 and it garnered a number of fans and very positive comments. Travis of Indie Boards and Cards, expressed interest in it but nothing ever arose officially. I'm looking to officially submit it to Indie...
  8. agony

    eBay Burning Wheel Gold/Monster Burner/Adventure Burner, also Fudge Dice Set (20 dice)

    The Burning Wheel set with the Hardback Burning Wheel Gold, and the OOP Adventure Burner and Monster Burner: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161158222656 Fudge Dice Set (20 dice total): http://www.ebay.com/itm/161158217793?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. agony

    [Kickstarter] Two Rooms and a Boom, amazing game

    The social deduction game Two Rooms and a Boom is live on Kickstarter today: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gerdling/two-rooms-and-a-boom I reviewed a pre-release version of the game a couple weeks ago, and absolutely loved the game...
  10. agony

    For Sale Fiasco, Lacuna, Sorcerer and Sword

    All are mint condition Fiasco - $15 Lacuna - $9 Sorcerer and Sword (Supplement for Sorcerer RPG) - $5 Shipping will be $3 for a single book, and $5 for more than one. If you buy Fiasco and Lacuna I will throw in Sorcerer and Sword for free. Edit - Please PM me if you're interested, I won't...
  11. agony

    Corner clipping is a disease

    I'm not a huge war gamer, my experience just goes as far as the DVG leader series, Conflict of Heroes, Twilight Struggle and now D-Day at Omaha Beach. Well, the counters that came with DDaOB 2nd Edition are horrendous. Big poofy corners, a couple of them separated, and they took a long time to...
  12. agony

    Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat Kickstarter

    Road/Kill Kickstarter launched today and I am stoked. The game is pretty much a streamlined Car Wars with miniatures. There's several very interesting mechanics like simultaneous action planning and a clever initiative system. Kickstarter...
  13. agony

    [Crusader Kings II] Stupid Question

    If you are war, is there an easy way to identify what County/Kingdom you are at war with on the map? I'm aware it shows the Ruler on the bottom right that you are at war with, but if I bring up his portrait and then try and scroll around to find his holdings on the map I can't seem to locate...
  14. agony

    Primal Carnage is absolutely nuts

    Anyone else playing this? I got it in a Steam Flash sale and have been loving it. It's a multiplayer FPS where one team is Human Mercenaries and the other are Dinosaurs. It has a very dark, almost survival horror vibe going on. It's class based and you can play several different humans from...
  15. agony

    [DayZ]Why is everyone such a dick?

    I held out from picking up Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead to play Day Z (I already had Arma 2) due to the coming standalone version of the mod, but caved last week when a friend who plays regularly convinced me. Half of my play has been with 2 buddies and it's been pretty awesome. They're well...
  16. agony

    For Sale Zpocalypse board game

    I'm selling my copy of Zpocalypse which has only been played 1 time (solo game). I'm looking for $44 plus $8 shipping to the U.S. The game sells for $60 + shipping new. If you are interested please PM.
  17. agony

    How does one get into Battletech nowadays?

    This is a stupid thread and a stupid idea as I have a million games to play and not enough time but for some reason I've been drawn to Battletech recently. I've never played it (I have played complicated games - Car Wars most notably) and not sure why I have this itch but I'm feeling it. I've...
  18. agony

    Your last game played, part 2

    I believe the previous thread was locked due to it growing over 100 pages. Anyway, thought I'd start up a sequel as I really enjoyed the previously thread. From the previous thread:
  19. agony

    What house rules do you use?

    Quite simply, what house rules does your group use? No RPGs please, just board/card/miniature games. Wiz-War (8th Edition) - We play with most of the optional rules from previous editions of Wiz-War found in the back of the book. Stuff like Permanent Creations, Uncluttered Minds, throw all...
  20. agony

    Painting Zombie Miniatures Solid Black?

    Has anyone experimented with painting Zombies solid black? Basically spraying them and then doing the base and that's it? Survivors would of course be painted in full color to make them stand out. This is what inspired me (in addition to laziness and not wanting to paint up a zombie hrode)...
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