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  1. RoadScholar

    [B/X, 1st ed, earlier] Hero Dice instead of Hit Dice

    This is an off-the-cuff idea for turning an early D&D game into something with almost no escalating Hit Points and a little more player-narrative control. Turn Hit Dice into Hero Dice for Character class types and Horror Dice for monsters. Said HD can be rolled to modify other rolls [saving...
  2. RoadScholar

    [Character Building thread] Mongoose Traveller - Rise of the Avalar

    This will be the character building thread for players in this game. Current player number is four [Bunch, Phil9268, Black Adder LXX and Chalkline ], which is fine, but any of my previous players are welcome to drop in a pitch. I'll cap the game at 6, however. At this point, the campaign setup...
  3. RoadScholar

    [Traveller/Imperium riff] A Jump- Gate Imperium; Further Implications.

    A few posts in the recent discussion about a lack of Traveller clones got me thinking about the earlier Imperium implied in books 1-3 – a slowly decaying empire that the PC’s are on the frontier of. Reading through...
  4. RoadScholar

    Can't reach the wiki? [Should work now]

    I know this will be something obvious, but I can't connect to the wiki currently, as in the page never loads. Who should I pester?
  5. RoadScholar

    (ATWM) Looking for an old piece of art

    In the original printing of All the Worlds Monsters Vol1, there is a line drawing of a bunch of dragons, converted from Dragon Masters by Jack Vance. Unfortunately, I own the second printing, which removes this piece of art (much to my annoyance, as I like the take on Vance's creations). Is...
  6. RoadScholar

    [to my GM's and players] two more weeks away

    As it says on the tin. Sorry, folks. I have a performance review in two weeks and this is a tough school. I'll be back by Easter.
  7. RoadScholar

    [Re-Recruiting] MongTrav - Tumble

    We have a fixed-objective game of Mongoose Traveller going at the moment, but have lost a few players to Real Life. We're looking for a couple of new players to jump in. Couple of things; 1) The game is currently in UniverseII (where jump ships that never return go). Your character will need...
  8. RoadScholar

    IC B/X- ish D&D. The Lost City

    A Map of Rhygia. It is a tense morning in the tavern that fronts the White Bird Inn in the scantly regarded city...well, more a town, really...of Rhygia, nestled against the lakeside on the trade route from the Greater Lake to the Lesser Sea. Many had gathered here the night before...
  9. RoadScholar

    OOC B/X- ish D&D. The Lost City

    This is where we do all the metagaming, folks. I'm a bit of a purist on keeping OOC out of the IC threads in games, but if you spoiler it I'll be happy. No real need to repost characters here, as they're all on the wiki (or will be). If wikifying your character is awkward for you, let me know...
  10. RoadScholar

    [Semi-closed recruitment] B/X D&D - The Lost City

    This is the recruitment thread for an old school style B/X game, based around the old TSR adventure module B4 - The Lost City. It is one of those delightful early module that can carry a campaign into name levels with a little work, so I'm leaving the duration of the game open. Initially...
  11. RoadScholar

    IC Thread - MT - Tumble

    The Science Council building is one of the Jewels of Daryan Prime - said Jewels being entire buildings strung along the underside of the world-girdling Necklace, itself a marvel of engineering. The Jewels were long, slender constructions suspended by nanomolecular cables running into low orbit...
  12. RoadScholar

    Post to wrong sub-forum (moved as requested)

    http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?738835-OOC-Thread-MT-Tumble&p=18369466#post18369466 Ermmm...I posted this into the Recruitment subforum ...could a passing mod move it to IC and OC, please?
  13. RoadScholar

    OOC Thread - MT - Tumble.

    OK, folks. Let's get started. http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Tumble._%28MT%29 If everyone could post a short-form version of their character (personal information, characteristics and skills) here, along with anything you particularly want other PC's to know about your character. Local Star...
  14. RoadScholar

    [Closed Recruitment] - Tumble.

    Tumble is the title of the one-shot Mongoose Traveller game I'd like to run. Anyone I've posted, please drop a line here if you're interested. Anyone I missed from my previous Traveller games, please do drop in if you are so inclined. Premise The PC's, who will be well known to each other, is...
  15. RoadScholar

    To my GM's and players - wifi hell in bali

    To all and sundry... Skinny version In Bali, on holiday, lovely villa...no fucking working wifi as promised (we actually rang to , as we always do). Now in a war of emails with the (Aussie) owner. Local staff have tried their best, but the owner isn't willing to authorise money- spending...
  16. RoadScholar

    [OOC] Beyond the Zone.

    Post non IC stuff here. I prefer no OOC in IC - If you absolutely must, just tuck it behind an sblock. Coming up next - Expedition Beta. No need to repost your characters here, as they are all in the wiki.
  17. RoadScholar

    [IC] Beyond the Zone

    Remulak is a dismal world, really. The locals are spread out around the coast of the largest sea, scattered between it and the mountains to the North that trapped rain and belched forth thunderous ash clouds on a regular basis. The locals had largely gen-adapted their lungs for the atmosphere...
  18. RoadScholar

    (Closed) Mongoose Traveller - Beyond the Zone.

    This thread is for character creation, general chit-chat and such. game wiki here We have four players currently. Hoping for six, so we'll see how we go. If anyone doesn't have access to MGT books, here's the place to mention that. I can create characters to order if needed. Have a read of...
  19. RoadScholar

    A world without gunpowder

    For some unimaginably odd reason, the cultures of our Earth never gain the use of gunpowder. Choose whatever far-fetched reason you like (weird alien anthropologists running an experiment will do), but there's a 'blind-spot' when it comes to any experimentation involving its' creation. What...
  20. RoadScholar

    (OGL games) No levels, no classes.

    Anyone know of a game based on the D20 mechanics that doesn't default to Classes and Levels for characters? I'm aware of Mutants and Masterminds and E6 type stuff, but was actually looking for something with a more open approach a la Runequest/GURPS, where anyone can attempt to learn anything.
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