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    Convinicing my players that the Unnatural is sanity-blowing

    The problem with the Walking Dead statement is that the characters in both the TV show and the comic suffer sanity loss. Point out that Rick himself was talking to his dead wife on a disconnected phone. Also yeah, seeing it on TV in the comfort of your living room is different than...
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    🎨 Creative What kind of crimes would 'real' supervillains get up to?

    The "Tarnished Angel", an Astro City story about a reformed Supervillain who has to find a murderer that is killing former Rogues interviews the relatives of this dead villains. One thing that keeps coming up is how these villains would always talk about a big score that will set them for life...
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    🎨 Creative What kind of crimes would 'real' supervillains get up to?

    I think Killgrave was smart enough not to do anything to grand scheme because he was only a one trick pony, it was one hell of a trick, but mind control through verbal communication can't protect you from a snipers bullet at 200 yards.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    Our sessions were usually 4-5 hours or longer depending on what day we played. It's just that combat system was just too detailed if you play it RAW. Case in point, you roll a critical hit, you roll the location, then you roll the damage, then your roll if your weapon get stuck and so forth...
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    I think the problem was that we had played D&D for a long time and just couldn't wrap our heads around the rules. Runequest is not a bad game but it is definitely anti D&D.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    Well, it's been a long time since I played so I am probably remembering it wrong.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    We had an encounter that took TWO SESSIONS to get through! I think the problem was that the combat is very rigid without a lot of options and I think the GM was confused on how strike ranks worked. Oh, and yeah the hit locations every round slowed the combat down considerably.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    I remember Aftermath having a combat system that looked like a flowchart.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    I get a lot of confused looks when I tell fans of the system but Avalon Hill's Runequest scarred me for life.
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    Superhero Team Archetypes

    There was a version of the Defenders in which the big Four, Dr. Stranger, the Hulk, Submariner and Silver Surfer was forced to work together because of a curse.
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    The Twilight Zone (2019 version)

    One thing that struck me about that episode was the fact that the cop was carrying a revolver. Very few policemen carry a six shooter, it tells me that he is from an earlier era of authority where abuse of power was tolerated more.
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    How has Champions/HERO Changed over the Years

    Bottom line, killing attacks are not a good choice as a primary attack. They work well if you need to destroy objects like walls or automatons like robot and zombies because they only take body.
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    Looking for players for Old School Gaming in Two Rivers/Manitowoc Wisconsin

    Hey there, Looking for some players interested in face to face game at my house in Two Rivers Wisconsin. I want to get a Castles and Crusades game started since the one I was running has kind of stalled out. I need about two more players. My wife and I have been playing since the 70's and...
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    SHAZAM Movie Thread! [Spoilers expected]

    I loved the scene where the other kids are grabbing the staff. "Everyone now say my name" "Billy"!
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    One GM with two players, which is the best RPG?

    So it looks like I will only have my wife and our friend coming over Saturday to play. I was going to do Castles and Crusades but I feel that D&D style games need more players. What kind of game might work better for a really small group?
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    Opinions on Batman 1960's Television Series?

    As long as she doesn't run out of spray paint.
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     Please Explain to Me: Captain America

    The Super soldier serum broke down in his system and went insane. He was going to end up killing an ice cream man thinking he was selling drugs to kids.
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    [DOCTOR WHO] Discuss/Rate Episode 11.1 : "The Woman Who Fell To Earth"

    This Doctor seems to be a gadgeteer type. She did build something out of a lot of junk.
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    What was the first non D&D system you owned?

    Boot Hill or Gamma World. Traveller maybe.
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    Luke Cage Season 2.

    Jack Russel. I just got that name!
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