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    🎨 Creative Give me 101 fires to make the world burn

    1-Balefire Not only is a burn, even a little one, from Balefire even more painful then most burns, but unless treated almost at once, the burnt area, be it big or small, will turn septic. Even the smallest burns will leave a scar, and the large ones are far more likely to be fatal with Balefire...
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    🎨 Creative For Christmas give me 101 Banned Weapons and Spells and why they are banned

    1-Necklace of Control This sinister necklace when placed on someone’s neck controls the person perfectly and makes them act like nothing is wrong. The controlled person can be used for labour, to commit murders and other crimes, or if they are a noble or other figure of power, to rule the area...
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    Worldbuilding-a moon of a gas planet with life on it-help needed

    What would life be like on an Earth-sized moon of a gas giant? Crackling auroras seen in the sky at night as the atmosphere fends off the deadly radiation? Whole new religions worshipping the gas giant? Huge tides?
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    101 Sceptres

    I'll start it ​off with 30 of them. 1-Wa Sceptre This is the traditional grave Sceptre placed in the hands of the dead Emperors of Ka-Phum, and is made of green marble and enchanted to hit a grave robber as hard as if it was made of steel without breaking. Most likely to be encountered in the...
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    101 Cops and Law Enforcement Charecters (any are good, be they fantasy, sci-fi, or "real life" based)

    I'll start it off with 30. 1-Serpico The Serpico is totally honest and refuses to take any bribes, even large ones. Some on the force greatly admire his honesty, others privately find him a pain. He is not sent to patrol certain city beat areas, in case he finds and busts illegal gambling dens...
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    Post strange weapons that are different to the typical ones here (No swords!)

    1-Stun ScepterIt is against royal protocol for a princess of the country of Elohaloth to carry a sword or any kind of spray to protect herself, so this elegant sceptre, when the tip of it touches skin, acts like a tazer, thus enabling the princess to defend herself in an emergency and still...
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