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  1. JediSoth

    Modiphius's Fallout RPG, sell me on/off it

    I am not an expert, but IIRC, the RPG that is being sold now bolts RPG elements on to the Wasteland Warfare miniatures game. Modiphius will be released a stand-alone RPG based on their 2d20 system (IIRC) next year. If you're not into the miniatures game, THAT'S the version you really want.
  2. JediSoth

    🎨 Creative 5e Spelljammer Revival: What's Your Take?

    When I ran Spelljammer for my group after we finished up with Hoard of the Dragon Queen, I decided that while helms required a caster to pilot the ship, it wouldn't actually drain their spells. That way we didn't have to deal with forced downtime after every trip just for the PCs to regain their...
  3. JediSoth

    💀 Necro What RPG disappointed you the most?

    I've had many disappointments over the years, but none so much as: Star Wars d20 - way too much art that was just movie stills and in play it felt exactly like D&D. Shadowrun - I loved the setting, but just could not grok the system. It felt like at least three different games crammed into one...
  4. JediSoth

    So whatcha playing? - A Thread For Chit-Chatting About Whatever Game(s) We're Playing At The Moment

    As I'm finishing up my fourth planet in Mass Effect: Andromeda, I've come to the conclusion that it's a game on the edge of greatness. If the development team had been given 6-12 months more time to polish it, it would have been truly great. Fortunately, what glitches I've encountered haven't...
  5. JediSoth

    5e Ranger

    One of my players has been using the UA Ranger (w/Gloomwalker) in my Tomb of Annihilation game (and is a local lizardfolk to boot). Fortunately, he's OK with me giving only estimates of the number and types of his favored enemy (undead in this case) for Primeval Awareness (the game would grind...
  6. JediSoth

     [Netflix] The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Spoiler)

    The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that I don't NEED to see the gelfling genocide. So, if future seasons are going full grimdark and kill off all the characters I like just to showcase how bad things get before the 1982 film, I'm not sure that appeals to me (though I'll probably...
  7. JediSoth

     [Netflix] The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Spoiler)

    That's pretty much how I took Aughra's resurrection. Since she is a sort of physical manifestation of Thra, after she was drained, her essence was tied up in The Hunter/The Archer. After they died, her essence was free again to remanifest itself as Aughra. Will the same thing happen to all the...
  8. JediSoth

    Monte Cook Games' "Consent In Gaming" hits shelves, poop hits fans.

    I'm always amazed, in a not-surprised, SMDH sense, how so many people can be offended just by being aware of a product they're not being forced to download, read, or abide by in any way. Do they think MCG are the RPG Police coming to take their dice if they don't play The One True Way™? I'm...
  9. JediSoth

     Mass Effect Andromeda-inspired Esper Genesis

    Does Esper Genesis have rules somewhere for synthetic/AI characters? Maybe I could base such a background off the Ashenforged *squints*.
  10. JediSoth

     [Netflix] The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Spoiler)

    Such a theory could possibly redeem the series in my wife's eyes. She loves the puppetry, but thinks the inevitably bleak story makes it too hard to watch (she doesn't like dark fantasy where it seems like everyone is going to die and it's all pointless) and is only finishing it because she's...
  11. JediSoth

    How would you reboot Quantum Leap?

    Make Al not quite such a lech... and no more stories where an adult man is in the body of a teenager making out with other teenagers ('cause that actress was REALLY young to be mackin' on Scott Bakula, even if she did lie about her age (IIRC)).
  12. JediSoth

    Cypher System Numenera Huge KS but is it that popular?

    Thanks for the link. The Discord server seems pretty lively. As lively as Monte Cook's OK--Your Turn forum was back when he ran Malhavoc Press.
  13. JediSoth

    Is it just me, or did 5e somehow make furries popular?

    That's right. I knew there was some sort of option in at least one of the early Ultima games, but I couldn't remember it. Ultima III was the only Ultima game to allow you to play as anything other than a human, IIRC (admittedly, it's been a LONG while).
  14. JediSoth

    Is it just me, or did 5e somehow make furries popular?

    It goes WAAAAAAY back. Obviously, it was meant as a joke in Wayne's World, back when furries were still acceptable targets because most people wouldn't know what the hell you were talking about. I'm pretty sure there were furry character options in CRPGs back in the '80s, but since graphics...
  15. JediSoth

     Mass Effect Andromeda-inspired Esper Genesis

    My thought was to introduce the species and setting slowly, because I know no one else is going to buy the book and I'll have to do all the heavy lifting on what species are what and all that. Plus, it's hard to have a fish-out-of-water introduction if all the characters going in should already...
  16. JediSoth

     Mass Effect Andromeda-inspired Esper Genesis

    ME:A had the cryo ships (Asari, Turian, Human, Salarian) and the Nexus, which was the large central station that served as the Citadel expy for the game.
  17. JediSoth

     Mass Effect Andromeda-inspired Esper Genesis

    So, as I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I got to thinking about using Esper Genesis to run a game where the PCs were part of an extra-galactic colonization effort. The human (and whatever aliens I want to be familiar to them, I was thinking just androids/synthetics of some sort) colony...
  18. JediSoth

    Rpgnet's favorite silent movie. (Nomination thread)

    I've only seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, but the impact Metropolis had cannot be overstated.
  19. JediSoth

    So whatcha playing? - A Thread For Chit-Chatting About Whatever Game(s) We're Playing At The Moment

    I moved on to Mass Effect Andromeda after finishing The Last of Us. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected; it seems the worst of the animation glitches I heard about have been patched out. I was a fan of the exploration/colonization angle from the beginning, though there's still a shit-ton...
  20. JediSoth

    Games We've Beaten 2019

    Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best, most-engaging games I've played in YEARS. I really cannot use enough superlatives to describe how fantastic I think it is. If you go in unspoiled as to the plot (like I did; I just knew you were a tribal hunter in a world with machine-animals), there are...
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