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  1. graeyWolf

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Five-alarm Chili; the Day After.
  2. graeyWolf

    [Let's Read] D&D 3.0 Monsters of Faerun

    ...that took me a second pass. :unsure:
  3. graeyWolf

    [Let's Read] D&D 3.0 Monsters of Faerun

    Are we sure that's not a typo, considering?
  4. graeyWolf

    [Let's Read] D&D 3.0 Monsters of Faerun

    Maybe it started life as the mascot for a banana-flavoured protein bar.
  5. graeyWolf

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    (again, cheating through the magic of Google and the Forgotten Realms fandom wiki) Upon completion of the meal and the consumption of the nectar, the older version of this spell granted the following benefits to the participants; -Cure light wounds, as if cast by an adept healer. -Cured of all...
  6. graeyWolf

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    Charisma, for some reason....
  7. graeyWolf

    What effects would large scale powered flight have on medieval Strategy and tactics?

    If we're going full rat bastard D&D with this, I can see equipping flying ships with multiple adamantine anchors, with as many crossbars and spikes one can get away with, lowered to deal with enemy positions, enemy buildings, enemy orchards... And if I'm postulating access to better-than-steel...
  8. graeyWolf

    [El Goonish Shive] I can't be the only one here who reads it ...

    Good grief, Ashley's been a character in this comic for 6 years already?! Where does the time go?!
  9. graeyWolf

    [El Goonish Shive] I can't be the only one here who reads it ...

    I'm going to guess that it's party-form-Elliot/'Heidi' writing the NP storyline.
  10. graeyWolf

    Games built from the economy up?

    Sounds like the start of a holy war to me....
  11. graeyWolf

    Games built from the economy up?

    Good point! Something else that just occurred to me; there's going to be a significant price difference between flimsy, household-rated magic items and sturdier military/dungeon-rated magic items. I'm also recalling a web article or forum post where Keith Baker pulled some 3.5 rules together to...
  12. graeyWolf

    Interesting 5e settings

    You could set your game in a different age of Faerûn? The Crown Wars, Myth Drannor or Netheril all seem ripe with adventure ideas.
  13. graeyWolf

    Games built from the economy up?

    I think you're looking for an open-source-inspired magitek solution there, @Pteryx It has to be dead easy for an apprentice-level mage to churn out cheap scrolls, potions and talismans to stop the upper class from dominating the magic market.
  14. graeyWolf

    [RuneQuest Glorantha] Apple Lane... At Last!

    We would've been so hosed if Illig had started a fire and/or was praying for rescue when we found him...
  15. graeyWolf

    [Let's Read] Acquisitions Inc: An Outsider's Perspective

    Hmmm, I think I can do you one better; what if the spell the franchise HQ can cast is find familiar, or even find steed...?
  16. graeyWolf

    The Matrix 4 Official

    Uh, I don't think I saw the third film in its entirety, but don't both of their characters ...die?
  17. graeyWolf

    🎨 Creative 5e Spelljammer Revival: What's Your Take?

    I would take a cue or two from the Stargate tv series (portals and gate keys are still a thing, right?) for alternate story ideas and/or modes of play; for one, this means you can introduce the wider setting without having to give the PCs access to interplanetary ships before they/you are ready...
  18. graeyWolf

    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Well, thankfully, Roko's already had some work done on her foot!
  19. graeyWolf

    🎨 Creative Ways for a D&D Dragon to Age Faster in a Good Way

    There's also the Xorvintaal spiel; the dragon's 'upgrade' is the result of swearing fealty to an older dragon of the great game, or, less likely, having started the game on their own.
  20. graeyWolf

    The AD&D PBP Trivia Game!

    *checks Monster Manual* Huh, that's also the same in 3.5th edition.
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