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    How much is too much for an rpg?

    I often hear the argument that when a roleplaying game contains something intentionally gross, or offensive, or problematic, that this is more permissible than including something offensive by accident. That, in deliberately bringing in this content, the authors are offering some commentary on a...
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    [OOC]: Friendly Wagers

    First, Some Ground Rules: 1) Try to post a minimum of at least once a day. If real life issues are stacking up, it's no problem, but please state as much OOC. 2) Please use invisible castle as the Diceroller. I'll create a campaign page along with an IC thread as soon as everyone has their...
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    [Recruitment] Ravenloft

    I have a hankering for something grim and gothic. So here's my proposal: God help us all, I'd like to run my own 3.5 Ravenloft campaign. Yes, my craving is that bad. Keep in mind, however, that I have only cursory experience GMming, so it'll be baby steps until I inadvertently screw up my math...
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