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  1. NJW_games

    New Tekumel projects?

    Fate of Tekumel is worth checking out. John is working to make a Fate-based iteration of Tekumel.
  2. NJW_games

    [Orpheus] Minnesota Twin Cities

    Plus, it's in the same building as Uncle Edgar's (specializing in mystery books). And both are across the street from the aforementioned Midtown Global Market. And, notable for RPG purposes, up the street from what was for a long time the only gun store in Minneapolis.
  3. NJW_games

    [Orpheus] Minnesota Twin Cities

    Yeah, actually, it was a typo (I had a longer comment about the weather and didn't edit it right). The muggy summers are awful, really. But compared to where I'm living these days, a Twin Cities summer is a doddle. Some more interesting things: Minneapolis has generally very regular street...
  4. NJW_games

    [Orpheus] Minnesota Twin Cities

    Well, y'know, compared to the winters... ;)
  5. NJW_games

    [Orpheus] Minnesota Twin Cities

    Probably the number one thing that people get wrong about the Cities is actually the weather. Yes, it gets very cold in the winter, but a) most people generally don't spend much time outside in it, unless they want to, b) the winters are generally getting milder due to climate change, and c) the...
  6. NJW_games

    Software and techniques for keeping Game Master notes?

    It occurred to me later that a lot of hosting packages these days include things like (mostly) automatic installation of MediaWikis. That would reduce the annoyance threshold a lot, though then I assume you have to pay for the convenience (I certainly do).
  7. NJW_games

    Software and techniques for keeping Game Master notes?

    After some evaluation, I decided about a decade ago on using a wiki. For the past decade or so, I've mostly used MediaWiki, the engine that Wikipedia runs on. It's super-duper powerful. I used to run it from a netbook that I brought to sessions; now that my gaming is almost entirely through...
  8. NJW_games

    Did you know that THIS game is based on the rules/SRD of THAT game?

    The combat system in High Colonies is based, I believe, on that in Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, which is in turn based on the combat system in Tunnels & Trolls.
  9. NJW_games

    Games with female-character themes actually written by women?

    I've mentioned it before, but I created a scenario for B&C where all the PCs are trans women. There's never been demand enough for me to publish it, but I'd certainly be happy if demand materialized.
  10. NJW_games

    [It's half my birthday] I want lost artifacts from actual history for modern treasure hunters

    The Goujian Sword, which when discovered was still shiny and sharp after 2500 years.
  11. NJW_games

    🔐 Closed Recommend games not created at all by cis men

    Blade & Crown counts, because I did all the everything myself, except for some public domain clipart.
  12. NJW_games

    Recommend me a campaign organizing system

    I wrote much the same article myself, about six years ago: Worldbuilding: blog or not?
  13. NJW_games

    Recommend me a campaign organizing system

    It's a bit of a pain to install, but once you get it going, Mediawiki is pretty great. It's the engine that runs Wikipedia, so it's very powerful. It allows stuff like family trees, clickable imagemaps, disambiguation pages, stylesheets, etc. etc.
  14. NJW_games

    Arbitrarily/GM Fiat assigned experience points leave me cold. What are my alternatives?Point me in the direction of mechanics

    Ooh, here's another one I encountered once in a GURPS game: before the scenario, the GM had created a bulletin board with a bunch of specific 'feat' cards pinned to it: "Boromir", "First Blood", etc. etc. I think there were something like 25 of them (forming a nice grid). We, the players, could...
  15. NJW_games

    Arbitrarily/GM Fiat assigned experience points leave me cold. What are my alternatives?Point me in the direction of mechanics

    One of my favorite non-arbitrary systems is "roll to fail", as Brad Murray mentioned before. Call of Cthulhu, Basic Roleplaying and several related games use "roll skill or less during play to succeed, roll above skill after play to add one point per session". It's neat because advancement...
  16. NJW_games

    System recommendations for fantasy arena-style combat?

    Post-TFT and pre-GURPS, Steve Jackson put out Man to Man, which is explicitly about arena combat. It's basically the GURPS combat system, stripped down for fantasy-style arena combat. (According to Wikipedia, it's explicitly "from GURPS"; but when it was popular with my friends back in the day...
  17. NJW_games

    Traveller - Is there any bar to stop the 'Reactionless Thruster Ad Hoc Apocalyptic Missile'?

    My personal headcanon: Civilized planets are surrounded by permanent sand clouds, to a distance of several light seconds. Possibly laid by system boats. Sometimes constructed out of defunct satellites (giving the name: DKS, or "Deliberate Kessler Syndrome"; nickname, "Dust Kills Stuff")...
  18. NJW_games

     Starting with Harn

    The Earthmasters are the ancient ultrapowerful entities of the setting (=the most likely source of any flying saucers that one might find lying around). I think the current place for the 'official' take on them is the Earthmasters supplement from CG. (Paper or PDF From CG, or PDF from...
  19. NJW_games

    RPGs about dreams

    I think Lost Days of Memories and Madness probably qualifies.
  20. NJW_games

    RPGs with Trans inclusion (First post)

    Makes me think I should try to publish my adventure set in a monastery, where all the PCs are trans women solving a murder mystery. Hmm, no one's been beating down my door for me to publish it, though.
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