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  1. Belor

    [Sequel] Zombieland Double Tap

    So this just dropped Zombieland Double Tap Trailer.I have to say this looks like it could be fun.
  2. Belor

    Wes Studi awarded Honorary lifetime achievement Oscar

    Have to say nice to see all the hard work pay off for him.
  3. Belor

    R.I.P. Iain (M) Banks. [Irwin x2]

    Breaking news on the BBC website that Iain banks has passed away today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22835047 That puts a downer on the day. So long Mr Banks and thanks for all the great stories you gave us.
  4. Belor

    [Kickstarter] David Braben seeking funding for ELITE remake

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous And Here's a BBC articleabout it. If only i had the money to pledge :(
  5. Belor

    [ME3] Side characters you want to see return

    Going through another playthrough of ME2 i started to take note of those characters i would like to see return for ME3 even in cameo form. What ones would you like to see return. Mine Rana Thanoptis Hopefully involved in YET another morally dubious scientific research project that Shep blows...
  6. Belor

    [Fallout New Vegas] Old World Blues Spoilers present

    Spoiler Space . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. So this came out today and i downloaded it for the 360. Thoughts so far its tending to be a bit too B-movie ish what with them removing your brain, heart and spine and replacing them. Mission wise seems pretty standard fare go here get this but sonce i've...
  7. Belor

    Thread Merge please

    There are 2 threads discussing the White Collar season finale http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=535821 and http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=535764 Thanks
  8. Belor

    Girl Genius of TOMORROW!!

    Continued from Here
  9. Belor

    [Brit TV] Being human returning Jan 12th

    So whos looking forward to the return of this series then?
  10. Belor

    [MBotF] Dust of Dreams "Here be spoilers"

    Spoiler Space................ Just finished this and wow a lot of shit happened. It left me kinda numb I think is the best word for it as it was for me kinda bleak in places for what happened to a lot characters we had been introduced to over the preceding books and the fact...
  11. Belor

    The Iranian Games industry

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8213272.stm I'd certainly be interested in the bolded one.
  12. Belor

    [MBotF] Dust of Dreams

    It's in the post winging its way to me right now and i am on holiday:D
  13. Belor

    Highlander is truly the font of all knowledge

    Pity this series is so slow in updating but at least it is still going. from here originally http://www.riotamot.com/vampire/latest.htm
  14. Belor

    [Guild Wars] Meeting thread

    Original title huh? Decided to make a new thread for our monday meets and for general meeting purposes. I'll be online at the usual time 11pm BST which is roughly 6pm EST and 5pm central time.
  15. Belor

    [WTF]New Hitchikers novel

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7619828.stm I mean WHY???? Now i am not familiar with the new author but i am truly perplexed on how this is a good idea.
  16. Belor

    Team Fortress 2 free to play weekend 22nd to 24th Aug

    http://steamgames.com/tf2/heavy/ Does exactly what it says in the thread title.
  17. Belor

    [WTF] Banana Splits to reform

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7567840.stm Ooooookaaaay.
  18. Belor

    [Guild Wars] Dragon Festival

    SO this weekend is the Dragon festival in Cantha so does anybody want to do a meet up or something?
  19. Belor

    [Guild Wars] What to do next?

    I've recently got the rest of the expansions so i have all of them now and i have reached Lions Arch which makes travel to them available. SO what does everybody think should i continue on with the Prophecies quests and reach lvl 20 or so i slip sideways into one of the other campaigns?
  20. Belor

    [L2TP] Assassin's Creed

    Well I've just finished the game after getting it on sale at HMV. Overall a very good game apart from some of the mission types. The Good The graphics very atmospheric apart from the occasional clipping issue and the occasional flickering texture. The storyline I felt was very well done and...
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