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  1. Robert Mason

    [Werewolf the Forsaken 2e] Storm Dragon

    My name is Salty and I approve this AP.
  2. Robert Mason

    Online (Discord) - Werewolf: The Forsaken - GM looking for 2 additional players

    Closed (except for folks I'm talking with in PM, obviously).
  3. Robert Mason

    Online (Discord) - Werewolf: The Forsaken - GM looking for 2 additional players

    Play Location/Method: via Discord Game/System: Werewolf: The Forsaken (2nd Edition) Time/Frequency: Friday night, probably 7pm to 11:30pm PST Genre: Urban fantasy. More "Spirit Ecosystem Management" than "Spirit Cops." There isn't always a bad guy, but that doesn't mean everyone gets to live...
  4. Robert Mason

    Experienced ST Looking for Great Writers

    I like horror, and Werewolf (most of the NWOD games, really, but especially Werewolf) allows an interestingly dynamic kind of horror, where the PCs may be perpetrating the horror in one scene and be the victims of it in the next--or go from one to the another in the same scene, if the tables get...
  5. Robert Mason

    Experienced ST Looking for Great Writers

    Oh, goodness. I'd love to get in on this if you end up running NWOD, and especially if it's W:TF. It's been years since I've been able to join an NWOD campaign as a player rather than an ST.
  6. Robert Mason

    🔐 Closed Name Changes Thread Part Two.

    I would like to request a change to my username, from "Robert Mason" to "Callmesalticidae" Thanks!
  7. Robert Mason

    [Roll20] Savage Worlds Post Apocalypse Recruiting

    Hm. Sounds interesting. Is there more setting information available or anything about the campaign that we can be told about ahead of time? Also, what edition? There are multiple editions of Savage Worlds, right? (New player, obviously)
  8. Robert Mason

    CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 3 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects

    Worldbuilding can be hard, especially when it comes to aliens. All too often, fictional aliens feel like they're really just humans in costumes, and even when they are weird enough to feel truly nonhuman, they're usually still suffering from a serious case of monoculture-itis. Species Shock is a...
  9. Robert Mason

    Online "Polaris" (indie game) one-shot on 12/2/2016

    I'm interested, but the link to the Google+ thread doesn't work.
  10. Robert Mason

    Masquerade/Requiem game

    I'd be interested in playing a Requiem game, either 1st or 2nd edition. I don't have enough time to GM though (not to mention that it's been years since I've played rather than GM'd in anything but a couple of LARPs).
  11. Robert Mason

    Achtung Cthulhu for Savage Worlds

    Are you cool with players who are new to the Savage Worlds system?
  12. Robert Mason

    #1: The Island Builders

    I don't know. My sources didn't mention it. Perhaps they just didn't have a very effective means of pest control before cats arrived.
  13. Robert Mason

    Let's Read: Demon: The Descent!

    The God-Machine is conceptualized as a high-technological and electronic entity in a way that mirrors our present society's capabilities (though the aesthetics of the God-Machine are that of being more advanced than us). This suggests two possibilities to me: 1. The God-Machine is always...
  14. Robert Mason

    #3: Israeli Collectivism

    Yup! My bad. >:]
  15. Robert Mason

    [Demon: The Descent] Concept Critique: Security Expert Psychopomp?

    The name seems find. I'm not sure why you're worrying about the Cipher. It's the Storyteller who figures out your Cipher, Keys, and Interlocks.
  16. Robert Mason

    #4: Those Who Run Fast

    True. To my understanding they're a little more antagonistic toward each other than I'd like to see, though.
  17. Robert Mason

    #1: The Island Builders

    You're welcome! I'm glad that it's proving useful for you.
  18. Robert Mason

    Talk about your unconventional campaigns (or campaign ideas)

    Lots of games have reputations for playing out in particular fashions or being about certain kinds of stories. What campaigns have you been involved in which have done something really unconventional and odd for that game? And/or is there an unconventional campaign that you've wanted to run or...
  19. Robert Mason

    CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 3 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects

    Worldbuilding Resource Book For about four years I ran a column here on RPG.net called the Culture Column. Since the time that it closed down I've been working on editing and expanding the entries and adding some new ones, for about two years' worth of additional material. It now has a total of...
  20. Robert Mason

    Looking to play Demon: the Descent, Online or in Virginia Beach

    Not able to GM at the moment, but if this turns into an impromptu group-gathering thread then I'd be very interested to play an online chronicle of D:tD.
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