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    🎨 Creative [It's (Not Actually) My Birthday] Hit me with some weird kung-fu!

    95) Jack-Fu Robotic dolls are the drones of this decade. Everyone has a little one. to play with or have them change the channel of the TV or fetch you a drink can. (Some richer people have human sized ones as servants or aides, while others might have them as workers). So of course people...
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    Describing Scenery

    I think in cinematic terms. Establish the scene - wide to immediate, initiate the action, add tiny bits of description (as what the camera sees or the players would sense) I start every scene with a "wide shot". It is the big overview of the area (unless we haven't change things in a while)...
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    Blog Navigation

    Initial Directory and Guestbook MoonHunter Sayeth Draft Blog Posts Directory Basics Using Game Terms the MoonHunter Way My Favorite Projects on RPG.Net Favorite Session and What we can Learn 10 in 10 Three Passes, Two Points, One Product. 7 Cs Convergence Point My Time...
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    Are Character Arcs Important?

    MoonHunter Sayeth that this is the best practice. MoonHunter has been blogging about this for 200 posts and some odd more posts. It has been mentioned in my creation of a chronicle pieces, the character creation pieces, The MoonHunter Way: Plotlines Attached to Your Character aka Don't be a...
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    Are Character Arcs Important?

    How important are character arcs to you personally? I like arcs that last over the big chronicle story arc or several of them. They show my character has some room for growth and change. Without certain situations in place (i.e. parts for the arc), there is no reason for my character to grow...
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    🎨 Creative (31 Flavors) Disease names for my walkers/ zombies/ ragers

    It would be nice for 11 more zombies/ ragers/ things to chase players around, and associated diseases, toxins, and curses. I am still fishing around for a great new idea to build upon. MONSTERS The word monster ultimately comes from the Latin monere, “warn," and originally referred to a...
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    🎨 Creative Random off the cuff setting ideas you came up with

    Just a new day..... So you are a person, like everyone, who wakes up like yesterday didn't really happen. You have general vague memories, but nothing in details. Then one morning, you remember. You remember that things happened yesterday details that don't make sense. Someone was...
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    🎨 Creative What's a great premise for a Modern Urban Fantasy campaign?

    Orion Cafe The Orion is one of those vintage movie theatres, lovingly restored to its original state. It continues to show movies from the 20 to the 50s, with occasional forays into the 70s and later. Classic movies are all they show (and some "new classics"). Why is the important in an Urban...
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    Non-Generic game books that you use generically

    If I am doing any European in the Medieval Period, out comes Ars Magica and C&C books.
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    Let's talk about FGU's Bushido (errata, house rules, etc.)

    Only if I kill it. And in Bushido as written, it has to be the actual killing blow to make me stronger.
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    What's the boardgamiest of rpgs? (or the rpgiest of boardgames)

    Savage World is a contender, as it is miniatures gaming. Heavy Gear is a solid contender Warhammer (40K or not) is the winner of this my world.
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    🎨 Creative What's a great premise for a Modern Urban Fantasy campaign?

    Here are some of my favorite UF settings recently.... Setting: Studio of the Spiral Dragon Martial Arts & Urban Fantasy Every large North American City has a Chinatown of some description. The City's is larger than one would expect. (We play it as a faux Seattle, but choose a good city.) It...
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    🎨 Creative What's a great premise for a Modern Urban Fantasy campaign?

    Here are 101+ of them. 101 Urban Fantasy Settings/ Campaigns Plus a few more It's my Birthday, can I have some Urban Fantasy ideas? (post 3 has a ton of links to search through). It's my Birthday. Give me 101 Urban Fantasy restaurants Which has some things to hand a chronicle on..... and...
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    🎨 Creative Cultural Customs, The Second

    454) The Keltora have a "style" of a colorful strip of cloth (or two or three), twisted together and used as a belt or a sleeve tie back on their Haori (*1). *1) A haori is a kimono jacket, quite long, with the deep kimono sleeves, traditionally worn over the kimono and obi. A hoari is not...
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    Philip K. Dick: The RPG

    A Fate game with Chronicle Based "Traits and Aspects", that way players or the GM can nudge the plot in obviously PKD's direction, even when they are not. (Compell the chronicle to change some plots/ reality or use the PKD memes to your advantage.)
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    Let's talk about FGU's Bushido (errata, house rules, etc.)

    If characters were not designed with more than a "Basic Man's" Health, then yes they have a "mooks" hit points. Many a non bushi player thought to go with a less than an average man's health, thus a simple strike would one shot them. You just needed to make sure to buff up your health some, if...
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    🎨 Creative (31 Flavors) Disease names for my walkers/ zombies/ ragers

    MoonHunter wrote some things on Q-Species, quarantined species in TransD games, here . It is a synergy post, as most Q species are Walkers, Zombies, and Ragers. #18 might be curable, thus not a Q-species. 16-17 could be a change of way for the world... or a disease. #12 (AZS) is...
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    🎨 Creative (101) Alternate Worlds, Spheres, Realms, and Dimensions to visit

    Since I have done a couple of spheres with this code in this thread, I need to do a little writing on Q-Species. There are many "species" that are both dangerous and contagious. Like mass minds, they have dominated and if they escaped their sphere (into their slice or to another sphere/ realm)...
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    [Cortex Prime] Cortexifying Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

    So are you still with this project and how are you going to set things up?
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    🎨 Creative 101 Civilian Mass-Produced "Cyberpunk" Vehicles

    24) Vector Series - The Tally Ho The Vector Series is all about power and long range riding. The Race Versions are available, but exceptionally expensive. The Street versions have many of the same features. They are broad tire machines, alcohol powered, ridden at a 30 degree angle behind...
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