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    The Wandering Inn

    With all the arguing over whether to investigate Calruz or just kill him, I think everyone but Captain Zevara has forgotten something. If he was controlled or influenced to do it, it could happen again. And the dungeon is too dangerous for anyone but the most powerful gold ranks... A spite...
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    🎨 Creative Random off the cuff setting ideas you came up with

    When the peoples of Scotland, Ireland , and England came to america, the fair folk came with them. The gentry are most common in the Appalachia range. As culture changes, so does the glamour. Those ridiculous prejudiced stories of incestuous mutated cannibal hillbillies are completely untrue...
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    🎨 Creative Random off the cuff setting ideas you came up with

    Reverse isekai. You know how the earth folk that get sent to rpg land will reinvent gunpowder, penicillin/germ theory , steam engines and all that stuff? And they introduce these things with no concern for how that will affect culture, politics, economics and everything else? But it's to defeat...
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    [DCU] DCUniverse (any) Inconsequential Slice-of-Life Headcanon (nods to That Other Guy)

    I don't know, she was kinda flirting with Charlie. And until we get evidence otherwise, I believe that even without the totem Zari is a superhero in the new timeline. She doesn't go with the legends because it's hard to fit Mithra in the ship now.
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    [DCU] DCUniverse (any) Inconsequential Slice-of-Life Headcanon (nods to That Other Guy)

    Legends of tomorrow : Zari is bisexual. This is also illegal in her evil fascist timeline. Supergirl: Lockwood steel could have survived even without converting to a nthmetal infused steel plant by retooling into consumer grade steel. But that requires money they didn't have. That company was...
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    So, who is sticking with Pathfinder 1e and why?

    Honestly, I think my group will continue our grand tradition of just using whatever fetures and monsters we find are cool in whatever book we pick up. That includes DnD 3.0, 3.5, pathfinder 1e and 2. We just kind of kludge it together and if it gets unbalanced we throw more ridiculous crap in...
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    The Wandering Inn

    People can probably consolidate or change from warrior, thief , hunter and other classes. And there's plenty of non killing work that goies into a successful assassination. Weeks of observation and learning.
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    🎨 Creative 32 flavours of bizzare cultural misunderstanding between species

    Male niriadshaving relationships with cyborg humans are common but short lived. So few of them ever want to take things to another level and become spaceships.
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    [Marvel 616 and MCU] I love inconsequential, slice-of-life headcanons

    MCU: Deadpool: Colossus is always in steel form because we're seeing things through deadpool's perspective and 'pool has never seen Peter's human form. Colossus stays armored up if he even maybe thinks deadpool is around.
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    What sort of impact would Saitama have on the MCU?

    And the force of the punch shatters half the armor and he has to walk home. It's just his luck.:) I've realized just now that One punch man has a theme in common with http://ennuigo.smackjeeves.com/ (nsfw). The protagonists have immense power (Izzy is a billionaire and queen of her own island)...
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    Pathfinder: rumors in the style of unknown armies.

    Every time a phoenix dies, it reforms as a different sort of bird. Beware the cardinals.
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    [Let's Read] D&D 3.5 Monster Manual III

    I have an idea. Geriviars are genetically engineered seige weapons/artillery/alchemy factories created by the great ancient goblin empire that ruled the world in ancient times. They are incapable of harming their little cousins and goblin presence is the only thing that turns off their building...
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    Inconsequential slice-of-life headcanons, pt2! (Credit to That Other Guy and Lonewolf23)

    Archer: Cheryl Tunt reads comics. She writes selfinsert snufffics about all the worst vilians.
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    🎨 Creative 101 spells for urban fantasy?

    Also known as infomercialitis. 102 Scroungers path Intuitively alters your walking route to bring you to interesting junk. Abandoned /discarded bits of construction supplies, rough quartz chunks, car parts that fell off and other crap laying on the ground. Stuff has no consequences for picking...
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    Inconsequential slice-of-life headcanons, pt2! (Credit to That Other Guy and Lonewolf23)

    She-ra and the princesses of power Entrapta was raised by robots. Her biological parents were lost in the first princess alliance. They both carried a killswitch that activated robot parents back at the castle.
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    [Let's Read] D&D 3.0 Monster Manual II

    Has anyone ever heard of the thallids? They're from the magis the gathering set fallen empires. The elven empire began losing harvest of their staples due to climate change and they turned to genetic engineering. The fungus creatures that resulted were plentiful. They soon made thallids that...
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    🎨 Creative Random off the cuff setting ideas you came up with

    A dumb urban fantasy idea. Donald Trump is a dragon. (Just look how he decorates, he's not even hiding it!) Vladimir Putin is in possession of a dragon slaying sword. It was stolen at huge cost of life and treasure from the Baba Yaga's hut. He claims that he had to go and do it himself...
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    Building an Isekai Setting

    Yeah, I can see that. You'd probably have to do an array and let them arrange it, or something like that to avoid an ego trip breaking game balance.And have a rule of no disputing another players stats. It could get judgemental and not fun quick. Or percieved to be , when they are fighting...
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