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    [Mage: The Awakening] Keeping Mages Captive

    Ha! That does sound like it will be fun for everybody (well, not so much for the Mastigos). :)
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    Today's Order of the stick 21: Who Died and Made You Boss?

    Numenor comes in by the mid 1930s. It shows up in the manuscript for Tolkien's unfinished time travel novel, The Lost Road, which was written c. 1936; by this stage the fall of Numenor was firmly associated with the developing Middle-Earth mythopeia. (There's a later reference in a 1964 letter...
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    Forbidden Lands free (today only)

    Thanks for the alert, Tarrant12!
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    [Pendragon] GPC Use the Fisher King?

    Klingsor shows up in the GPC as the leader of the forces of evil besieging the Castle of Joy, and later as an ally of the Unseelie Court at Cleopolis.
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    [Night's Black Agents] Tell me about your vampires!

    Just realising I didn't actually mention my vampire idea the first time this thread came up! When I first read the NBA book, I started thinking about wacky alien vampire ideas. I came up with something that seemed fun at first, but then TimeWatch came out and kind of spoiled it for me, which...
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    [Mage: The Awakening] Keeping Mages Captive

    Does the Mastigos not know that this particular Obrimos has Death 3?
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    Today's Order of the stick 21: Who Died and Made You Boss?

    Even a lot of torches won't reach the required levels, I'm pretty sure. But yeah, a broad-spectrum variant would help, and I'm not objecting to growth-supporting magical light sources in general. I'd just put the effect at a higher spell level than 2nd (in 5e, probably 6th from sunbeam, maybe...
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    Today's Order of the stick 21: Who Died and Made You Boss?

    They need light in the right range of wavelengths. Most green plants need light with at least both red and blue spectral components (some green light in the mix also helps, and full-spectrum sunlight is of course the best). Firelight will only produce red-orange-yellow light (and a lot more...
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    Today's Order of the stick 21: Who Died and Made You Boss?

    Er, continual flame doesn't produce sunlight, though?
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    💀 Necro What RPG disappointed you the most?

    Sure, I understand. PMs are fine, no rush!
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    💀 Necro What RPG disappointed you the most?

    Exalted 3e, for reasons similar to those MemoryBeast gave above. As someone who's just starting a Pendragon game, I'm curious. Can you say a bit more about the aspects that you found flawed?
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    The Far Side is returning!

    Even if it's old Far Side going online, this is great news!
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Night's Master, Tanith Lee. Lush and atmospheric. These are loosely connected short stories, and I found them best taken in small doses, like a rich cake (also like Clark Ashton Smith's stories, which I believe were among Lee's inspirations). Space Opera, Catherynne Valente. Crazy, funny, over...
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    Sun Wukong questions?

    Well, he can urinate, for one thing. He probably has the parts. And he can also shapeshift.
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    Coming Soon From Sine Nomine Press: Wolves of God Kickstarter Coming in October

    The period isn't quite my jam, but this still looks really interesting. And the found-text conceit in the draft is fun without being overplayed.
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    Worlds Without Number

    Looking forward to this!
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    So, Tales of the Gold Monkey...

    That was one of the main inspirations, at least. Like Raiders (and Star Wars for that matter), it was drawing on a whole slew of pulp authors, adventure movies and serials of the 30s and 40s.
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    So, Tales of the Gold Monkey...

    Yep, Bellisario was apparently shopping his idea to the networks in the late 70s. He had no takers, but then Raiders became a hit and ABC picked up his show.
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