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    Miyazaki On The Modern Anime Industry

    “It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans.” I think the man hit the nail on the head here. A lot of anime these days strikes me as being like... the worst kind of fanfic. Stuff that is produced to be like other anime rather than to be like something else, something more...
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    Darth Tang; One Month or Seven Days? [a wizard/admin will fix it][Fixed]

    The infraction says one, the message says another. ------------- Epsilon
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    🎨 Creative [Game] Create A Superhero/villain From Just A Name

    So the rules are simple, the poster above you will write a name for a superbeing of some kind. Nothing else, just a name. You then create a superbeing from that name. The more details (origin, powers, personality, appearance, etc), the better. Once you are done, you put down a new name. For...
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    [Horror Setting Riff] Nobody Can Hear You Scream...

    So it's the time of year I think about horror games and I came up with an idea that isn't really suitable for a one shot but might be nice to play with in an ongoing campaign. The basic idea is that you have a modern world campaign setting, with some sort of horrible supernatural elements...
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    A Game With No Numbers?

    So I'm looking for an example of the following: It's a roleplaying game, with a dice (or otherwise random number generator) driven resolution system but there are no numbers on the character sheet of any character. And no, words that might as well be numbers don't count. If you can upgrade Good...
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    No Escape, or, Interesting Locations For Horror Gaming

    So, one of the perennial challenges for horror gaming is fighting the "Hahah, no, I'm out" impulse. So, supposing you have no other method of sealing the players inside with murderous whatevers, what kind of setting make interesting locations for a horror game. The kind of place where running...
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    Elves: Long eared or short eared?

    This is SUPER important for pretend elf games. ----------- Epsilon
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    [SW-Saga] A Quick Fix To A Major Problem?

    One of the major problems with Saga edition is in the Force mechanics. Specifically, Force Powers are targeted with Skill Checks while regular attacks are targeted with Attack checks. Since the three Defenses are scaled to be even with Attack checks, this means that Skill Check based powers (and...
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    Non-System Specific Random Superpower Generator?

    And no, hitting random on the superpower wiki doesn't count. I'm looking for a good random superpower generator. One that gives a nice solid idea of what the powers are, and completely divorced from a specific system or setting as much as possible. I want a generator which differentiates...
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    Character Image Request

    You know what, five minutes into this and my eyes are bleeding out of my head so I'm going to ask here for some help because haha Google Images and Deviantart are Not Helping. Anyway, I need an illo for my Star Wars character. She's a fourteen year old pale skinned dark haired girl who wears...
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    Superpowers That Make You A Villain

    ...or at most an antihero. So, herein we propose powers that, if granted to a human being, would have to make them a villain. They are powers that simply can not be used heroically or are helpful to society in any way. The very act of having these powers will push you towards a life of...
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    Reimagine Western Superhero Comics As Shounen Fighting Manga

    The idea: Take a western superhero comic (Marvel, DC, indy, whatever) and reimagine it so it plays to the tropes and style of a Japanese shounen action series ala Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball and so on. Note that this doesn't mean you have to make everyone a martial artist. Shounen series are...
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    [M&M3e] How Does Deflect Interact With Power Level?

    Specifically, how does it interact with other characters Power Level caps? If I am in a PL10 campaign and have Deflect 15 and one of my allies has Parry/Dodge 5 and Toughness 15 how does my Deflect interact with his defenses? Does he get +15 active defense and +15 save? +5 active defense (but...
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    Your Definitive/Favorite Superhero Team Lineups

    You can pick anywhere between three to seven team-members for each of the following superteams. These are your favorites, or the most iconic, or the most definitive members of that team. The members without whom the team is just... not the team. The only limitation is that the member must have...
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    I Want Interesting Powers, Not Useful Ones

    A sudden thought in another thread made me realise something about the way I want my PCs built in game systems: I want powers that make my gameplay more interesting than make the character more useful. Powers that give me flat mechanical benefits are boring to me. I don't want +2 to hit or...
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    Vampire: The Masquerade... in SPAAAACE!

    So recent release of and talk about Vampire has gotten me interested in a new thought experiment. Take the vampires, clans, politics and so on of Vampire: the Masquerade. Pretend Ghenna never happens and that, after x number of years, we're suddenly in a sci-fi setting. But with Gangrel. What...
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    [Setting Riff] Magic Does Anything But Hurt People

    So here is an idea for a setting. In this setting, magic is real. Magic takes the form of "mana", which is this energy field/substance that gathers at certain locations. When a sapient being (humans, by default) enters an area with mana in it they absorb this energy field. They really can't...
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    [Setting Riff] Wuxiapunk/Wuxiatech

    "Two thousand years ago our ancestors, with only partially understood mysticism and mostly ineffective rituals, managed to unlock the secrets of chi and with it they moved mountains. Today, with science and technology, we can do so much more!" The premise of this setting is simple; around the...
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    Quick GURPS Question

    I don't much like playing GURPS, but I do like mucking around with its character generation system and seeing what I can do. That said, I have a quick question about a character I am designing and want some advice. The idea is that the character is "locked" in a single form and will always...
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    [TG] Shezow! Apparently Disney Is Doing A Thing

    It's called Shezow! http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=113866 I... okay. I'm just wondering if this is going to be offensive or inclusive or if this is a sign that American cartoons are catching up to where Japan was two decades ago... ------------ Epsilon
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