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  1. Kasharin Manichea

    Question about the E.W. Scripps Company

    The E.W. Scripps Company just purchased my local TV station of choice. This is the same company that purchased Cracked.com last year. In that thread there were some concerns that E.W. Scripps Company was conservative in the vein of Sinclair or Lee enterprises. Considering that Sinclair owns...
  2. Kasharin Manichea

    🎨 Creative Campaign work thread - AIME: the invasion of the Balchoth

    The idea: A campaign stretching from TA 2501 to 2511 dealing with the runup and aftermath of the invasion of the Balchoth. The campaign will mostly be set in the wilderland at first but could wander most anywhere. While I am planning to follow the broad outline of canon I will deviate for the...
  3. Kasharin Manichea

    Sixteen Stars - New Stars without numbers book

    Just got an email that as a part of OneBookshelf's New Year, New game sale that there is a stars without number bundle. Really, really good price if you want to get into SWN but more importantly THERE IS A NEW SUPPLEMENT...
  4. Kasharin Manichea

    Media recommendations - post apocalyptic earth being rebuilt with magic

    Hello OM, I have a fairly specific genre that I am looking for and am hoping other media can point me in the right direction. Basically what the title says, I want any media that is set after an apocalypse, focused mainly on the rebuilding of society only now with magic. The specifics: Pre...
  5. Kasharin Manichea

    Fate Dice Kickstarter

    Evil Hat's kickstarter for Fate dice started. Pledge up! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/fate-dicetm-dice-for-your-fate-and-fudge-games
  6. Kasharin Manichea

    [Game Pitch] So with all of the talk of Star Wars

    I have decided that I am going to pitch a game to my group, using Fate as my system. I hope the inspiration is somewhat obvious :) Changes in Canon pertinent to the pitch • The empire is powerful but only controls to Galactic Core • It has been around for 50 years or so • The...
  7. Kasharin Manichea

    Suggest a System - Kingkiller Chronicles

    Hello everybody, first post and all that. After reading, and re-reading, the Kingkiller chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, it has come to me that it is an incredibly gameable setting and am thinking of taking up the task of bringing that setting over to a system. Problem is, I have no idea of what...
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