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    [5e]What are your favourite aberrations, and why?

    In my slowly evolving hex crawl game, I am planning on having most of the creatures found be aberrations and animal-descended critters. The setting is going to a post-apocalypse after a magic war, so I'm going for something vaguely "after a nuclear war, the mutants rose to prominence..." kind of...
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    Hex crawling North America

    Assuming we use six mile hexes, how ridiculous would it be to run a campaign that focused on crawling across North America, if we said that NA was at a standard D&D technology level, with magic, but without the racism of having primitive American Indians or orcs as AIs, or whatever nasty insult...
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    Rules for hex crawls?

    What are your favourite sources for hex crawl rules and mechanics? Heck, what are your favourite rules and mechanics for hex crawls? The last time I interacted with the idea was the 5e adventure path that took place in the jungle continent, had a ruined city full of animal-themed temples, and a...
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    [5e] Animals as interesting encounters?

    At what level do you think D&D characters stop interacting with animals, wild and otherwise, in interesting ways? Since it's D&D, I'm specifically referring to combat encounters, but I'm interested to hear about other ways characters and animals could interact in such a way as to use D&D's...
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    Malazan on audible?

    Has anyone listened to the Malazan books from Audible? I've read the first few and enjoyed them, but that was a long time ago. I'd like to listen to the whole series. I'm concerned, however, by the time commitment this would take. There are ten books, and each is ~40 hours long. That's basically...
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    Playlist wanted, please

    Does anybody have some good suggestions for music to listen to while writing? I'm working on a sci-fi post-apocalyptic thing with vampires, and I'd like to listen to some inspiring music while writing. Ideally this music wouldn't have any lyrics in English, because I find I tend to plagiarize...
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    Endworld/Blade and Commune

    Years ago, in the late 80s, David Robbins had a schlocky post-apocalyptic series called Endworld, which spun off another series, titled Blade for the main character in both series. Blade is the series I thought of when I was thinking about this topic, and I kind of want to track down some of...
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    KU Genre - sent to a fantasy world?

    There's a term for this genre, isn't there? Iku-something? (I am probably completely wrong on that guess. I accept this, and it's why I'm asking.) I was hoping to do some research on the topic, maybe find out who the popular writers are, some of the expected story beats, that sort of thing. I'd...
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    I like InCryptid. What else should I read?

    I enjoy Seanan McGuire's material in general, including her Mira Grant stuff, but I really liked her InCryptid series. Can anyone recommend other authors in similar genres that I might also enjoy? Thank you.
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    What genres are most popular on Kindle Unlimited?

    KU is kind of a weird environment, and I'm pretty sure what's most popular there is not the same as what's most popular in the more mainstream paid and purchased e-book environment of Amazon in general. But I'm not at all sure what the popular genres actually are. Does anyone have any opinions...
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    Modern 5e?

    Has anyone put out rules for using 5th edition rules in a modern context? I really like the idea of having contemporary characters fighting D&D-style monsters in today's world, but I don't want to have to do all the work of re-writing fighters and clerics to re-emphasize ballistic weapons...
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    Smart shows like The Good Place?

    I've watched the first two seasons of The Good Place, and please don't spoil the third for me, since I'm waiting until it's on Netflix to watch it, and I really enjoyed the show. It's smart, as well as being dumb, and that really appealed to me. Can anyone recommend other shows that are also...
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    [5e] What are the appropriate type and quantity of magic items per level?

    Since 5e doesn't give a value for magic items, it seems like it should be harder to give a per level amount of recommend items, but maybe I'm wrong. Does such a thing exist? Assuming it doesn't, what do you do? Do you just wing it, or play printed adventures and give out stuff based on what's...
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    Demon-focused 5e campaign path?

    A friend mentioned that he'd picked up a 5e campaign book that sounded focused on demons. At the same time, he was talking about Shadow of the Demonlord, so it's possible I misheard or misunderstood. Does anybody know what he might have been talking about? Thanks.
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    What made HPL's mythos stand out?

    Or, How To Make a Fictional Mythology? I've been reading a lot of Lovecraft's material over the last months, and listening to HP Podcraft, the literary podcast. The hosts' insights aren't super deep and profound, but it's fun to listen to, and its been giving me a better appreciation of...
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    Necromunda gang loadouts?

    I may be getting access to a copy of the new Necromunda very soon, and I'm curious if there's a typical or recommended loadout for the miniatures that come with the game. We won't be playing it WYSIWYG, I'm sure, but it's nice when things are at least sort of accurate. Any suggestions for how...
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    What tense was Bite, by K.S. Merbeth, written in?

    I remember reading this novel and being confused by the tense it was written in, and I don't know the technical term for it. Can anybody help me out, please? I want to say it was first person present tense, but I'm sure that's me just making something up, and I want to write a review of the...
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    [Silent Legions] Random Alien Design

    I wanted to put a little practice into using Excel, as I hadn't done so since I left school, and I was afraid I'd forget how to use it, so I put the random tables for Silent Legions' alien design section into a quick spreadsheet, and randomized the output. After having done so, I've concluded...
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    Weapon X - why Canada?

    Why was Weapon X a Canadian project? Was it a Canadian project? Or was the project based in the isolated north where it could be conveniently hidden, while being bankrolled and controlled by another power? Does the Canadian aspect of the story ever feature significantly in Wolverine's various...
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    Does Games Workshop have Black Friday sales in their stores, in Canada? Or at all?

    I'm about 90% sure they don't, and even if they do, I would be very surprised if any of the sale was relevant to Necromunda, since it's being sold for the first time tomorrow. It doesn't make sense for them to put it on discount already. I'm deciding whether it's worth the hour bus ride to pick...
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