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  1. Ultima

    3.5 Question - Archmage’s Spell Power and Item Creation?

    Does the Spell Power ability that an Archmage can buy at the cost of a level 5 spell slot apply to Itek Creation Feats? Could an Archmage use it to make a magic item that has a caster level that would otherwise be above him?
  2. Ultima

    Understanding Incarnate Construct

    If I were to use Incarnate Construct on the effigy of an elf of a gnome, does it create a real elf or gnome, with all of the traits, or just some flesh in bone in the shape of the effigy I made?
  3. Ultima


  4. Ultima

    (Exalted 2E) Rules for repairing Ophilem.

    I remember that Ophilem got something of a write up, way back in 2E, and I am trying to find it. There was also something about how he can be repaired physically but he lost his purpose. Can someone please point me in the direction of where this was written?
  5. Ultima

    [Exalted] Plausible that a Deathlord would want to defect?

    I am unfamiliar with most of 3E, but is it plausible that a Deathlord would want to cut a deal with someone, perhaps the Cult of the Illuminated, in exchange for help against the Death Knights? The Deathlords had the entire Underworld at their finger tips, and now that you have Death Knights...
  6. Ultima

    (Exalted 2E) How does the Ability Enlightenment power for manses interact with the Sentient power?

    I want to bring this up in a later game, and I’m unsure how Ability Enlightenment works with a Manse that is sentient and already has dots in Abilities. Does it mean it gets bonus successes for every relevant roll or that a certain number of die are always counted as successes?
  7. Ultima

    (Exalted 2E) Could the UCS have created his own Mantle of Brigid?

    I am curious why he never bothered, beyond that it would mean acknowledging a weakness in himself. Is this likely the only reason why?
  8. Ultima

    (Exalted 2e) Lesser Elemental Dragons max Essence score?

    Was there ever an official maximum essence for Lesser Elemental Dragons?
  9. Ultima

    What is around Lookshy? (Exalted)

    How much land is available next to Lookshy? If a group of Solars wanted to create a country a hundred miles to its North East, how much space would it have? Does it differ by edition?
  10. Ultima

    Mechanics for Warlock pacts?

    Can anyone point me to the rules for any of the editions warlock pacts? Specifically, rules that allow for fiends to forge them with mortals? I have a character idea that involves a debt, not to a fiend, but to a high level fiend binder, and I want to know how fiends offer the pacts in the first...
  11. Ultima

    If there are no prestige classes in 5E, does that mean no Draconic Ascendants either?

    I’m still grappling with no prestige classes as I explore 5E. Do Dragons still get to work there way up to being Advanced and do they have equivalents to the prestige classes they had access to in the Draconomicon?
  12. Ultima

    Does Zarus have a world where he has been featured in?

    Zarus is an interesting deity, but what world does he primarily in habit? Eberron, Faerun, or some other world? And are there any other books that featured him?
  13. Ultima

    How is a 5E Warlock different from a 3.5 Warlock?

    I have a fondness for Warlocks, and regret I’ve never played one. With that said the only group around me I know of only plays 5E. I am interested in playing a Warlock with a Celestial patron who styles himself after an elegant Victorian explorer and treasure hunter. How different would a 5E...
  14. Ultima

    Infernals using Autocthon Protocols?

    I have heard a while ago that just having Autocthon’s Charms won’t automatically allow you to learn to cast his Protocols. Unfortunately, I can’t find the thread where this was mentioned. Can someone help me understand what else is involved in learning how to use his artificial version of sorcery?
  15. Ultima

    (Exalted 2E) What can Ligier do with a Deathlord?

    I have a cool idea for an Infernal campaign that involves throwing the First and Forsaken Lion not into the Void but into a portal that leads to the heart of Ligier's forge. The characters will think they found a loophole that will actually lead to new plots later down the line. I want this to...
  16. Ultima

    (Exalted) The Elfstones of Shannara and Hearthstones

    I have a campaign idea taken from the Elfstones of Shannara series but I'm not sure if the idea involves some overpowered Artifacts and Hearthstones. Specifically, I am planning a campaign where an Internal wishes to try and free his enslaved tribe who was brought to the Realm to work it's mines...
  17. Ultima

    (Exalted) Two Suns in Hell

    I seem to remember a story about a Solar Exalted who, after surviving the Primordial War, went to Malfeas as a sort of retirement and recruited demons to fight for him in an endless war. The Solar deliberative even went so far as to make an official disavow of his actions. But I cannot remember...
  18. Ultima

    Training to be a racial Paragon?

    Every other class strongly requires either a trainer or at least an initial understanding of the direction you want to develop in. If you were a person living in a fantasy setting and wanted to become a racial Paragon, how would you set out to accomplish this?
  19. Ultima

    I need inspiration for a new Arcane Prestige Class

    I am hoping to play a new game in a few weeks and I have had a vague idea I have wanted to try for a new wizard prestige class. The idea is that a wizard dips a Level into either the Mystic or Cleric class and gets the Force domain. Then, when he has Arcane 10, Religion 10, and Spellcraft 12 he...
  20. Ultima

    Calculating the cost of a magic weapon.

    So going by DM Guide a +5 Bow with Bane, Distance, and Speed is 200,000. What if I add Holy Power later on? I know that the Epic Weapons have their own rules, but I’m not sure how to combine a non epic 10 point weapon with it.
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