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  1. Wickus

    Favorite OSR System/Rules Set

    Hands down for me The Whitehack 2e and The Hero's Journey. Between these two and Yoon-suin for setting I get all the OSR fix I'd ever want.
  2. Wickus

    [The Troubleshooters] This looks like fun

    Must have, it'll compliment my TinTin book collection! I am going to be so skint. Again.
  3. Wickus

    [General RPG]Are there games you like as a player, and not to run as GM, and vice versa?

    In a d&d 5e game currently but would never run it. Though I have run 13th age and would again. I would love to play: Fate, 13th age, AGE, Genesys and Symbaroum but those are the games I run. The only other GM in my group of 30+ years only run D&D. I will never run D&D, Shadowrun or Pathfinder -...
  4. Wickus

    Symbaroum - anyone played it?

    Having read through the posts, I find my reaction and that of my players positive. We love it. It has its own quirks but that's why I enjoy it. You cannot come to Symbaroum with a 5e or similar mindset - I've been there. It is its own thing and I love it for that. Players facing rolls -...
  5. Wickus

    Historia: Dark Fantasy Renaissance Setting for 5e Kickstarter (funded)

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks fantastic. Have to agree - the art is superb.
  6. Wickus

    [Sorcerers & Spell Casters or Magic in RPGs ] Which do you prefer: Standardized Spell Lists or Free-Form Magic?

    Free-form magic. I love the creativity it grants. I stopped playing magic users in D&D after I discovered Mage the Ascension 1e. Other than Genesys I have yet to find a fantasy setting that gives me that option as a player.
  7. Wickus

    A "new look" for The One Ring a.k.a. The Lord of the Rings™ RPG

    This. Can't agree more. I prefer the 1st edition art - actually the old MERP art is more to my liking... but TOR mechanics are solid and the new packaging won't affect that. So I'll pick it up.
  8. Wickus

    Setting vs. game mechanics.

    Setting every time. The setting reflect the type of stories I want tell, system for me is just an interaction tool. I have four games systems that I use, all of them get out of the way and are easy to hack to fit the nuances of a particular setting.
  9. Wickus

    So, Genesys Foundry

    Yeah. Having read through those there is nothing to suggest its draconian. It is not OGL, and I for one is happy about that. Can't wait to see what the community cook up to burn holes in my wallet :)
  10. Wickus

    Stuck Between OSR Games?

    For me, out of the three I will always go with Basic Fantasy. I prefer the play. The support is great and I enjoy the community there. I agree with you on the thief skills. Which house rule are you going to use?
  11. Wickus

    [Let's Read] Acquisitions Inc: An Outsider's Perspective

    So interested in this! Reminds me Stephen Erikson's Malazan series, there is a trading company that travel across worlds in a big coach, and everyone involved has shares in the company. Going to have to get this!
  12. Wickus

    FAGE Fans, your relationship with D&D

    Prefer FAGE to D&D. My group converted over from D&D in 2017 and it's been our main stay since - from Freeport to Ravenloft. It scratches a very specific fantasy need for us, for high fantasy we have 13th age. There are things that I like about 5e but unlike FAGE it is a lot more difficult to hack.
  13. Wickus

    [5e] My Campaign Rules And How They Impact Implied Setting [No Full Casters, Ubiquitous Magic]

    Just chiming in to say that this is seriously great! Might steal this for a future game.
  14. Wickus

    The Expanse RPG - anyone played it yet?

    My experience mirrors yours. Love the book and the system is fantastic with the setting. Can't wait for my current AGE game to come to an end so I can run this.
  15. Wickus

    Werewolf: Forsaken 1E: Hitting Spirits in Twilight?

    @Castille page 276. Spirit Combat. The first bullet point there: "...but they cannot affect an ephemeral spirit in the physical world unless it manifests" That what you are looking for?
  16. Wickus

    My changing my views on RPGs and my collecting habits...

    I started collecting RPG books soon as I started playing and these days my sentiment echoes those of some of the other posts - low tolerance for system complexity now. So much so that I have four active systems left: Fate Core, AGE (fantasy and modern), Genesys and 13th Age. Most of these just...
  17. Wickus

    Ratfolk characters in 5e D&D?

    @Grumpygoat. I own the book, but don't play 5e Scarred Lands. So I can't comment on balance. I do love the races though. Edit: Will go and compare them to the standard races.
  18. Wickus

    Ratfolk characters in 5e D&D?

    I believe Scarred Lands 5e has Ratfolk as a player race.
  19. Wickus

    What systems and settings exist for Flintlock Fantasy?

    Fantasy AGE has firearms as part of the general system already. The Companion has a specialist "class" and talent. Freeport as a setting is more removed from the typical medieval games. That said, with minimal effort you can move it along even further along and introduce even more flintlock...
  20. Wickus

    Sell me (or not) on Modern AGE

    MAGE is great without the "class" structure of FAGE. Gives you more freedom to build a character the way you want - you choose the Talents you want as your character grows. Pretty much using the same class-less structure for my fantasy games as well, player's prefer it as well.
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