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  1. evilmrhenry

    💀 Necro The Escapist has been sold (to someone trying to whitewash Gamergate - see post 63)

    General news story: https://variety.com/2018/digital/news/defy-media-escapist-acquired-enthusiast-gaming-1202886978/ Letter from the new (old) editor-in-chief. https://medium.com/@russpitts/the-last-of-escapist-magazine-5dd4f852703a The good news is that they don't seem interested in...
  2. evilmrhenry

    MMO addiction, and games as a service

    Years ago, I made an important decision: to stop playing MMOs. They had a tendency to eat up all my free time, interfere with real-life obligations, and generally stopped being fun long before I stopped playing them. All well and good, and probably a story you've heard before. A couple months...
  3. evilmrhenry

    Path of Exile Bestiary League out March 2nd

    Path of Exile 3.2.0 and the Bestiary League will be coming out this Friday. https://www.pathofexile.com/bestiary The Bestiary league is focused on crafting; you collect monsters, and use them to craft cool items. The base game also features: * Completely redone ascendancy classes, with the...
  4. evilmrhenry

    A suggestion for mods acting as regular users

    I was going to wait for the whiteboard thread on this topic, but judging from the redtext, I don't think that's going to happen. So, I'm posting this before I forget. The problem: Some posters are feeling apprehensive about arguing with mods in normal threads, or at least keeping the mod status...
  5. evilmrhenry

    [WIW/Theology] The Good Place

    This is going to be a bit of a Where I Watch of The Good Place, but focused on the theological aspects. Notes: * I have been spoiled on a...rather important plot point. I am pretending I haven't, and I would ask that people stay away from spoilers, especially that one. In general, I will be...
  6. evilmrhenry

    What we enjoyed in 2017

    This seems like a good time to talk about the games we played and had fun with in 2017. This is like a top 10 list, but not restricted to games released this year. (And not restricted to 10. I managed to hit 10, but that was accidental.) I'll start: (These aren't in any sort of order.)...
  7. evilmrhenry

    Heads up: Patreon will soon start charging you more [Update: they changed their minds]

    https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005631963-What-does-Patreon-s-service-fee-mean-for-me- Got a heads-up from a couple creators about this. I'm taking the "for each individual pledge" bit to mean that they will be charging you for each individual pledge, as opposed to each credit...
  8. evilmrhenry

    Path of Exile: War for the Atlas out on Friday (December 8th)

    Announcement: https://www.pathofexile.com/war Abyss Challenge League announcement: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2032331 The changes this time are focused more on end-game mapping, and I think they're giving the team a bit of a break after releasing 3.0. Still, looks neat!
  9. evilmrhenry

    Steam Direct News

    http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1265921510652460726 Basically, the Steam Direct fee will be $100 and recoupable. Still no definition of recoupable, or when it's coming out. The change to trading cards is a bit more interesting...
  10. evilmrhenry

    [Spoilers] The Turing Test musings

    This is going to have spoilers for the entire game. I picked up The Turing Test from the monthly Humble Bundle, and I want to talk about it. SPOILERS FOLLOW: I want to sit someone from the ISA down in a room somewhere, and figure out what's wrong with the organization. Then I want the...
  11. evilmrhenry

    Bloom County bundle from Humble Bundle

    Humble Bundle is doing a Bloom County bundle. $1 or more: Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library Vol. 1-4 1980-1984 $8 or more: Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library Vol. 5-9 1985-1989 $15 or more: Berkeley Breathed's Academia Waltz & Other Transgressions OPUS by Berkeley Breathed...
  12. evilmrhenry

    Designing a better Starfleet uniform

    I'm going off in a different direction, and trying to make a Starfleet uniform that has interesting abilities, that you can display on a TV budget. Original series: Original series uniforms are mostly just plain fabric, but are comfortable at ice planet to desert planet temperatures thanks to...
  13. evilmrhenry

    Did Hulu just move to a HTML5 player?

    Cause I just opened it up in Firefox, and it worked, even though I don't have Flash installed in Firefox. Also, I checked the source, and that's definitely a video tag. So...that's new.
  14. evilmrhenry

    Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds out Sep 2

    Path of Exile is releasing a new update/league on September 2nd: (this weekend) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92SpXUJEIVs Big stuff: The Atlas of Worlds, which puts a bit more structure into end game maps, and includes 30 more maps, as well as re-balancing mapping in general...
  15. evilmrhenry

    So, is season 3 of the Venture Bros. just not very good?

    After watching the first 2 seasons of Venture Brothers a while back, I finally started on the 3rd. Honestly? I'm a bit meh on it so far. It seems like almost every joke falls flat, and there's a weird quality to it like the writing team got replaced with a new team that doesn't quite know what...
  16. evilmrhenry

    Path of Exile: The Awakening coming out tomorrow (July 10th)

    https://www.pathofexile.com/theawakening New stuff: 1) Another act 2) More skills/items/etc 3) Gems that can be socketed into your passive tree. 4) UI improvement 5) They actually fixed the netcode 6) Rebalancing Personally, I'm inordinately excited about the item filters, but I'm weird that...
  17. evilmrhenry

    Rift: Nightmare Tide out

    (Didn't see this anywhere.) So, the Rift: Nightmare Tide expansion just came out, raising the max level from 60 to 65, opening up a new continent, adding nightmare rifts, and creating the minions minigame.
  18. evilmrhenry

    Not enthusiastic about Diablo 3's new difficulty levels

    Background: Diablo 3 before the 2.0 patch had Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties. Each difficulty level had harder and higher-leveled monsters, in a way consistent with Diablo 2. Now, it has Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, and Torment. However, these map closer to the /players X...
  19. evilmrhenry

    Path of Exile Officially Released

    Featuring a new character class, a longer act 3, new 4-month leagues, guilds, and a rather long list of changes.
  20. evilmrhenry

    Dammit, Games For Windows Live

    I have never had a good experience with GFWL. This time is with Dark Souls. It apparently needs GFWL, or otherwise it can't save. I have an existing GFWL account, but I have forgotten the password. So I click on the "forgot password" link, foolishly expecting to be able to reset my password...
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