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    [Epic Game Store]Why prototype00 is going to be a bit more shy with his Kickstarter £.

    So as a bit of context, yet another crowdfunded game is to be a timed exclusive on the EGS. This of course after the developers already mopped up all the contributions from fans and well wishers. I’m sure the EGS boosters will be by shortly to tell me why I am being petty or how there isn’t...
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    Capharnaum, How is it? Disney’s Aladdin or the Prince of Persia Movie?

    The allure of the Long and Lonely Sands do beckon me. And the art is just luscious! Anyone have any experience with this item? I saw it being advertised on the banner above.
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    [Star Wars] Jedi Code Version 7.0. It's going to work this time by Yoda!

    All right, all right, settle down, my padawans. Its time for The Talk. I know that in the fabled old days of heroes Strong in the Force there were a lot of horror stories about the so-called "Jedi Code" that made more unhinged Sith Edgelords than thought possible. Now what we have currently is...
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    [Ex3: Lunars] An Argent Beastiary. (Lunars Character thread)

    Hello all, the Exalted 3rd edition Lunars Kickstarter seems to be charging blithely forward so I thought I might drum up some interest and engage in an interest of mine, thinking way too much about the intricacies of character building. So I made this thread for everyone to post and discuss...
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    [Ex3 Lunars Kickstarter] King, General, Vizier, WEREWOLF. 12th Feb!

    In anticipation of the Lunars Kickstarter kicking off on the 12th of February 2019, I thought I’d make this thread! Personally I need to tally up my red packet monies to see joe deep I can go on this one. I’m way more hype about it than the DB’s Kickstarter. Us Onyx Path board regulars have...
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    [LoL Cinematic] Awaken: I don't even play LoL but this made me wiki everything related to it.

    So personally I found the whole thing intoxicating, just the quality for what is basically an ad for a MoBA game was stunning, but after I reviewed a couple of other Riot Videos, I came to the following realization: (Pre-amble, I am not a LoL fan, have never played LoL but I just really enjoy...
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    Gauging interests for a [WIP] Pathfinder Kingmaker?

    Hello all, Just wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in a Kingmaker WIP? Narrated by Linzi, presumably? I’ve finished the game but will probably start a new playthrough when the first and second DLCs are out.
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    [Reported Rumours] RPG experts Obsidian Entertainment to be bought by Microsoft.

    As reported by Kotaku. On the one hand, I can see why it might be a good deal for both companies, Obsidian almost went under in 2012 but was saved by a Hail Mary Kickstarter that became Pillars of Eternity, and if I were them the largesse of fans, while gratifying, is not exactly the most...
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    [Bard's Tale IV] ... and if only they'd know what price they'd pay, the four that strode from Skara Brae!

    Its out (and a bit bigger than I'd expected at 24gb), unfortunately I have prior appointments in the land of Nod, so play away, you lucky sods who got it bright and early. Impressions incoming tomorrow eve, but far be it from me to leave you with nought but silence...
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    [Wadjet Eye]Nighthawks: Fallen London-ish Vampire RPG adventure.

    On the back of it's release of recent Urban Fantasy Indie darling Unavowed, Wadjet eye is doing something a little different... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=oA1a4pWvCME https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/753131002/nighthawks-the-vampire-rpg-0/description# The plot is...
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    [Hero U: Rogue to Redemption] One with a heart of gold...

    So Hero U: Rogue to Redemption is out on Steam, and boy am I having a fun time with it! In it, you play Shawn O'Conner, up and coming thief, who gets caught in the act and given one chance to turn his life around before the guards get him. At a University for training heroes in the Quest...
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    Neo-Mythos themes and Styling?

    So I was listening to a podcast discuss “Cultist Simulator” the other day and one of the hosts said that they had been reading Deep Roots, a mythos novel, and that really jarred with her playthrough, because the protagonist of “Cultist Simulator” is hinted to be sardonic and misanthropic, the...
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    [Netflix Castlevania] The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    Trailer for season 2 is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbb8zPQBmOw The only thing I'm slightly miffed at is... who are these General dudes (and dudettes) that Dracula promoted? Where's like the recurring greatest hits... Death or Frankenstein? prototype00
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    [WIP: Cultist Simulator] Yearning, Burning.

    June 28, 1920 Dear Diary, I recall that I began you, not long ago, as a way to distill even a mote of meaning, a sense of something greater, from my dreary day-to-day, but even that vain hope seems defunct. Now the whirring, crushing mechanisms of the drudgery of my existence makes for a...
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    [Reign] How goes the taming of the messes?

    So Reign was a real doozy of an RPG that came out, it feels, too long ago. It had many supplements, each a delight, and recently the estimable Greg Stolze was going to put together an extra special super complete version. I was just wondering how it was going and if there is going to be a...
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    [Pillars Of Eternity II] Hunt a god, save your soul. *Spoilers*

    Was going to title: [POE II] The gods aren’t real! (Except in every way that matters), but I thought that might be too spoilery for the first game. I am super hype! Pre-loading is available and it launches on the 8th of May. I’ve taken myself a long weekend this week (but blech have to work...
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    [Pillars of Eternity 2]Yarr, me hearties! There be buried DLC codes out there!

    So as a community service announcement, you can input DLC codes hidden in promotional material for Obsidian Entertainments upcoming CRPG Pillars of Eternity II and get the phattest loot (Like Stinky Pete, the captain’s flatulent mog) For those of you who want to cheat like a card sharping...
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    [Random Synapses]Whats “yes” in Deep One? (possibly silly thought post “Shape of Water”) *spoilers*

    Now, I’m not saying that this is a serious line of contemplation, but it came to mind given current events. Sally Hawkin’s character romances the fish-creature, spoilers, but how did she know that it was up for consensual canoodling? She initiated everything, and Fishman goes along with it...
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    [Slay the Spire] Have you Slain it? How?

    After numerous runs I finally managed it with both the Silent and the Ironclad! Ironclad: Easier. Lots of people advocated Clash runs for easy wins, but I found in practice they are hard to pull off because enemies, especially in the later floors, love to fill up your deck with their useless...
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    IC Scion2e: Origins - The Mandate of Heaven.

    In a darkened cell block of Victoria Remand Prison lit only by flickering, sickly fluorescent lights, four strangers sit/stand/crouch (as you will) facing each other. The roar of the MTR is almost deafening as the 6:30 am rush-hour rapid services depart Central Station in an almost unending...
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