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  1. Francis Helie

    Atlantis the second age: confused about map

    Hello hope someone can help me out. Anyone knows what scale is the map of the Geographica map pack for Atlantis supposed to be? I mean the one called World for those with the map pack. It says one square is equal to 1250 miles which would be useful if there were actual squares anywhere to be...
  2. Francis Helie

    Looking for Arthurian rpgs

    In the "improving FATE" thread http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?580315-FATE-Improving-FATE/page6 First age mentionned working on a FATE based Arthurian rpg. Now I happen to be an Arthurian nut, so that means I will definitely buy his game when it comes out. However that made me wonder what...
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