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101 ideas

  1. A

    101 non-standard reasons for an alien invasion

    See above. Its kinda boring, how they constantly invade us, when there's so much better real estate around. So yes. It can be funny, it can be whimsical, or it can be serious. Just make it original. 1) Tax cuts The alien needs money. And needs it, fast. And one of the best ways to get money...
  2. Jeep-Eep

    🎨 Creative 101 campaign seeds based off Night Mind's Hey Kids: A YouTube Channel or a Sinister Secret? Video

    This video has campaign seed written all over it https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1107&v=8B1sRPwK248 Thing is, I can't figure out what those seeds are. Maybe you can?
  3. Malkavian87

    🎨 Creative Cause I'm getting older: 101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse

    I'm turning 30 in a couple of days. And lately my mind has been turning towards the multiverse with all its possibilities as a setting. So for my present I'd like to see a 101 universes in a well traveled corner of the multiverse (where magic is quite common).
  4. palecoyote

    Amazon reproduction

    I want to develop a human Amazon society that can reproduce without men. What are some of the ways you would create such a society. I'm aware of some experiments to turn bone marrow into proto-sperm, but I would also be interested in more fantastical or "SCIENTIFIC!" ideas.
  5. S

    [101] Crimes that need investigating

    In my current game, the police force of a steampunky city has lost a big chunk of their officers due to the actions of cultists and corruption. Because of this, the PCs have managed to become deputised police officers. What I'm looking for now is inspiration for interesting crimes that the PCs...
  6. J

    [Mage: the Awakening 2nd ed.] 101 Obsessions

    I think having an example list of Obsessions that Mages might have will help my players out during character creation, so help me come up one. 1. Investigate Cryptid sightings. 2. Create an original rote for the Prime Arcanum. 3. Take over the life and identity of a sleeper. 4. Infiltrate a...
  7. Agemegos

    101 Interstellar corporations

    It isn't my birthday. Not even close. Nevertheless I'd like to collect a big list of interstellar business enterprises suitable for Traveller-like science fiction settings. If some of them are also useful for notably different settings sci-fi settings that's fine. If some are even suitable to be...
  8. Agemegos

    101 Interstellar NGOs

    It isn't my birthday. Not even close. I'd like to collect a big list of interstellar non-government organisations suitable for Traveller-like science fiction settings. If some of them are also useful for notably different settings sci-fi settings that's fine. If some are even suitable to be...
  9. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] 101 Street Level Magic Adventure Hooks

    I thought this might be fun given how much everyone has been enjoying things. 1. To Mentor or Contain: The player characters are in attendance at a concert when the performer manages to Awaken on the middle of the stage. This immediately attracts the attention of a spirit who assumes the form...
  10. SibKhatru

    It's my birthday and I want 101 SciFi adventure setups (Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Other all feasible)

    I finally get a B'day request. And I'm scifi anamored but my Scifi GM-fu is weak. So geniuses and dreamers here, please help people like me who seek endless adventure and the thrills of a new and awesome future. Sprinkled with opera and horror is just fine. Transhuman is cool. Sentient species...
  11. S

    [Not My Birthday, But...] 101 Students at a Magical University

    Inspired in part by The Magicians premiering, and the fact that I very much enjoyed the idea of Grossman's book but found myself vastly let down by the (to me) hugely unlikeable characters and frustrating plot, I thought I'd look for inspirational ideas in the usual manner: hope to nudge others...
  12. St.Just

    [Dark Heresy/40k] 101 Heretical Cults

    So I just recently got my virtual hands on a pdf of Enemy Within, and the Cult Creation section in particular just filled my mind with dozens of ideas I'm almost certain to never be able to use. So hey, why not write them up on the internet and see if anyone else has similar? 1. Cult of Idea...
  13. Poe's Law

    🎨 Creative 101 Western Plot ideas

    Hey there everyone! I am looking to fill in the fun details for a western RPG I am running. So what i am looking for is for everyone to post a plot idea that can happen in the Wild Wild West. (this can include Deadlands and a few Steampunk ideas as well !!) The most needed ideas at...
  14. G

    🎨 Creative [L5R] Creating a Minor Clan (or, 101 Minor Clans?)

    Hello all, I've been planning a political game of L5R lately. It involves the PCs being members of a new minor clan, working their way through the courts of Rokugan to gain allies and influence. Looming in the background and adding extra urgency is an unstable political situation within the...
  15. S

    [101]Sci-fi Pitches

    So, during a chat today with a friend, he brought up how sci fi, especially sci fi games, seem to root to one of two concepts: You're military personnel (either on a capital ship/space-sub, or ground-pounders usually of the space-marine variety) or you're a ragtag bunch of misfits with a light...
  16. Arkat

    101 plot hooks for an asteroid mining installation

    So I’m starting an Eldritch Skies campaign set in the Astra Belt (from the Dark Skies supplement) featuring the crew of an asteroid mining facility. As an experiment I thought it could be cool to see if the collective creativity of TRO can come up with cool story hooks for a place like this...
  17. S

    101 Modern Groups Sucked Into Your Fantasy Campaign

    So, there's been a couple recent threads touching on the trope of the modern person, or group, traveling to a fantasy world to have adventures in. While not seen as much these days as in the past (or at least it seems that way to me), it strikes me that this would be an ideal framework for a...
  18. S

    101 Player Character Quirks

    I'm looking to create 101 short, one-line character quirks that could positively enhance playing (like Mr. T's, won't get on an airplane). I've got a pretty good chunk towards that number, but I'm looking for additional unique ones. Any thoughts?! Here's a few that I've come up with so far...
  19. A

    101 Fringe Sciences (aka 101 Action Sciences)

    As was mentioned in another thread, the Atomic Robo RPG seems to produce a lot of gonzo type characters, atomic robots, talking dinosaurs, girls named John. I don't want to forbid this in my game, but to steer my game towards a more Ghost Busters, Buckaroon Bonzai, Fringe type vibe, I thought I...
  20. Edrac

    Creepy Imagery / Scenes for an alt History Lovcraftian game.

    So tomorrow my group will be making characters for a short (4-6 session) alt history game set the evening after D-Day in Nazi Occupied France after the Allies met no resistance storming the beaches of Normandy. My players will be members of an investigation team (or their military escort) sent...
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