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13th age

  1. nemo

    For Sale 13th Age: Glorantha & 13th Age Core Rulebook bundle

    Both books in like-new condition. Asking $65, which includes both books and media mail shipping within the continental U.S. Please PM me if interested!
  2. R

    Domains in 13th Age

    Has anyone who plays/runs 13th Age tried giving the Icons their own domains, Ravenloft style? The Nocturne 3rd party setting does it, and I think it's a really interesting idea that could be applied to the default Icons too. It isn't really the horror element of Ravenloft that appeals to me for...
  3. kvltjam

    [KS] The King of Dungeons

    So this is a thing, and I have questions. It looks really cool (an OSR-ish take on 13th Age? Sure, why not!), and I dig the idea of guilds as external pressures on the individual/party (I guess in lieu of Icons?), but... * What does Alignment do in the game? * What classes can I play? (Some of...
  4. Gmmk

    Adding 13th age escalation die to warhammer fantasy RPG?

    I am in the process of starting a new warhammer campaign and am a bit dismayed at all the debate about advantage in 4th edition combat. I am probably going to go to a house ruled 2nd edition for my campaign. I am still concerned with the whiff factor in 2nd edition combat but don’t like the...
  5. Nate_MI

    OOC Entomophobia (13th Age)

    For rolls and everything else associated with this game. While it's not necessary, I recommend using Orokos for making rolls; goodness knows that's what I do. So we start out with combat! Any questions?
  6. Nate_MI

    IC Entomophobia (13th Age)

    Out in the western reaches of the Dragon Empire, in the foothills of Gianthome and laying between First Triumph and Axis is Stonehold. As the carriage rounds the last bend in the road the group could see the walls of the settlement, grey and heavy and tall. The tops of red-roofed buildings peek...
  7. Nate_MI

    Bug Stompin' Boots (13th Age)

    It appears I'm running more 13th Age! This is going to be a campaign running from 1st to roughly 4th lvl; all races and classes from the core book, 13 True Ways, and the Demonologist are allowed with the exception of the Occultist (too many interrupts for PbP). Ability generation is by standard...
  8. Lanius

    Handling 13th Icons in a virgin territory

    I have a couple of campaign ideas I'm pondering using 13th Age for. Icons end up being a sticking point for both of them. In both campaigns the PCs are going out into a world without any prior connections to the larger forces in the region. In one case it's explorers stranded far from home, a la...
  9. mrlost

    (5e) I feel so lost

    It feels so satisfying to complete my characters story arc, but now I am left unsure of my place in the party and I was so surprised to reach the conclusion of the trouble that I pitched to my DM as part of my characters concept that I wonder if I should even keep playing her or simply retire...
  10. J

    Book of Ages - Our Implementation

    The Book of Ages for 13th Age lets you do a history for your campaign, collectively with the DM and players working together. I'm going to post our results here over a series of days. I can tell you this -- If you decide to do all 12 ages... it's going to be loooong. We had five players and a...
  11. Nate_MI

    [Let's Read] 13th Age Bestiary

    In imitation of the quite enjoyable quite enjoyable thread began by @Bira, and inspired by @Civil Savage's on-going mission to learn the 13th Age system, I've decided to take a look at the two extra Bestiaries published for this system by Pelgrane Press. Think of these as the Monster Manual v 2...
  12. Civil Savage

    [Let's learn] 13th Age

    This is not really a where I read thread, though I will be rereading my way through the core rules (I've read them once) and probably most of 13 True Ways. (I also have the Bestiary, but haven't looked at it yet, and I might be persuaded to pick something else up.) But my purpose is not to...
  13. Chikahiro

    Tell me of 13th Age please!

    So this thread has me looking at 4e once again. The edition I'm most in love with even though I've never read or played it. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/what-did-d-d-4e-do-right.840771/ So, 13th Age comes up as well. I don't know much about it. Please tell me more! For the record I...
  14. Prokhor Zakharov

    [13th Age] Which Loot supplement is best?

    I see that 13th age has two loot supplements: The Book of Loot and Loot Harder. For those who have read them, which one do you think is more useful to the average game? Also, does either book list suggested prices for any of its magic items? Thanks.
  15. Nate_MI

    [Recruitment] Hero Wars

    This is a recruitment ad for a game set in the world of Glorantha using the 13th Age in Glorantha ruleset. The game is set during the Hero Wars and will follow a group of Heroes who are answering a call for help from the settlement of High Walls. High Walls needs someone to venture to an...
  16. LatinaBunny

    Sell Me/Unsell on 13th Age for a D&D fan

    Hi! :) My birthday was a few days ago, and I got some money to spend for the holiday sales, and I’ve been looking at my local game shop for some rpg-related stuff. One book that had caught my eye was something called 13th Age, and it sounds like it was similar to D&D. As someone who loved D&D...
  17. S

    [13th Age] Spells cast and spells known?

    This may just me being dense, but I've been rereading the core book and I realize there's something I don't know: Does the game assume the spellcasting classes (other than wizards, who have the whole prep thing going on) can cast any of the spells listed as one of their available castings? For...
  18. N

    [13th Age] What Icons would you use for the Greyhawk setting?

    I'm putting together a campaign that's basically a mash up and streamlined version of the stories from Vecna Lives, GDQ 1-7, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk - basically Greyhawk's greatest hits. I'm using 13th Age to run it, and I'd like some advice...
  19. U

    Questions about 13th age group size and campaign length

    I have a couple of questions for folks who have played 13th Age. How well does it play with seven or eight players? Are there any things that are likely to be more difficult with larger groups? Very roughly, what is an expected campaign length (i.e. how many sessions to get from 1st level to...
  20. Borbetomagnus

    [13G] 101 One Unique Things

    I just got the hardcover copy of 13th Age Glorantha and am reading through the first few chapters. I'll run it for my gaming group in the near future. I already have an on-going 13th Age campaign set in the Dragon Empire so system-wise the players will feel right at home. However, none of them...
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