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13th age

  1. Imaginos

    13th Age Bestiary 2 up for preorder

    I didn't see this posted yet but Pelgrane have posted Bestiary 2 up for preorder. http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/lions-tigers-owlbears-the-13th-age-bestiary-2/ Looks interesting so far, but only done a quick skim (you get an immediate download of the not ready for release book). I...
  2. M

    [13th Age] Playtesters wanted for six new classes: Abomination, Fateweaver, Psion, Savage, Swordmage, Warlock

    I am currently writing an expansion book for 13th Age, with six new classes. The writeups are fairly close to final, but I am looking for more playtesters to make sure they are perfect. Here is the playtest file...
  3. R

    Pelgrane Press Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons

    Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons is the final volume in the Battle Scenes Series. The Battle Scenes series is a collection of icon-themed encounters for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game* at all levels of play, packed with dangerous hand-picked foes on terrifying terrain.   Less Prep...
  4. C

    13th Age and Fantasy Craft

    Just from reading, I love both these games. But I can only run one! So... which? If it's Fantasy Craft, I'll probably import some of the Background and Icon bits. Suggestions most welcome. If it's 13th Age, I'm not sure which bits to steal from Fantasy Craft. Ideas? My players are pretty...
  5. Theron

    Fun With 13th Age

    One of the things I love about 13th Age is how having the players be part of the world-building is baked right there in the system. Take, for example, this item from my nascent campaign: Gilles One True Thing is that he's the only human relative of the High Druid. She's his half-sister. Gilles...
  6. wirecrossing

    Sell me on or off 13th Age...

    I'm looking for something in the rules medium arena with a bunch of cool options for the players to obsess over. I like what I've read about it, but I would love some 1st hand opinions.
  7. DisgruntleFairy

    [13th Age] What Classes Would You Like to See Added to the Game?

    So the question is pretty clear. Given the classes that already exist what do you think would be fun to add to the game? I'm thinking the game really could use... -Warden (4e style) -Warlock
  8. Eric_Diaz

    Pros and cons of 13th Age

    Let me start by saying that I'm not really into edition wars and I think both games are awesome. 5e is currently my favorite RPG, and 13A has awesome ideas that I would use in ANY version of D&D, and some I have adapted to my own RPG. I posted this in my blog but thought I'd post here too (with...
  9. N

    Anyone playing/running a Roll20 13th Age game? I need advice

    Just starting to figure out Roll20 system and thought would be great for 13th Age RPG. Any ideas where Maps and stuff come from?
  10. R

    Castles & Crusades vs 13th Age

    What are the real strong points of each? Would either one be among your favorite games?
  11. Castille

    13th Age for 1 or 2 players: Works OK?

    As the title asks: can you run 13A for just one or two players? I've not played or run it before, but it looks interesting & will try it on an alt-game night.
  12. That Other Guy

    [Worldbuilding] Making a Hearth Fantasy Mini-Setting with 13A Style Icons

    Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Each post I'm going to take one of the 13 Icons for this mini setting to help define it and flesh it out. The setting itself, in broad terms, is a somewhat secluded, forested valley with a lay river running through it, and mountain flanking the...
  13. Libertad

    DriveThruRPG [Quasar Knight Enteprises] Christmas in July sale until the 29th!

    All of Quasar Knight Enterprises' products are 25% off as part of OneBookShelf's Christmas in July sale! We have content for popular D&D editions and retroclones suitable for players and Game Masters alike! Our catalog includes such titles as Playable Monsters for Fifth Edition, New Fighter...
  14. D

    Eyes of the Stone Thief: this ain't your grandpa's megadungeon

    To be honest, I ordered "Eyes of the Stone Thief" mostly because it was 13th Age, and I usually enjoy books put out for that, and because I'd seen some people around here speak highly of it. I'm really not into megadungeons, or dungeons in general. The classic dungeon setup of a room full of...
  15. ezekiel

    [13A] Pimp my Monk, with actual dragon fists!

    So, I'm joining my first PbP game, using 13th Age. I've long had my eyes on the Monk class, as its design feels very evocative, so I figure this will be a fun learning experience in a variety of ways. But...well, 13A gives you a lot of choices! I'm not entirely sure where to begin. I do know...
  16. DisgruntleFairy

    13th Age - Soon to DM, suggestions and potential issues welcome.

    Hey everyone, So I will be DMing 13th Age soon. What issues should I be prepared for? What suggestions do people have?
  17. E

    [Interest] 13th age : Wyrd of the Wild Wood.

    [recruitment closed] 13th age : Wyrd of the Wild Wood. This is an interest check / recruitment for a 13th age game. I have run a couple of 13th age games in person and this adventure at a convention. If you haven't played the game, the basic rules are in an SRD http://www.13thagesrd.com/ It...
  18. DisgruntleFairy

    13th Age - Icons of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls)

    Ok, I'm hybridizing the Dragon Empire and Tamriel. This will be run in 13th Age so I need Icons. Here are my initial thoughts. Complete with the organizations/people that support that icon and your icon relationships reflect through. So these Icon's stay the same. Emperor (represented by the...
  19. DisgruntleFairy

    13th Age - Necromancer / Cleric, Good Idea or Not?

    So I was kicking around the idea for a Necromancer / Cleric multiclass. What do you think of the idea? Would it work? Or be kinda crappy? What would your suggestions be for it?
  20. DisgruntleFairy

    💀 Necro 13th Age - Recommended Fan Made Content - Classes Particularly

    Hey everyone! So my group has wanting to get back to a fantasy game and wants to try 13th Age. So YEY! That said I have 13th Age Core Book and the 13 True Ways. But what fan created classes are generally recommended? Which ones would you not recommend? What other resources do you recommend...
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