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3:16 carnage among the stars

  1. icemaster109

    [3:16] Rules for Ancient & Medieval Warfare?

    I'm wanting to run a game of 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars set during the time of Alexander the Great. I was wondering if anyone had good ideas on how to convert the game for more melee based combat? I found that the games creator once started development of a hack set in ancient Rome, that...
  2. Eduardoh

    3:16 and AD 316

    Hi guys! So, 3:16 is a fantastic light and focused game, doing what it is set to do in a really cool and fun way. At its time it sparked many hacks and there were talks about other genres being adapted to its simple and fun system. The one that really got my attention was AD 316, the roman...
  3. M

    Other Publisher Protodimension Issue 25 Now Available

    Greetings everyone. We are pleased to announce the release of Protodimension Magazine #25! The second of the new "shorter but more frequent" editions, it contains fan-created material for Cthulhu Dark, Dark Conspiracy and 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars amongst others. Pick yours up for free...
  4. F

    [3:16] Learning from Gumshoe and using a bit from Don't Rest Your Head

    Hi all, I guess most of you know that 3:16 is a little brilliant game. Personally I often struggle with non-combat scenes in the game. Sometimes they seem to be just there for pacing and sometimes when a task needs to be done they are sometimes just a row of failed NFA roll, which is not fun...
  5. Pandora Caitiff

    [3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars] Mid-game and beyond?

    I'm currently running a 3:16 campaign. It's definitely the most successful and long running one I've managed so far. I've even got a player who has made it to the lofty ranks of captain! But now I'm struggling a little because all my experience is with the early game (and most of the advice and...
  6. Fred

    [3:16] Your fluff

    So, I’m gearing up to run a game of 3:16 at Rpol and I’m curious about other people’s fluff for their games, such as ship naming conventions (there was a thread about this before, but I couldn't find it). For example, regarding planet names, I was thinking of dividing groups of planets into...
  7. GregPogorzelski


    Tonight we're playing 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars by Gregor Hutton. At 20,00, Brussels timeslot, Marines gonna genocide a species of pitch black feline things that develop attack organs from encouter to encounter, on a rocky planet filled with canyons, mesas and caves. For Terra. I already...
  8. Lord Crimson

    [3:16] Ideas and Theories

    So, I just realized the other day that I had somehow acquired a PDF copy of 3:16 from RPGNow. I know I didn't buy it directly, so I'm fairly certain I got it in one of the charity packages that RPGNow/DriveThru have released in the past. Having a dull day at the office, I DL'ed a copy and read...
  9. C

    [3:16] Planet Monet and The Hounds

    I've never posted an Actual Play summary before, but feel strangely compelled to do so this time. Maybe, because I'd just like to get some feedback on my game, my GM'ing, my players and just in general see what others think of it all. First, some quick background. I am by no means an...
  10. SJE

    3:16 - Warhammer 30,000 The Great Crusade

    I'm having thoughts about running a variant game of 3:16 set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. But its 10,000 years earlier during the Great Crusade when the Emperor of Mankind sent out the Astartes Legions to conquer the galaxy as part of Man's Manifest Destiny. (so, not too far from the 3:16...
  11. M

    3:16 Any tips for gming this ?

    So I will be running 3:16 as part of a line of indy games this weekend any tips on how to do it well? It does look to be fun do I keep it light and fps like or move it towards "war is hell" thanks
  12. M

    Nemesis The Warlock rpg 3:!6

    It seems kind of obvious when you look at it that if you are going to run a Nemesis campaign to use 3:16 as the system,I am currently working on that and it seems to be just a case of changing the flavour rather than substance, both setiings involve xenophobic earthlings wiping out rest of...
  13. J

    [3:16] Questions, order & officers

    Two separate questions after a read-through of the rules: 1) Do orders have any mechanical effect on the game? Or are they simply story/setting ideas? 2) In theory, officers should be in charge of many squads, including many officers. When running the game, do we simply assume that only the...
  14. C

    My players surprised me with their lightness

    As some of you might have seen I am/was working on an In Nomine variant for the rules light Supercrew game. Last Tuesday we playtested the game. Afterwards my players liked the Supercrew system, but they all agreed that the only rules they really needed are: During each conflict a player...
  15. Civil Savage

    What's your longest 3:16 campaign?

    Lev Lafayette's recent review of 3:16 asserts that it might be fun "for a few sessions" but will get old quickly. This is speculation on Lev's part, as it's a capsule review. So I thought I'd ask the masses: What's the longest you've played 3:16? Did it get old?
  16. R

    [RPG]: 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars, reviewed by Lev Lafayette (3/1)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14870.phtml Lev Lafayette's Summary: Extremely poor premise provides the entirety of a setting for a generic combat system and resource management game that could have been written on two sides of an A4 page. Go to the full review for more information.
  17. B

    [3:16] Questions about Vehicles and Bombs

    We're getting close to starting to see vehicles and bombs come into play. So before my players get promoted, I figured I should clear some stuff up. Sorry if these questions have totally obvious answers. Vehicles: 1. I assume the players who aren't piloting but still inside the Drop Ship or...
  18. G

    [3:16] More options to extend campaign play

    I've been brainstorming ideas to extend campaign 'life' for 3:16. Specializations: (not to be confused with the Specialists options created by someone else, however, they are compatible). Specializations are ranked Specialty, Expertise, & Mastery. They can only be upgraded in that order. 1)...
  19. B

    [3:16] Late Campaign Play

    I'm fairly new to RPGs and I've never actually had a long running campaign, so this may seem like a silly question. While I think 3:16 is pretty great and easy to understand/run/play, even for relative novices, I'm having a little trouble imagining what a high level campaign would look like. A...
  20. F

    Agon, 3:16 and Remember Tomorrow: What I love about those games

    Hi all, I read Remember Tomorrow a lot in the last few days and started to notice one thing that I really dig about the game. Goals. The whole game is centered around goals. Your character is only defined my conditions, all other values relate to your goals how to achieve them. In a scene you...
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