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4c system

  1. AslanC

    [Supers] FASERIP... How to update it?

    Based in this thread and a previous thread on this topic, it seems there are still a lot of fans of FASERIP out there who would love to see it updated. Now we all know WotC isn't going to do it, so how about we do it? One caveat, there will be a lot of differing opinions on this, that's a...
  2. S


    So, I have the basic MSHRPG set (yellow box), along with a few supplements, on my shelf. I know about the 4C series that's out there... I just had a few questions about it. How does 4C differ from MSHRPG, other than having serial numbers filed off? Are the changes generally considered to be...
  3. J

    (4C System) Form-Fillable Character Record Sheet

    Hi folks. I've put together a form-fillable character record sheet for the 4C System. Any suggestions on improving it would be appreciated. The image links to RPGNow where you can download the full PDF for free.
  4. J

    A Question of System vs. Setting

    Hello. I'm working on a game. A modern post-apoc game, and I'm using a certain system (4C/FASERIP). This system has rules for purchasing items that is a simple "ya got the money, or ya don't" kind of mechanic. In essence, your character has a steady income, and the mechanic is based upon what...
  5. AslanC

    [Supers] 4C. Is it dead?

    So I went on a 4C resource hunt recently and found a couple of forums that are next to inactive, a handful of pdfs on Drive-Thru-RPG and that's about it. Is this game dead? I constantly seem people gushing about how much they loved FASERIP (myself being one of them, having only recently...
  6. E.T.Smith

    [Tell Me Of] MSHRPG / FASERIP / 4C

    I've recently been poking around superhero rules systems, and developed a growing interest in the "Marvel Super Hero RPG", (aka "FASERIP" and "4 Color"). And as I tend to do when looking at a new system, I've developed some questions. My standing impression of the system is its best suited for...
  7. D

    [MARVEL FASERIP] Super Heroes of the 30s and 40s

    I'm thinking of messing around with 4C/TSR FASERIP Marvel game that would take place in a world that developed exactly like our own up to about 1947/48 or so and then suddenly real Mutants/Superheroes start to show up. So it's a world where Superman and Batman were actual comic books, but...
  8. J

    4 Color System - What're you using it for besides supers?

    I picked up a copy of the PD 4 Color System the other day. I loved the old Marvel game, and remember many wonderful adventures using the system. I saw the announcements about the 4 Color System when it was released, but haven't heard much else about it in a long time. Does anyone have any...
  9. S


    Has anyone used the revision/simplification of the FASERIP rules 4C by Luis Porter? How do they stand up to the original FASERIP Marvel advanced game?
  10. Harper of Oz

    Need licensing advice

    Howdy all, I'm currently putting together a self-contained game based off of the 4C system, and based off a supers universe that I've spent years building. I've decided that I'd like to open this universe up for others to use and I could use a little input. I'd like to use a Creative Commons...
  11. T

    [FASERIP] 4 Color copyleft rules

    After seemingly falling off the map for me (around these parts it seems) I've finally tracked down that the OSRIC style revamp of the old Marvel Superheroes Basic ruleset has been finished. Available as a free download from Lulu, RPGnow, and Seraphim Guard but it's been done for a while now...
  12. P

    FASERIP -- An OSRIC for Marvel . . .

    No, it doesn't exist. I've considered it many times, though. Imagine creating a game called FASERIP that rebuilds the old MSH game in a format that makes it possible for publishers to produce supplements that would be compatible with the old game. Too many ideas. Too little time.
  13. O

    Supers RPGs

    :confused: I am writing an article about supers RPGs for an online portal. I have this list of games but if you could help me with any other RPGs you know like these I would be grateful. Marvel Super Heroes, DC Universe, Champions, Heroes Unlimited, Stuperpowers!, Brave New World, Aberrant...
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