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ad&d 1e

  1. Mark Hope

    (AD&D) Erroth: The Sundered Crown

    "The Sundered Crown" is an AD&D game that streams weekly on Twitch at 7pm UK time/2pm EST. We're now five episodes in, so I figured it was about time to share the love here :). If pacy AD&D action with an engaging cast is your thing, please do check us out! The system is a mix between AD&D 1e...
  2. grodog

     Celebrating Greyhawk: A Fandom Renaissance - GaryCon XI Seminar

    The audio recording, slides, and handouts from our Greyhawk seminar at GaryCon are now available for download. Details at https://grodog.blogspot.com/2019/03/celebrating-greyhawk-fandom-renaissance-garycon-seminar.html and at https://greyhawkonline.com/seminar/ Allan.
  3. Umbraed Nox

    eBay EBAY OSRIC RPG Core Book & The Dungeon Alphabet

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/OSRIC-RPG-Core-Book-The-Dungeon-Alphabet/233142147345 I relisted it.
  4. K

    What Forgotten Realms sourcebooks are canon to the original Realms?

    A lot of sourcebooks and campaign settings were tacked onto the Forgotten Realms to enhance their merchandising appeal. Do you know which parts of the FR series are canon to the original description of the Realms? For instance, FR1 Moonshae is an adaption of a fantasy novel subbed into an...
  5. K

    Can someboby please explain how AD&D Domains work?

    Can someone please explain clarify AD&D Domain rules for me and my group. the chart is helpful but Gygax's prose makers things unclear. And I want proper clarifications and explanations, not "we never bothered with those rules", "here's the alternative" or the ever-unhelpful "Play a different...
  6. R

    It was calling out to me from the store's bookshelf...

    Everytime I went in my FLGS, one book in particular would call out to me: the 1E AD&D DMG, premium edition reprint. But it was wrapped in plastic, so I never was able to browse its pages. I already had the MM and PHB, so it would be a logical purchase for my book collection. Still, I always...
  7. A

    'Gateway to Adventure' by Harold Johnson - AD&D 1E

    'Gateway to Adventure' is a module for AD&D 1st Edition written by Harold Johnson, author of 'The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan'. Characters begin in a setting with no character classes or even magic and the adventure unfolds as they discover the mysteries of a world of magic, myth & monsters...
  8. R

    Are the 1E DMG and the Rules Cyclopedia "Must Reads" for fans of D&D?

    I have a pile of books covering OD&D, and 1E through 5E; including Pathfinder. 33 or 34 Books already. All of which I actually read and use. My wife is not a fan at all. My book pile has already exceeded her piles of shoes and purses, btw. Haha!!! I have also done the same with many other...
  9. R

    SO Much Love is Lavished on 1E AD&D. Will Any Other Edition Ever Compare?

    If 1E was all that and a bag of chips, and would still be profitable for WOTC; why don't they capitalize on it pronto? Just keep the Core 3 Books in print forever, and start releasing new modules for it again. Think of it as THE old school renaissance.
  10. M

    [1e] So I've decided to run 1e.

    I'm 25 years old and I've been playing D&D for two years. I started with 4th edition, moved on to 5th edition, and have dabbled in Pathfinder. I was recently invited to join a friend's aD&D 1st edition campaign. We're 5 sessions in, and....I like it. I like it a lot. I like XP for treasure. I...
  11. S

    For Sale AD&D Deities & Demigods, 1st printing (w/Chthulhu & Melniboné pantheons)

    Hi all -- Lucked into a first printing of this book a while back, but I have no need of it -- happy to pass it along to someone who'll put it to use. It's in swell condition for a 36-year-old RPG book. It's somewhat worn at the corners and at top/bottom of the covers, the usual places, but the...
  12. DMH

    [AD&D] Other tangible rewards for training

    This is for both editions of AD&D. Training is such a money and time suck and yet makes some sense. So in addition to class benefits, what else could be added to encourage players and DMs to use the rules? All I could think of was equipment. Warriors get new, shiny (mundane) weapons and armor...
  13. M

    [Let's Read] Oriental Adventures (1e)

    I like to think this is a 'big deal' as it's one of the major books of the 1e canon. Here's the cover: Oriental Adventures is a weird book. it's one of the last first edition books, and is interesting as it can almost be used as a 'core' book. This Let's Read will explore that idea... To...
  14. O

    Question regarding AD&D sexism

    I was watching a few videos the other day, and a couple by a fellow who has reviewed Mutant Epoch (the reason I was watching the vids, curious about that game) and he has several videos on the tube and there was one where he got on a bit of a rant regarding sexism and role playing games, and...
  15. DMH

    What is your favorite thing in the 1e DMG?

    The first Dungeon Master's Guide is such an amazing, messy pile of ideas. So much good stuff that it is hard to keep it all straight. So what is your favorite part? What do you go back to for ideas or use at the table?
  16. Herne's Son

    Got 1e on my mind... tell me of neat books for it...

    I've been running a BFRPG game for a few months now, and recently decided to dig out all my old AD&D 1e books to add some flair to the game. Now I'm thinking about starting up an AD&D 1e game later this summer with some pals. Because of that, I splurged and picked up a ton of second-party OSR...
  17. DMH

    [AD&D] Can Material create food? What about liquids?

    Material is found in Unearthed Arcana and allows the creation of base materials like stone, soil and wood. My reading of it is that if it can make wood, then it can make edible leaves. Which means the spell is just slightly weaker than Create Food and Water as the MU needs to cast it twice for...
  18. Leonaru

    [AD&D/OSRIC] First Editon Knight

    After covering the AD&D monk and the bard, I might as well release OGL version of the Unearthed Arcana classes too. You can download the knight (aka the cavalier) for AD&D 1e/OSRIC here. It's really just the cavalier from UA. I included some information from Sage Advice, though, since UA...
  19. F

    1st Edition Questions

    All - I've had first edition on my shelf forever, but I just took a serious dig through the various tables as well as some prepackaged modules and had some questions. I'm looking at potentially running some of the old modules, and so I am a little concerned about game balance. I would very...
  20. Imperator

    David Goldfarb on the ethos of AD&D 1st ed

    David Goldfarb is a game designer involved in Payday 2, Battlefield, Killzone 2 and several other videogames. Here he writes about what he loves about AF&F 1st, and I think is a nice reading :) http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/14/5898063/the-dice-can-kill-you-why-first-edition-ad-d-is-king
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