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  1. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY)Ravenloft AD&D Dungeons & Dragons RPG Hardcover Core Book and 2 Game Accessory Books (1 still is shrinkwrap) Start Bid: $16 Buy-It-Now: $23 Shipping: $5
  2. H

    Mike Mearls recent comments on 1E

    I thought it might be interesting to cross post this to see the reactions here. Someone else posted this on Enworld, copy pasted from MM's twitter; I think it's nice to see someone in MM's position having an open enough mind to still find something intriguing conceptually in a game that...
  3. G

    Sell me on 1st Edition AD&D.

    So I have been playing D&D since '77 so I am very familiar with the game. However if I was someone who never played any RPG why would I want to play this version of D&D?
  4. P

    [Let's read] AD&D 1e Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

    I've read a lot of interesting Let's Reads here lately, and decided to jump on the bandwagon by doing the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide for "Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" as it says on the cover. The cover also says the following: I can say that there are rules in this book, yes. A lot...
  5. G

    [1E] Random Dungeon Generator Question

    OK so I am (cough) using the Random Dungeon Generator in the 1E DMG for some solo adventuring. There is one thing however that's puzzling me with the Generator. On Page 171, right hand column table V.G. for Treasure, it says: With Monster Take two rolls on "Without Monster" table, add 10% to...
  6. R

    In 1st & 2nd Edition AD&D, were the Spells in the PHB, or the DMG?

    I know that Magic Items were in the DMG, but I can't remember which book the Spells were in. I remember the DM being more in control of what was made available to the PCs, in AD&D.
  7. A

    For Sale Role Aids: A Portal to Adventure

    Role Aids: A Portal to Adventure, NM. Asking $30, including Media Mail shipping to the continental US. I accept PayPal and will ship within three business days of payment receipt.
  8. A

    For Sale AD&D 1e DM Screen (1981 printing)

    AD&D 1e DM screen in VERY good condition. Asking $55, with Priority Mail shipping to the continental US included. Pictures available upon request. I accept PayPal and will ship within three business days of payment receipt.
  9. A

    Two AD&D Ravenloft modules MINT IN SHRINK

    AD&D Ravenloft adventure module MINT IN FACTORY SHRINK. Circle of Darkness: $20 Prices above include Media Mail shipping to the continental US. I accept PayPal and will ship within three business days of payment receipt.
  10. N

    [1e+] The flavor of First Edition

    Lately, I've been musing over why AD&D1 is remains my personal favorite iteration of Ye Olde Fantasy Game. And, aside from obvious nostalgia (I went from the Menzter Red and Blue Boxes to 1e, left for a couple decades and returned to 1e), I think the biggest reason is the flavor of First...
  11. A

    [Desperate & Hungry] Low Level Adventure Suggestions

    I'm planning to run a short campaign of my recently released Desperate & Hungry RPG over Hangouts in the very near future and am looking for some suggestions for low level adventures that might be a good fit. For context, D&H is an OD&D/BD&D-inspired rule set that drops the heroics, limits the...
  12. C

    Suggestions for hack-and-slash dungeon crawl, old modules

    I've got some kids (11-12 YO) playing DungeonWorld. Looks like the campaign has to wind up in June, which means about 8 none-too-long sessions left. They've just finished a nice adventure, and I'd like to end with a bang. They like dungeon-crawling, hack-and-slash, and some puzzles; anything...
  13. B

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Lets Read] Manual of the Planes [AD&D]

    There's another thread going on at the moment where people are discussing the different planar cosmologies that D&D has had. In that thread there's various discussion of the old "Great Wheel" cosmology and of the first edition AD&D Manual of the Planes which detailed a particular version of that...
  14. Stoat

    FR1 Waterdeep and the North -- Poster Map?

    Does anybody know if FR1 -- Waterdeep and the North came with a poster-sized map of Waterdeep? I could have sworn it did, but when I pulled my copy out of the attic, there was no poster map inside the folder.
  15. Mr Adventurer

    [AD&D/Cyclopedia] A good published adventure?

    I'm looking for something that, ideally, meets the following criteria: Nostalgic fun for people who played AD&D and also subsequent editions of the gameCan handle about 10 playersNot just a grind, also plenty of opportunity to roleplayLittle to no "Gygaxian" trap design (this is a tricky one, I...
  16. Z

    Why I Play AD&D On Occasion

    Its 2017 and every now and then I like to play AD&D or a clone of AD&D (usually Castles and Crusades). We mostly play 5E now but I have found one can usually convince 3.x players to at least try AD&D on occasion. It is not a nostalgia trip either as I like AD&D on its own merits and only 1 of my...
  17. M

    [Let's Read] Oriental Adventures: The Supplements

    In this thread I will be reviewing the various supplements released by TSR for AD&D 1e/2e under the Oriental Adventures branding. This collection spans two editions and was rolled into the Forgotten Realms as that setting became dominant. This is a follow-up to the previous Let's Read of...
  18. P

    What alignment is the cat in 1st ed AD&D?

    It is listed in the MM II, IIRC. For some reason I remember it as CN, which is odd for an animal but I may just be thinking that because the Cat Lord is CN. So is the cat CN or TN?
  19. Canageek

    For Sale 200+ RPG books & boxed sets, Board Games

    Alright, my parents are selling their house, and I live 3500 km away from them, so I have to sell off most of my gaming collection. I've found 200+ items so far from my Dad's and my collections that I would rather not have to pay to move across the country. All prices are in $CDN, which is...
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