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ad&d 2e

  1. jvk1127

    Trade/Sell I'm a trading and a selling and a buying fool~ FREE SHIPPING

    Clearing out some extra space for some new purchases I'm interested in making and some new systems I'm wanting to try out! I don't have too terribly much presence on here but I'm a regular on the geek under jvk1127. Shipping will be media mail unless you ask for something else and shipping is...
  2. Mark Hope

    (AD&D) Erroth: The Sundered Crown

    "The Sundered Crown" is an AD&D game that streams weekly on Twitch at 7pm UK time/2pm EST. We're now five episodes in, so I figured it was about time to share the love here :). If pacy AD&D action with an engaging cast is your thing, please do check us out! The system is a mix between AD&D 1e...
  3. K

    [Planescape] So, why the Celts?

    So, I loved Planescape, and one of the reasons why is because they used so many deities and pantheons that weren't as well known in popular culture, or at least not western popular culture. The Finnish gods, the Celestial Bureaucracy, the gods of Japan and India ( though the latter strikes me as...
  4. Alex Chapman

    Player LFG in Western Massachusetts/Pioneer Valley

    Play Location/Method: Western Mass / Pioneer Valley -- around Amherst or Northampton if possible -- maybe Skype, Zoom, or D20 for the right group Game/System: AD&D 2nd, D&D 5e, Vampire the Masquerade Time/Frequency: Weekly games, extremely flexible outside of not being a morning person Genre...
  5. Dalillama

    [Let's Read] The Complete Book of Necromancers

    I figured I'd have a go at this let's read thing, something to engage my brain and typing. I make no warranty of how long I'll keep this up. Also, it's been ~20 years since I've played D&D (although I'm learning Pathfinder atm via a PbP), so I'll probaly forget the significance of some things. I...
  6. V

    [Let's Read] The Complete Books of Demihumans and Humanoids

    So, I know there's already individual Let's Reads of the different Complete Book of X splats, but... this is one of the AD&D splatbook series that I find most interesting, so I was wondering if I should (could?) give it a shot?
  7. E

    Buiding Nara's World

    I know at least some of you are reading "The Adventures of Nara, Keeper of the Seven Keys of Vintoozler" over in the "Actual Roleplaying" forum. This thread is a companion to that one, in which I'll basically be thinking out loud about the campaign world and the tweaks I'm making to the game in...
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