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advanced fighting fantasy

  1. G

    [Bundle of Holding] Advanced Fighting Fantasy

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy is now in the Bundle of Holding. AFF 1e was my son's first RPG earlier this year, and we played through the Shamutanti Hills and Cityport of Traps gamebooks together, so I'm pretty interested in the Sorcery! campaign (I loved those gamebooks when I was little, and I...
  2. Narmer

    [AFF] Roman Heroes

    I used to have a free PDF of an Advanced Fighting Fantasy hack by Mithras (Paul Elliott) called Roman Heroes. I seem to have misplaced it. Does anyone know where I can download a copy? It used to be on his website but no longer seems to be.
  3. Oni

    Sell/Unsell: Advanced Fighting Fantasy

    So, Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e. What makes it different from all the other eleventy billion fantasy games of a similar ilk? What's good? What's bad? How gritty? How flexible is character creation? How generic is it?
  4. Narmer

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy - Tell Me, Sell Me and Hacks

    I was looking at the quickstart for Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e and was thinking of picking up the full rules. Tell me about your experiences with AFF 2e. What do you like? Dislike? Is it worth picking up. Also, has anyone hacked it to different genres? A little grittier like Sword &...
  5. Skywalker

    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Big News - PDFs and Sci Fi sister RPG

    Big news on the AFF front with PDFs finally being authorised. You can get the corebook and the Hero's Companion on DTRPG: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/186396/Advanced-Fighting-Fantasy-2nd-Ed. All others will follow, including Titan and Out of the Pit. Also, a Sci Fi sister RPGs, Stellar...
  6. Montegris

    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Crown of Kings

    My first contact with anything resembling roleplaying games was the Sorcery! gamebooks I read 20something years ago. I loved the story in them, and I've recently discovered there's a conversion of them into an Advanced Fighting Fantasy campaign for which I've heard good reviews. With this in...
  7. R

    How to simulate 2d6 on 1d12 dice?

    Is it possible to simulate the probability distribution of rolling and summing two six-sided dice (2d6) on a single twelve-sided die (1d12)? I'm trying to streamline mass combat in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2 system, and rather than rolling multiple pairs of six-sided dice and adding the...
  8. R

    Brampton, On-Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd ed-seeking player

    Play Location/Method: Brampton, Ontario Game/System: Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition Player or GM?: I'm the GM in this campaign. Time/Frequency: Fridays 9pm till 1am. Genre: Fantasy. Current needs: Looking for additional players Accept Drop-In Players? Yes Accept Spectators? Yes Short...
  9. G

    [Tell/Sell Me] Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e

    This one seems to be more popular in Europe, but what can you tell me about Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e? What's to like about it, and what is it best suited to do?
  10. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Why not make the Combat roll Under? + Any Actual Play Experience?

    OK, I should start by saying that I don't even have this book. BUT, I do keep thinking that I should. In any case, I know the old game books, so I think I understand the system pretty well. And here's the point: Every "test" in AFF is roll-under except for combat. For LUCK and non-combat...
  11. J

    My Narnia RPG (Please Critique)

    I've been working on a Narnia tabletop RPG that uses Advanced Fighting Fantasy as a starting point. Honest feedback is welcome and appreciated. The game is currently unfinished, but the framework is there. It cares little for balance, and has character creation that is almost entirely random...
  12. legopaidi

    [Dragon Warriors,Advanced Fighting Fantasy] What about their settings?

    I'm interested in acquiring Dragon Warriors and would like to know about the land of Legend, its' built-in setting. On a side note, does anyone know if the forthcoming Player's Handbook from Serpent King Games will actually substitute the Dragon Warriors core book? Furthermore will it contain...
  13. TKurtBond

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Distinctive elements of Titan and FF for an adventure?

    I'm writing an adventure for my group to play using Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and I'm wondering what distinctive elements I should include to give it the flavor of the world of Titan and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks? They should definitely visit the city of Blacksand during the adventure...
  14. BMonroe

    [AFF2] So, let's talk about it

    I recently picked up the four volumes in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy line of reprints. I never played these before, but knew of them from being a voracious reader of White Dwarf back in the 80s. Needless to say, I'd always wanted to check 'em out, and finally got around to ordering them. So...
  15. J

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG vs original Advanced Fighting Fantasy

    Folks: It has been years since I played Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF). I think the last time I played it was in the early 90's when I was in Germany; however, I noticed a newer updated version by Arion Games. Are the version similar? If I could get only one copy what version would players...
  16. E.T.Smith

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy / Dragon Warriors / Lone Wolf : How do they compare?

    Poking around the FLGS, I saw that the AFF game is finally out, and on a flip-through found a lot to like about it. As a kid I played a bit with the Sorcery! solos AFF is partially derived from, and really liked the grittier aesthetic of it (as compared to the relatively sanitized feel D&D was...
  17. F

    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2] Sell me on Out of the Pit or Titan

    Recently I read through the Arion Games/Cubicle 7 edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and I thought it was great. The system is about as simple as The Fantasy Trip, my first RPG, but with four distinct magic systems to choose from and a fast exchange-based combat system that doesn't need...
  18. Lewd Beholder

    picked up the advanced fighting fantasy book ...

    and already own the original out of the pit and titan. what's different in the new versions that would justify purchasing them?
  19. K

    [School me on]Advanced Fighting Fantasy 1 & 2

    I've heard a lot of chatter on rpg.net about these games, but aside that they may be European, I have no idea what they're about. Please instruct me, oh wise and sagacious RPG.net!
  20. Chris J

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2: I have it and...

    I know there's another thread, but that one was getting on to 50 something pages. I thought it would be a good idea to create this AFF2 thread in response to the game becoming available to the public. Have it, reading it, enjoying it...
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