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  1. Fae

    [WIW] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

    美少女戦士セーラームーン! I'm finally getting around to watching this show! It's kind of been a glaring hole in my anime viewing history, given my love for magical girls, but no longer! So many people love it, so it ought to be pretty good, right? There's a lot of episodes so some of this might be...
  2. Peter Svensson

    Sailor Moon Crystal Thoughts and Commentary

    As I write this, Episode One has concluded the simulcast. ... Well, that was pretty. And pretty familiar. The manga-inspired character designs threw me off, as the stylized "everyone is a lanky supermodel" look kept pulling me out of the show. (Do we need to spoiler block stuff from the...
  3. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon Thread 13: The Magic Horse Ate Our Fancy Title

    Okay, let's try this again, for real, honest. :p Link to previous thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?696340-IWIR-Pretty-Guardian-Sailor-Moon-%28Sailor-Moon-Thread-12%29 Link to index: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2133352/shadowjack.html Stand by for incoming post.
  4. Shadowjack

    [IWIR] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Thread 12)

    A long silence. And then, a voice beyond the lights: "…Whoops." "'Whoops'?" "I said nothing." "I distinctly heard you say 'whoops'." "Oh." "I heard you say it, too." "Then it must be so." "I don't like it when you say 'whoops', Pluto. What happened?" "I think we have gone in the wrong...
  5. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon] Sailor Math: 8 Sailors + Mistress 9 = Thread 11!

    And now let us begin to spill over. Here's the previous thread. Here's the index. I hope to get the next episode up by Friday, but you never know. Daimons might attack.
  6. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the wall.

    IT COMES. I wanted to wait until I had a "welcome!" image or the next update finished, but by popular request, here's thread 10 now. In binary we're all very quiet and reserved. Play and dance until Silence comes, freeing us from mortal cares! Iä! Iä! Saturn! Here's the previous thread...
  7. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 9: Well, you know… we all want to change the world.

    Shoo-bee-doo-wah, ohm shoo-bee-doo-wah. Here we shall contain the last-minute spillover from the last thread, and set up for a hopeful future of even greater things.
  8. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 8: Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of Science?

    Eudial! I've got it! The Internet! There's got to someone pure of heart out there! Now, how do I turn a thread into a Daimon…? Previous thread. The very helpful index. Carry on.
  9. Shadowjack

    [IWI draw comics about Sailor Moon] Thread 7.5: A Stormy Relationship

    This is a spin-off from the usual IWIW thread, to make it easier to bookmark the comics, and because I want to be able to gauge audience response as it goes along. Hello! As you probably know, I've been watching, commenting upon, and reinterpreting Sailor Moon, sometimes through comics, both...
  10. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon S] Thread 7: All Good Sailors Go To Heaven

    We just can't stop talking! Previous thread. The very helpful index.
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