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  1. Ilya

    The most beautiful RPG books you've ever seen

    I was reading a review that got me thinking about what I like (and hate) the most in RPG book layouts. So, what are your favorite books in terms of design? You know, that book that caught your eye because it not only has good art, but an exceptionally good layout. Maybe it's the beautiful...
  2. C

    [Let´s Read] Aquelarre 3rd Edition, probably with some (all?) supplements!

    Hello rpg.net! Although I have never posted here, and in fact, I registered last night, I have been a lurker for some years here, and I have really enjoyed this forum. The threads I usually enjoy the most are Let´s Read/WIR, so, I have decided to do one. To bring a little variety here, I will...
  3. John Marron

    [Aquelarre] Any chance of an English translation?

    The latest edition of Aquelarre (demon-hunting in medieval Spain RPG) looks amazing, but my Spanish is almost non-existant. With the success of the Shadows of Esteren kickstarter, and good reception for other translated RPGs (Qin, Yggdrasil), I was wondering if the publishers of Aquelarre have...
  4. R

    Where can I get hold of Capitán Alatriste and Aquelarre, Villa y Corte?

    Hey guys I realise I'm very late to the party regarding these supplements but was wondering if any of you out there knew where I could get my hands on a copy of these RPGs? I will go to any lengths to get hold of them regardless of price so don't hesitate to post if you know of any! Pdf's would...
  5. Breogan

    Aquelarre: New Edition, First Impressions

    Dunno who may be interested, but here it goes. Aquelarre, the "dean of Spanish RPG games" (as it was the first RPG 100% made in and about Spain I think), has a new edition, by the folks from NoSoloRol Ediciones. http://www.nosolorol.com/ediciones/index.php?display=verlinea&linea=Aquelarre At...
  6. K

    [Aquelarre] Juego de rol demoniaco medieval

    For those not in the know, Aquelarre is a Spanish rpg written by Ricard Ibanez in 1990. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquelarre_(juego_de_rol) The 3rd edition has now been published and is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. At €50 its pricey, but it has collectors edition...
  7. R

    [RPG]: Aquelarre, reviewed by Stuart (4/3)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14243.phtml Stuart's Summary: Roleplaying in a Medieval Spain plagued with supernatural power politics, using a derivative of the BRP system. Go to the full review for more information.
  8. K

    [Aquelarre] Would you be interested in an English translation?

    For those not familiar, Aquelarre is a Spanish rpg created by Ricard Ibanez in 1990. It was originally published by Joc Internacional sa. It has gone through two futher editions with different publishers. I hear a new edition is due out at xmas time. The game is set in a dark fantasy medeival...
  9. GB Steve

    I gots me a copy of Aquelarre

    It's one of the few Spanish rpgs. It's set in 14th Century Spain. Aquelarre means a black mass, so you get an idea of the genre. PCs are caught up in the battle between rationalism and magic in a Spain populated by mythical creatures. The system is vaguely BRP with the addition of Rationality...
  10. S

    about Aquelarre

    I was skimming through a stack of old Dragon Magazines when I came across a review (issue #186) for a Spanish game called Aquelarre. The game's subtitle is "The Demoniacal Medieval role-playing game". The book is a well made hard cover chock full of medieval style woodcuts and presents a magic...
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