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arabian nights

  1. K

     SpaceOrange42 - Scheherazade - The One Thousand and One RPG

    Hi everybody, I am very excited to introduce you my new RPG, Scheherazade, the One Thousand and One Nights RPG, a rule-light game (especially suited for a parents-and-kids group). Below you find screenshot of the final layout (the game will be released in late October). Written and developed...
  2. Libertad

    [al-Qadim] Enlightened Monsters

    Artist Unknown I haven't talked about it as much, but I'm quite a fan of al-Qadim. Even 25 years later its mostly Middle Eastern-themed setting is still a rarity in Dungeons & Dragons books. Seeing other takes on the culture such as The Nightmares Underneath, and Kobold Press' Southlands* made...
  3. JohnK

    [Creative] 1001 Beasties and Creatures Out of Arabic and Arabian Nights Myth and Folklore

    Hullo, folks, The Subject really says it all. I'm looking for beasties and creatures out of Arabic and Arabian Nights myths and legend, statted up using whatever system you'd like to use. As an example of what I'm talking about, minus the game mechanics, here is the Ghul... ***** GHUL In...
  4. S

    *Kickstarter* FINAL WEEK (ends Dec 17): Capharnaum - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked fantastic Arabian Nights RPG

    Hi everyone! "Capharnaum - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked" - Kickstarter ends Sunday 17 December! Do you like Sinbad and Jason & the Argonauts? Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven? A fabulously detailed fantasy RPG setting with exciting and flavoursome rules, all in a gorgeous 400-page hardback...
  5. S

    [Capharnaum Kickstarter] Example of Play from "The Tears of Ampharool" quickstart adventure

    <p>We recently played through the epic boss-level encounter at the climax of the Capharnaum Quickstart THE TEARS OF AMPHAROOL (available here). It's a game of heroic Arabian Nights-style adventure, where you play "Dragon-Marked" heroes with an unknown yet divine destiny, adventuring in a...
  6. M

    *Kickstarter* Coriolis RPG - English Edition

    The Coriolis RPG is a Swedish sci-fi RPG currently in Kickstarter to get an English translation. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1192053011/coriolis-a-sci-fi-rpg-from-the-makers-of-mutant-ye/description Well, we blew the doors off of that funding goal in the first few hours or so and have...
  7. B

    Kobold Press *Kickstarter* Into the Southlands!

    Eccentric Game Publisher Announces Expedition to the Southlands Allegedly promised designers Brian Suskind and Ben McFarland "diamonds as big as your heads." In a video posted to the Southlands Kickstarter page, eccentric game designer Wolfgang Baur announced his latest project...

    New Adventure + GM's Screen for Honor + Intrigue Swashbuckling RPG

    Basic Action Games is pleased to announce that its second adventure for the Honor + Intrigue game has been released along with a long-awaited Honor + Intrigue GM's screen! The Sorcerer of Volupa Embark an an Arabian adventure of swashbuckling, sword, and sorcery! When a princess is...
  9. M

    Hellfrost - Land of Fire

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1588759266/hellfrost-land-of-fire-arabian-nights-rpg-fantasy?ref=email I've been waiting a long long time for this (and as with Kickstarter rpgs I'll have to wait a little longer after it's finished XD). Although I can't wait for the setting itself I'm...
  10. S

    IC Savage Worlds / Al-Qadim - Scimitars & Sorcery

    Scimitars & Sorcery After crossing the desert to Halwa, you find yourselves around a small fire in a caravanserai, just inside the city walls of the small, but bustling city. Most of your travel companions have sought out their sleeping mats, but for whatever reason, sleep can't get a grip on...
  11. S

    [OOC] Savage Worlds / Al-Qadim - Scimitars & Sorcery

    This is the Out Of Character thread for the Al-Qadim PbP game using the Savage Worlds rules. Our players and their characters: Stilettointheghetto plays Ghayth, a desert rider, who seems quite seasoned for one so young. Leitz plays Mehmet al-Hasib, a well connected and wealthy merchant...
  12. Extrakun

    [Music] Recommend me some soundtrack for a Middle-Eastern game

    So for my next game I am going to set the campaign in the Principalities of the Crusade (Dragon Warrior's Legend), where crusaders of the True Faith (the world's analog of "Christianity") have invaded the lands of the Ta'ashim (Islamic). Where can I find some good Middle-Eastern music for my game?
  13. M

    Nights of the Crusades

    Hey there Indie RPGers, We've spent the last few years working on Nights of the Crusades, and it's finally at the point where we can release a Beta version to get some (any?) feedback. Before we can do a proper release, we'd like others to share their experiences with it and let us know if...
  14. S

    [Traveller] Sinbad the Voyager is a Traveller PC

    We've had several threads about the best system for running an Arabian Nights style game. But after reading the seven voyages of Sinbad to my kids, I realized that the tale is a quintessential Traveller campaign. Sinbad is a middle-aged, mild-mannered merchant (not a movie tough guy) who...
  15. Bree-Yark

    Arabian Nights... Music?

    Hey, I'm hoping that at least a few of you have already gone through the trouble of wrangling some good music for an Arabian Nights themed game and can help me find the good music. Some that I already have are the Arabian Nights mini-series (2000) soundtrack, and a few belly-dancing CDs. Any...
  16. P

    African and Arabic themed settings?

    I'm working on an arabian nights esque setting atm. Can anyone point me in the direction of already published African and Arabian themed settings? Preferably ones where miracles are rare, there is no divine magic and the existence of god is a matter of faith (spirits on the other hand I plan...
  17. C

    Give me your Arabian Nights stories

    Who has run an Arabian Nights campaign? Maybe using GURPS Arabian Nights, Al-Qadim, Tales of the Caliphate Nights or one of the other Arabian Nights games. What worked and what didn't work? What kind of PCs did you have? What were the most fun encounters and scenes? Did you downplay the Islamic...
  18. C

    Introducing the Mad Arab

    My players are interested in roleplaying in the setting of 1001 Arabian Nights. As a longtime CoC GM I can't let the opportunity pass to let them encounter the Mad Arab Abd Al-Hazred in living person as he lived and wrote the Al Azif roughly in the same time period. The Mad Arab is a legendary...
  19. B

    Fantasy Steampunk Arabia

    So I'm running a game of FATE mostly using the Spirit of the Century rules to run a game of fantasy steampunk Arabia for my friends. I haven't yet taken the time to set down and really churn out tons of cool background fluff for the setting and our second game is tomorrow (yikes!). Rather than...
  20. solaris

    Looking for something like Arabian adventures

    Would like it for the d20 system. Any suggestions?
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