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  1. K

    Arkham Horror LCG announced I never played the Call of Cthulhu LCG I wond how this plays compared to it.
  2. A

    [Eldritch Horror] Buyer's Remorse

    So I had the chance to buy either Eldritch or Arkham Horror, and based on what I read on the 'net I went with Eldritch. It was faster, flowed better, more thematic with card decks based on the Ancient One, etc. But after having played a few games, I can't help shake the feeling that I should...
  3. J

    The Arkham Horror & Sundry Megathread.

    A thread for you to ask questions, talk about the games you played, or whatever else. This thread covers: Arkham Horror Elder Signs Mansions of Madness and Eldrich Horror when it finally comes out. Question of the now: Which GOO did you enjoy playing against the most?
  4. W

    Arkham Horror advice.

    Hey everyone. I posted here a few months ago about getting into table-top RPGs and this site was a great resource. I picked up Savage Worlds and me and my friends have been playing it on and off for the past month. So, first of all, thank you to everyone who helped me with that and I hope to...
  5. Azidhak

    [Mansions of Madness] - Anyone played Call of the Wild yet?

    Hi, picked up the new expansion for Mansions of Madness the other day and has just looked throught the rules and scenarios and it looks like great fun. The monster miniatures were cool and I like the outdoor tiles. Especially like the concept of a Keeperless scenario. So has anyone tried it yet...
  6. Hodden

    Arkham Horror: Which expansion?

    It's my brothers birthday next month, and he's asked for an Arkham Horror expansion, which is fine by me, so which one is the best? How much extra time to the game do the ones with new boards add? And are there any that need another expansion to work, for a mechanic or something?
  7. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 11: Arkham Horror Actual Play Part 5

    In episode 11 of Carnagecast, we reach the conclusion of the Arkham Horror actual play series. It’s been a long, hard road for our investigators, struggling against alien horrors, the schemes of elder gods and pure chance itself. Who wins and who dies? Find out! Ursula uses the word "caper."...
  8. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 9: Arkham Horror Actual Play Part 4

    In episode 9 of Carnagecast, the travails of Dan, Hunter, Jessica and Tyler against the machinations of Nyarlathotep continue in the fourth part of the Arkham Horror actual play series. Mark Harrigan, like Chuck Norris, kills everything given sufficient clue tokens. Mayoral candidate Kane throws...
  9. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 8: Triple Play and Arkham Horror

    In episode 8 of Carnagecast, Interview with the Gamer hits the road, visiting Triple Play in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. Co-owner Sean Wolfe gives a little bit of history on the business and reveals why he got into running a game and comic shop. Then Tony Vandenberg talks about running...
  10. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 7: Arkham Horror Actual Play, Part 3

    In episode 7 of Carnagecast, return to the monster-choked streets of Arkham with Dan, Hunter, Jessica and Tyler for part 3 in the on-going actual play recording of Arkham Horror. Ms. Winthrop is savaged by a cthonian. Charlie Kane admits to a painkiller addiction enabled by Herbert West...
  11. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 5: Arkham Horror Actual Play, Part 2

    In episode 5 of Carnagecast, Dan, Hunter, Jessica and Tyler carry on the struggle against Nyarlathotep begun in episode 3 with two more turns of Arkham Horror. Mayor Kane dispenses cleansing fire without due process despite laboring under a curse. Federal agent Banks flees a yithian via shantak...
  12. DrFaust

    Carnagecast Episode 3: Arkham Horror Actual Play Part 1

    In episode 3 of Carnagecast, we do something a little different: an actual play recording of Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror. Dan, Hunter, Jessica and Tyler send their investigators skulking through the streets of Arkham, Dunwich and Kingsport in search of clues and weapons to fight back the...
  13. S

    Arkham Horror - what am I missing?

    I have played Arkham Horror a couple of times now, and I really want to like it - but I don’t. The game has several cool mechanics, but I feel like they don’t quite live up to their potential. I have examples, but they made the post insanely long, I´ll post them if you ask for them. My...
  14. Z

    Arkham Horror questions

    Hey! I've bought Arkham Horror last friday. It's a great game, with beautiful artwork, sturdy pieces, and wickedly fun gameplay. Thing is, I've got some questions about the rules. I figure will answer them faster than FFG custommer service. So here they are. 1): When in another world...
  15. C

    EOS steals game - Confusion cleared up - Read thread for details

    Since EOS is an RPG publisher too, some members in Other Games Open suggested I post the message below also in the TRO section of the site for greater visibility. ------------- A couple of years ago a new Lovecraftian board game called Trail of the Brotherhood was announced designed by...
  16. T

    Arkham Horror ~4 players - make it harder

    I got Arkham Horror for Christmas this year and apart from disastrous play-attempts with my parents, I've played it twice with my normal gaming group. We've had much fun and I enjoy the game a lot, but both times, we found it was wayy too easy. First time, we were 4 players and played without...
  17. J

    [Arkham Horror] New Expansion to expand the Expansions

    Just saw this. Looks like it aims to add more to all the unique decks and gimmicks of the other expansions. I'm cautiously optimistic. :)
  18. SteveD

    Arkham Horror Investigations - anyone know anything about this? From the website: Just downloaded the rules, will report back.
  19. SteveD

    [Arkham] World Destroyed by King James Bible

    Report from last night's game session: Then we played Arkham and had Y'golonac as the Ancient One. He has this really amusing ability where whenever you draw a Tome card (whether or not you get it/buy it) the Doom Track goes up by one. He's obviously designed to prevent people from just...
  20. M

    [Arkham Horror] Life in Innsmouth

    My friends and I are neither the best nor worst investigators in AH. I would say we when 2/3 of the time. We just played with main box + Innsmouth for the first time and it kicked our collective asses. The fact that Ithaqua was the old one and interacting with Innsmouth requires hanging out...
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