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ars magica

  1. A

    Ars Magica Info

    In one of my discussions the subject of Ars Magica came up as a RPG I might be interested in. I've always wanted to check it out. The persons response was when i asked about what they would suggest was the first books to get with my $75 dollar gift card was The core book, of course...
  2. kvltjam

    Crafting-focused RPGs?

    So someone on Twitter asked me if there were any games out there that had crafting items as a primary gameplay loop. I couldn’t really come up with one (although you could nudge Ironsworn kiiiiiiinda in that direction). So let me ask y’all: got any suggestions?
  3. S

    Any free Ars Magica (Fifth Edition) adventures?

    We've never played before, and are looking to run an adventure as a one shot. Anywhere from 2 to 12 hours of play. Since I've never run it before and this is the only time we'll be playing Ars Magica in the forseeable future, I'd much rather use a pre-made adventure than create my own. What...
  4. Litpho

    [Interest and Recruitment] Ars Magica 5th - GM looking for first Play by Post

    Back in October I posted that I would like to run Ars Magica sometime as a PbP, but that I had cold feet and one of these days I would just have to force me to get over it. Looks like today's my lucky day :). I have been running games since 1985 but this will be my first Play by Post, so there...
  5. S

    Ars Magica 4th Edition new GM suggestions

    I may be running an Ars Magica game, and I have some questions for experienced players. Background: I've read the 4th edition rulebook years ago, and have been scanning it again recently, but have only a tiny bit of actual play experience (and I'm not sure what edition that was). I may be...
  6. A

     Ars Magica. How do the different editions stack up in terms of single core book utility?

    I'm looking to get back into Ars Magica (not for playing in Mythic Europe) and was wondering if you could refresh my memory and/or school me a bit. Specifically, I want to pick up the most complete in one volume core book. That is, the most playable, most flexible, single volume core book for...
  7. D

    [Ars Magica] Is it viable to weld the magic system to something else?

    Aside from the entire problem of creating an amalgamation of several systems, I wonder. How hard would it be to cut out the magic system of Ars Magica, and homebrew it to use it with some other system? For example welding it to Godbound's OSR system. Why, you ask? We'd ended up with a quite...
  8. S

    Gamers Guild @ Bassendean, Perth, Western Australia - Ars Magica 5E - Club organizer - Seeking 1-3 more players

    Play Location/Method: Face to face at the Gamers Guild tabletop RPG club at the Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre in Bassendean, Perth, Western Australia. Game/System: Ars Magica 5E Player or GM? Posting on behalf of GM - interested players will be put in touch directly with GM Time/Frequency...
  9. El Ravager34

    [Necro]Ars Magica Edition Question

    I recently bought a lot of various RPGs on Ebay, and there were a couple of Ars Magica 3rd edition (White Wolf) books in it. I haven't really looked at them yet, and I have since received the 5th edition Ars Magica Core book. I am not very well versed in Ars Magica, but it seems like there...
  10. L

    [Ars Magica ?] Is it worth my money?

    I've heard good things about Ars Magica, particular the magic system. Which makes sense given that magic seems to be the point of the game. However, playing in the world of the superstitious peasant of the 13th century doesn't sound like fun to me. The system is relatively simple based on the...
  11. M

    🎨 Creative [Ars Magica] The Rhine Project

    I'm currentlky running a game focused on the Rhine Tribunal of Ars Magica. They provide me with a good framework in the book on the place, lots of NPC covenants...but I need more than that. My party is based on the Dutch island of Thuro, and I need ideas to flesh out the world around them. I...
  12. E

    Fate of the Verditius: the most absurd Ars Magica background EVER

    So ignominious end for a Hermetic Founder. How a mere mundane Corsican family was able to savage, capture, interrogate and then murder a medieval archmagus, and arguably one of the most potent magi ever lived. Is that even theoretically possible? I think it is one of the most absurd, stupid...
  13. I

    [Ars Magica] What changes would dramatically improve the game in terms of marketability? +Thread

    So, with the official announcement by Atlas Games that 6E won't happen, if someone else were to pick up the game, what would they have to do in order to capture a wider player base and make the game turn at least a small profit?
  14. T

    [Interest] Ars Magica 5 Sandbox

    This is and is not the Europe you imagined. Dragons lurk in mountain caves, angels walk alongside pilgrims, faeries dance in gloaming forests, and demons tempt men and women from the path of virtue. This is a Europe of Myth and Legend, where the Garden of Eden is a place hidden somewhere in the...
  15. A

    Ars Magica, should I get it or not?

    I am considering getting/looking into Ars Magica, admittedly due to the rather excellent minecraft mod. The mod adds a personally crafted spell system I find extremely enjoyable, and I was wondering if Ars Magica actually functioned like that or not. As well, I am wondering if there is any...
  16. R

    Pc races in ars magica?

    Altough I dont like ars magica I have a question can you play any race except human?
  17. R

    Is ars magica the roleplaying game dead?

    Its interesting that some old roleplaying games can be at its highest peak, and then suddenly dissapear. Maybe ars magica is not dead but does anybody you know play it? I have never liked ars magica but it is sad that a roleplaying game vanishes from thin air. Is ars magica still going right...
  18. Icon

    So Ars Magica 5th Is Done?

    Noticed this tweet by John Nephews: Seems at odds with the statement over at Project Redcap from May of this year: I am not upset. Quite a bit has been produced for 5th edition and I am happy to own most of 5th edition, though it is a bit hard to believe they didn't know in May what is being...
  19. B

    [Ars Magica 5e] Most historical / non-game crunchy books...

    I picked up bits of ArM 4e as historical background -- Ordo Nobilis, a couple of tribunals (Russia, England), and a region book (Scandinavia). Apart from picking up City & Guild some years ago I've always been tempted by, but managed to resist, the 5e line. I finally succumbed, and was...
  20. D

    [Ars Magica] Tainted by Magic?

    I was flipping through my copy of Realms of Power: Magic, and I noticed that the list of new flaws on p49 lists one called Tainted by Magic that isn't mentioned anywhere in the text. I didn't see it in the errata on the Atlas website either. Did they ever explain what that one does?
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