1. Tabletop Art Shop

    For Sale Tabletop Art Shop

    Come get your custom illustrations, profile pictures, avatars, character portraits, busts, groups, commemorate party achievement, maps, equipment, book cover whatever you want!!!! More samples of what I can draw for you:
  2. S

    Character and Monster Art

    Hi! I'm great at monster concept art work so shoot me a description and what you want to pay and we can negotiate on price! Here are some examples:
  3. C

    Image Character Maker

    Hello everyone, sorry for my English (I'm using Google Translate). I'm posting my app for creating images for characters. Who is interested, here is the link: Some screenshots: Regards.
  4. JavierBravomalo

    Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist Looking for Work - Javier Bravomalo

    Hey! My name is Javier Bravomalo, I'm a freelance illustrator/concept artist and i'm interested in taking on freelance jobs. If you like my work and would like to work with me me feel free to contact me at: Online portfolio:
  5. Jon H

    The Road to Hell Cover (Warning: Horror)

    Hey all, It's been such a long time since I posted here, so hello to anyone who still knows me hereabouts! Here's a very recent piece of work I made for D101 Games - the cover to The Road to Hell, which is Kickstarting now This one was made with Procreate on iPad Pro and Photoshop on desktop...
  6. M

    Looking for artist for website graphics and logo.

    Hi, All We're looking for an artist who can produce a few graphics for a game website. Ideally this is someone who would be available for additional website related graphics work as needed. Would prefer flat rate pay. We need a header image (banner?) with our company name as well as a logo...
  7. V

    [Onyx Path Kickstarter] Is this a coincidence?

    I have backed both Trinity - Aeon as well as Dragon-Blooded, What Fire has Wrought in the last month. Something I just noticed. I really dislike both of the pieces of artwork displayed below the Stretch Goals in either campaign. They're both Poser art (Poser art can be good. These pieces are...
  8. K

    Why Not Games is looking for artists [art]

    Greetings all, Why Not Games, creators of Rocket Age and Weird Races (5e) is looking for artists. Our next project will be a the Weird Planets series. The gig is black and white pieces. The pay is royalties calculated thusly: Of the profit: 25% to the company to keep the lights on, attend...
  9. D

    I made some Maps

    I made some maps for my D&D campaign, I'm sticking them up here in case anyone else would like to use them. There's three maps which are the same world on different scales. In my campaign the world consists of floating islands with only a few Gnomish run flyers going between them. You could just...
  10. D


    So. I put together a small gallery here to show some of the variety of styles floating around in fantasy. Now you've probably heard it before, putting boob plates on armor to make them more literal breast plates is highly dangerous. However, it seems to be a long time...
  11. O

    Dungeon Drawing Dudes List for February.

    So there is a list of D&D stuff to draw for the month and I've been following the list. So far so good. First off, the list: Day One: Sentient Weapon Day Two: Kenku Druid
  12. H

    Need concept art, Illustration, 3D art? I'm your man. - Jordy Lakiere

    Hello! My name is Jordy Lakiere I'm looking for any job offers, small or large freelance, commissions. I specialise in -Concept art for the entertainment industry -Illustration work -3D art for games! PORTFOLIO: CONTACT:
  13. Tensen01

    [Art] Artist Available for Character Commissions and Illustrations (Plus free Art Contest)

    My name is Derek hand, I am a character artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I'm currently available for Character Commissions and Freelance work, and can be contacted at (Contest info after images) Personal commissions are priced as follows: 1 Character Pencil $25...
  14. R

    For Sale T-Shirts and Postcards with original fantasy art

    We are running a community fundraiser and charity drive for mental health research at Indiegogo called Ork Glyph Shirts for Happiness and Community. The image below features one example of the shirts on offer. There's also a postcard with this design, and custom 'Orkifications' by the artist who...
  15. S

    [SALE!] Hex Kit Volume One: Fantasyland is 30% Cheaper all Noveber!

    Back in August I released Hex Kit Volume One: Fantasyland. It is a collection of 1,200+ hand drawn, hand painted hex tiles that you can use in your favorite image editing software to make bright, colorful hex maps with a swath of variation and detail. Needless to say it has been selling really...
  16. A

    Cartographer Needed

    I'm looking for a map maker work with on designing a single world map for a tabletop game roleplaying. Please send an email to with a sample of your work and estimate on what you feel would be an adequate price for your work. Needs: Fit an 8.5x11 page. 300dpi RBG and CYMK...
  17. V

    Zombies Are Attacking The Louvre! What Art Do You Save?

    * Hypothetically, you are visiting the The Louvre ( ) when you learn that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun in Paris! A team of gallery guards inform you that all the curators have already escaped or become infected, and you are being entrusted with the decision of...
  18. D

    [13th Age] My depository of 13th Age Homebrews

    Hey guys, for a while now I've been semi-updating a website for my 13th Age campaigns. I call it Chronicles of the 13th Age , and it has a whole bunch of stuff: Icons get fleshed out backstories and names! I've written up close to 20 new Gods that influence the Dragon Empire Alllll of the...
  19. R

    [It's My Birthday!] Give Me Dinosaur Art!

    It's my birthday. Exclamation point optional. I like a particular creature in my RPGs. Dinosaurs. Artwork is the feature that sells an RPG to me the most, so can we have some artwork with dinosaurs to inspire us? Anachronisms and out-dated depictions are more than acceptable. And maybe we can...
  20. A

    Wanted: Professional Fantasy Artist for Cover Art

    We're searching for a professional artist to complete a single, full page, full color, piece of cover art for a 5th Edition supplement. We'd like to match the quality and style one would expect from an official Dungeons and Dragons product. The project will be launched on Kickstarter in mid...
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