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babylon 5

  1. weaponofchoice

    Stick Skulls on your sci-fi!

    While musing about what to run for the group next we got to considering Rogue Trader, which – given our group’s tendency to focus on the absurdity of 40K’s Grim-Dark Absurdity was described as ‘Evil Babylon 5.’ It was the dawn of the last age of mankind, 4000 years into the Terra/Everyone war...
  2. FirstWave

    Trade/Sell Lots Of RPGs Board Games Toys Videogames

    In Seek Of RPG Books Star Trek Adventures Core Book Command Division Beta Quadrant Sourcebook These Are The Voyages GM Screen Tiles Command, Science, Ops Dice Miniatures New Traveller Mongoose 2nd ed. Central Supply Catalogue 2016 Judge Dredd Traveller Apocalypse Dawn Cursed Earth Judges...
  3. Coyote's Own

    [WiRW] I'm rewatching Babylon 5 too.

    Well rewatching is a bit fo stretch since I missed much season 1 which I juts finished. I actually tried piggyback off RedShark92, by asking a question but got more or less igniroed sincethe thread moved on far by that time. So I finished first season yestrday. I have to say rewatching it I...
  4. E

    For Sale Babylon 5 Fleet Action miniatures

    I'm consolidating my miniatures collection into sets that I'll actually use, someday, and maintaining two scales of B5 minis is beyond that mandate. I have a handful of loose miniatures, some of which have been painted, and a number of blister packs still sealed. I'm looking for about $6 per...
  5. RedShark92

    [WIRW]Babylon 5, start to finish

    So I've wanted to do a re-watch of Babylon 5 for quite a while, start to finish. I figured I'd do so here, in a [WIRW] thread so we can all share in the awesomeness that is this show. A bit of my history with B5.... I was aware of it and actually saw a few episodes here and there before I...
  6. Coyote's Own

    [Babylon 5] Ok, I'll bite. I'll probably wish I hadn't, but i'll bite. Why is Marcus so loathed?

    I will admit I started watching from the season 3 (that what hey showed on local telly) and then worked my way back wards, so Marcus introduction was also my introduction to show. And I rather like Marcus. I love his quote on the fairness of the universe. Is the fact that he took out a entire...
  7. G

    Rebooting... B5?

    Okay. It's been almost twenty years (believe it or not) since the debut of Babylon 5, which is an eternity in Hollywood years. (The Galactica remake came twenty-six years after the original, which isn't all that much longer). Let's say we're going to do what many people probably believe is the...
  8. G

    Babylon 5: Delenn and Londo

    I realise this comparison is old hat and probably discussed a lot. But the recent wiw thread reminded me of how similar the two characters are. They're both arguably war criminals. Certainly they both started a war of conquest against a technologically inferior race that led to millions of...
  9. Darth Bathrobe

    [B5] A nineteen year old promise fulfilled by JMS...

    ...in which we find out why Michael O'hare really left the show. Say what you will about O'hare's acting ability, it takes a lot to recognize something like this. I'm glad that JMS was finally able to tell us about what really happened...
  10. Pillsy

    [WIW, extensive spoilers] Babylon 5, again

    B5 is probably my favorite show of all time, and I've probably watched it most of the way through 4 or 5 times. Sometimes I'll skip season 1, sometimes I'll skip season 5, but I always watch the middle 3 seasons no matter what. It's been about 3 years since I watched it last, and my wife had...
  11. Summer Solstice

    Got to see one of my favorite sci-fi bits ever tonight

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47DfQcHMYLY Its not on instant so slowly working my way through. But awesomeness, that is all.
  12. Summer Solstice

    A B5 question

    Watching back through, just got to season 3. But the question is, why do the Centauri hate the Narn so much? Grinding their civilization back into the Stone Age twice apparently isn't enough.
  13. V

    Babylon 5 gaming???

    I was wondering if anyone has run a game in the Babylon 5 universe? If so, what system did you use, and what did you do in the game? I think its a neat universe, but I have no ideas for adventures to run. Can someone give me a rundown of what your adventures consisted of, and the type of...
  14. M

    Michael O'Hare passed away

    Heart attack, age 60. Sleep well Valen.
  15. T

    Which edition/system for Babylon 5?

    Ive been watching the show in it's entirety for the first time. I am quite enjoying it. There are a number of big Babylon 5 fans in my group and one or two others I know who don't normally play who would probabIy be hooked quite easily by a Babylon 5 game. So Ive been mulling it over. There...
  16. A

    [Babylon 5] Should I watch Season 5? (Also, Franklin sucks.)

    So, I'll be honest: despite thinking that Babylon 5 is possibly the best spaceship sci-fi show ever made, I've only ever seen the first four seasons of it. It had been two or three years since I last watched an episode of it, but the other day I realized that I had not actually watched all of...
  17. Peter Svensson

    [Babylon 5] Revelations from the Script Books - MEGA SPOILERS

    So I recently bought the full set of Babylon 5 Scripts, and man is it full of amazing and revelatory information. The 14 volumes of the main set collect all of the JMS-written episodes, and if you got all 14 you also received a bonus volume. That tome includes among other things, the original...
  18. Count_Zero

    [Where I Watch] Babylon 5

    With my last Where I Watch thread, I got so sick of certain elements in the series, in context with the world the series exists in, that I decided to stop watching the series and, in turn, to start a Where I Watch thread for the next series I wanted to watch - Babylon 5. I will watch these in...
  19. Wraith2020

    Anyone run any Babylon 5 adventures?

    Has anyone run any of the published adventures for the Babylon 5 rpg, first or 2nd ed? If so, how are they? They don't look too bad. Any pitfalls or issues to be aware of? thanks
  20. Marc A. Vezina

    For Sale "Beakie" Space Marines and Other Assorted Miniatures/Game Books

    I will be moving in a few months and it's time to do a clean-up. With a heavy heart, there's tons of stuff that I have to get rid of -- the long-distance movers charge by weight. :) So I made a list here, with some pictures and descriptions: http://www.vectorsphere.com/forsale.htm WARHAMMER...
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