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basic dungeons & dragons

  1. Umbraed Nox

    eBay OSR Labyrinth Lord RPG Core Rules, Advanced Edition Companion & Delving Deeper 1, Dungeons & Dragons Retro-Clones

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Labyrinth-Lord-RPG-Core-Rules-Advanced-Edition-Companion-Delving-Deeper-1-OSR/232865860963 There is very little ware (little bend or cress on page corners). In fact, the books are darned close to new. Oh, but the goodness contained therein these sacred tomes are a...
  2. E.T.Smith

     The Rules Cyclopedia, sing its praises proudly

    Earlier this week, something many old-school D&D fans have been yearning for finally came to be: hardcopy reprints of 1991's Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. Considered by many the best single-volume version of D&D (and by some the best version of D&D, period). To celebrate this event...
  3. Sleeper

    [Any old school D&D] An explanation and fix for the 1st level slog

    We all know how XP progresses, in old school D&D. I'll use the B/X fighter as an example: 1: 0 2: 2,000 3: 4,000 4: 8,000 5: 16,000 6: 32,000 7: 64,000 8: 125,000 9+: +125,000/level Characters start with 0 XP, it costs a fixed amount to reach 2nd level, and that amount doubles every level...
  4. Spikey

    [Let's Read] The Rules Cyclopedia

    Full disclosure: I'm not exactly a D&D person. I played an abortive campaign of red box D&D when I was a teenager and an even more abortive game of AD&D (the one where psionicists could have a power set like the Robert Patrick character in Terminator 2) a couple of years later. Nevertheless, I...
  5. J

    [Let's Read] Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Tom Moldvay

    On top of all the talk about OSR/old school, WotC's announced plans for a basic set, the possibility of an RC reprint, and the mysterious test of the D&D page on RPGNow, I've just purchased box sets of Moldvay Basic and Cook Expert (no dice, but B2 and X1 are included!). And I kinda miss the...
  6. T

    Labyrinth Lord vs B/X

    Ok, so, what does Labyrinth Lord do that B/X doesn't do already? Are there any rules/tweaks that are different significantly from B/X? Or is it pure clone?
  7. Lord Crimson

    [BX/BECMI/RC/DD] Variant Race-as-Class options

    I've run across some interesting threads on RPG.net in the past concerning Race-as-Class variants to provide some interesting diversity to BX/BECMI/RC D&D non-humans. But I haven't been able to find many posted online (at least with some cursory Google searches - lots of IRL social class...
  8. R

    [Basic D&D] DM Cheat Sheet

    I recently started running module B2, using a kind of mishmash of B/X and Rules Cyclopedia. This being my first time running old Basic D&D, I threw together a two-page cheat sheet with what I thought were the most important reference tables and such to keep on hand. I figured I'd share the...
  9. A

    [0e] New LotFP DM looking for help with monster resources for 0e games

    Hey all, I tried the magic google machine but didn't get far. I'm going to be running a LotFP game and honestly I'm kind of striking out when it comes to monsters. Now the game suggests all monsters should be unique. I understand this. However, I have no real starting point because only 2...
  10. S

    D&D vs AD&D (or even 2e)

    PLEASE READ POST AND DO NOT ASSUME D&D IS REFERRING TO 4e If you played both (even just sampling one) then tell me which you preferred? I am interested to know. I am a 2e fan and have just started reading the 1991 Black Box set rules again, about 15 years being the last time I looked at them. I...
  11. D

    Modernizing BECMI/Rulescyclopedia

    A lot of threads here seem to be about regressing post-TSR D&D rules (3rd and 4th edition) to an earlier state in D&D's development. What I mean here is starting with a more modern iteration of D&D and whittling it down until the game resembles an earlier version. I wonder, if we couldn't do it...
  12. J

    IC [B/X D&D] Carceres et Dracones

    Rema Cisfrigidia, Province of Centralia, Faliscan Empire Ides of October, 1118 A band of eight adventurers sits around a large, stained table in the common room of the Falernian Grotto, a disreputable tavern in the frontier town of Rema Cisfrigidia. Since the dawn of recorded history, such...
  13. J

    OOC [B/X D&D] Carceres et Dracones

    This is the OOC thread for Carceres et Dracones, a D&D game using the Moldvay Basic Set (1981) and the Cook/Marsh Expert Set (1981). I, Julius Sleazer, am the sole DM. Current players include The Wyzard, The Fiendish Dr. Samsara, Celeste, MonsterMash, Asen_G, Pariahic, maxvale79, and Urlang...
  14. B

    Ad&d 2E with Rules Cyclopedia Weapon Mastery

    Just as the post says has anyone run a 2E game with DnD Rules Cyclopaedia Weapon Mastery Tables? I just got a copy of the Cyclopaedia the other day and its been awhile since i read up on Weapon mastery. I'm going to be running a beginning campaign starting out in Waterdeep and then heading...
  15. I

    [BECMI] Why lvl 36?

    Original Basic D&D, went from 1-36. Why 36? Seems an odd level to stop advancement on. So, yeah, I just wanted to know, why did it go to 36 and stop, what's the story/reason?
  16. S

    [BD&D]My next RC Game: GOBLINS

    Not as the a threat but as the PCs. Specifically PCs as the disposable goblin minions of the Lich Rigor Mortis (30-ish level) Goblins will work as Humans in regular RC but with Infravision. The world is going to be based mostly on the cards from Aye Dark Overlord! Later I will be writing up...
  17. grubman

    B/X D&D…Why were the good old days so good?

    After a lot of thought, I think I’ve decided that my next venture in gaming is going to be a full return to B/X D&D. This time, rather than focus simply on the simple streamlined rules, I decided to try and capture that elusive “good ol days” feeling. Rather than plunging into this venture...
  18. Madcat

    [Mythic][0D&D] B1-9 In search of Adventure

    In one of the various threads about the Mythic GME, someone said that they used it as a PC rather than a GM emulator, so I'm giving that a go. The system is Basic D&D as of the Rules Cyclopedia, and the characters will be going through the B1-9 compilation module. B1-9 was a neat idea - it...
  19. Liberator

    Looking for resources for the 'original' red box dnd

    A few years ago I kicked off a campaign set in Greyhawk using the Basic/Expert/Immortal rules...well...Rules Cyclopedia I guess is the way to say it. I'd like to dust it off and get it running again. There were lycanthropes, magic swords, mysterious dark spellbooks, and dastardly NPC's at...
  20. SpoDaddy

    Where to find Basic D&D charts/tables for DM's Screen?

    Hey all, if anyone could point me towards copies of the charts and tables for Basic D&D I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been googling all over the place but striking out. I'd like to build a custom screen, as I've yet to find an official one that doesn't waste tons of space with attack matrices.
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